A Prayer for Broken Hearts

The reaction to last week’s devotion and blog post was both a blessing–we all want to know we’re not alone– and a heart break for me. Even though the numbers got too overwhelming to respond to each one, I want you to know that I read every word of every comment, and I’ve prayed all week as you left them.

Prayer is such a mystery. It’s hard to understand how something that scripture tells us is so powerful sometimes has results that are completely unseen. Years ago I read a quote that has helped me when God seems silent or my circumstances don’t change: “Prayer doesn’t always change things for me, but it always changes me for things.”

So I want to pray a prayer for each of you who left a comment from a shattered place– a place of betrayal, or hurt, or loneliness…

Lord, I come to You holding the hearts of my hurting friends up to You. God, You are the creator of each one, so You know them to their very core.

You know the pain.

You know the betrayal.

You know the deep, searing loneliness.

And, Lord, I know you care. You see every tear that’s dropped from downcast eyes. You feel every crack of a shattered heart. You hear every prayer whispered through a lump in our throats.

Jesus, we trust You. You experienced betrayal. You felt the hurt of being misunderstood. You walked through the pain of loneliness as You fulfilled a mission no one around You comprehended.

And so I ask you to bring this promise to pass , “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.” (Psalm 124:5)

Flood rooms once overtaken by loneliness with Your Presence.

Mend hearts that seem irreparable.

Comfort the abandoned.

Soothe the wounds with the balm of Your Spirit.

I pray that You would show Your love to be enough and that we Your children would fully embrace this truth, letting You fill every gap with Your love, grace and compassion. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

It’s amazing how prayer connects my heart to each one of yours. I love you, and I mean it!


Congratulations to Lara Polk (2/8/16 7:30 pm), the winner of last week’s giveaway. Lara, I’ve sent an email to you, and I’ll send the package on it’s way when I have your mailing address. I hope you enjoy it!!


The Leader’s Guide for Breaking Up with Perfect is temporarily unavailable, but it will go up for sale in March with the links to these tips included. The tips will disappear from the website when the guide goes up for sale, so I hope you enjoy them now!

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