A Little Fun for You!

This week I’m taking time off to celebrate my son’s wedding and enjoy my family. Be sure that I’ll have some pics to share when I return!

In the meantime, I wanted to invite you to a little fun. My friend, co-author, and co-host, Cheri Gregory, designed an amazing website for our new book, Exhale. On it she included a personality quiz that she created, and it’s spot on!

Click on the graphic below to go take the quiz, and while you’re there, be sure to look around and enjoy. 🙂

If you can, come back and tell me what your personality type was. Want to guess mine?

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  1. Sherry says

    I am so ready to exhale! This devotion really touched my heart! Thank you for the insights and explanation of the parable.

  2. Gayle Forget says

    The Inspector! I expect everyone to do their best ,but enjoy seeing everyone work together with lots of fun mixed.in.
    Loved this thought provoking survey!!!

    NOW, I’m ready to EXHALE!!!

  3. Brenda S Wolfe says

    Reflector. Overall fairly amazed at how accurate it was. There were 2 things listed under weaknesses that I’m not sure I agree with but it was so intriguing that I took screen shots so I could reflect on it.Having been abused for most of my adult life and childhood was borderline/challenging at times for me, I really struggle with being passive-aggressive. My last relationship, we both had a history of being abused and made the conscious decision to change old patterns. It was working and we made huge amounts of progress until he died (the same week we got engaged). It hasn’t even been a year yet. This is my first time reading your blog and I’m impressed and I loved the personaliy quiz. I look forward to more. Peace and Laughter.

  4. Sarah says

    I’m a connector, kinda surprised me, but the description matched up. I’ve been mulling over what seeds I have to give and honestly, its been pretty difficult. Can I say that I have sow seeds of acceptance, love, and the occasional reason to giggle. Well, its been said either way.
    Regarding “being ready to exhale”: I feel tired enough of the feelings of failure associated with impossible standards of perfection, that I want to say I’m ready to exhale. I’m not positive that I am ready for the growing pains that seem to always be associated with letting go, but I am ready to rest in God’s stillness without hearing the cacophony in my head. I miss that peace.

  5. Nesapat says

    I’m a reflector which fits me to a T. I had a high laugh at the description of my weakness. I remember a very good friend labeled me as passive-aggressive a long time ago. So the reflector definition really was spot on. The Lord truly knows me.

  6. Ana Mendez says

    Inspector, on point for the most part. Your book sounds amazing and I love the gifts you are accompanying the giveaway. I would love to pass these along.

  7. Lisa says

    Enjoy your son’s wedding Amy….so exciting. I will pray for everything to run smoothly and for good weather. Looking forward to pics. Neat quiz Cheri..I am the “Inspector”. Please tell me yours Amy as I am not a good guesser. ~Lisa~

  8. Jane Ann Owen says

    I am a Connector! Of course I took the quiz twice to see if I would be something else and no, I am a Connector! Thank you God for making me a Connector! So excited for the launch of exhale! Happy Wedding Week!