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Abandoned Pictures of the Perfect Day

Doesn’t it seem like it wouldn’t be so hard to put together just one perfect day? Just 24 hours of nothing going wrong. How difficult could it be?

For me, it sounds like bliss. Maybe a day on vacation could be perfect–away from the stresses, pressures, and decisions of home. Or maybe your wedding day could be the picture of perfection. Or the day you get that promotion. Or the day that your child graduates.

Maybe that will be the day.

But I haven’t had a perfect day yet, and today’s devotion reveals a string of far-from-perfect days.

Here’s a comment left by a woman reacting to how she’d like to break up with perfect:

“I desire to break up with the desire for a perfect day.

Everyone morning I wake up thinking, “Okay, today will be the day. The day I get it all done. The day I get my workout in, have a healthy breakfast, commit to non rushed devotional time, keep my cool, clean my house spotlessly, make a nutritious dinner, have limitless patience with my toddler, enrich his mind with Pinterest worthy crafts and activities, entertain him without mickey mouse club house while making that nutritious and delicious dinner, get work done, read, give the dog more playtime than just his standard walks, and have enough energy left over for my husband in the evening.’

And by early morning when I have failed, I seem to feel I have failed the whole day. I desire to wake up knowing that my best that day, that moment, is enough. My day is perfect because of Him and everyone else in it. Not the comparison and unrealistic standard I’ve set from a glossed over social media image. I desire to break up from my desire for a perfect day set to someone else’s standards.”

That’s exhausting, right? Yet subconsciously, lots of us shoot to do it all perfectly. We can decide to take a different approach instead of flailing around in failure. We can let go of our own attempts at perfection and choose to rest in God’s instead.

perfecting work 2

Psalm 18:32 has recently become a favorite reminder of the steps I need to take to surrender my mental pictures of the perfect day. It tells us, “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect.” We learn to:

  • Seek our strength from God.
  • Trust Him for the picture of perfection He creates for our way.

My niece and nephew, owners of Little Brown Cards, have made some adorable cards along with mini-clothes pins as a reminder. Leave a comment to enter to win a set of these cards and a copy of Breaking Up with Perfect. If you’re in a rush, simply say, “I’m breaking up with perfect!”

megans giveaway 2

megans giveaway 1 Little Brown CardsCover

Note: This is one in a series about abandoning the pictures of perfect we create in our minds. If you look around and enjoy the series, you can receive the rest by subscribing today in the box in the sidebar (top right of the page). I’d love for you to join me on this journey to break up with perfect!

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  1. Thank you for letting us get a peek at who you are! Perfection!! What an illusion it is to us.
    Your blog speaks to me and reminds me that if I can be myself, which is not perfect, then it allows others to be themselves with me. Then we can share our true selves…the way God intends us to be…with each other. What better way to build true relationship with others and God! This way we honor and bring Him glory because His work will be seen by all as
    He changes us into His “perfect” creation. God Bless….Kathy

  2. thanks for writing a book that we can all relate to! Blessings

  3. I’m having a very difficult time with doctors, diagnoses, and the balance between trusting the medical fixes afforded to me and the grace of God. I’ve forgotten how to trust or won’t allow myself to – but I sure do have a lot of weaknesses. Think I need to clip one (or all) of those affirmation cards to my forehead πŸ˜‰

  4. Great and much needed. I struggle with perfectionism, so this series is great. I definitely need to read your book.

  5. Thank you for reminding me to run to God who is my strong tower. Lately, I’ve felt discouraged by my weakness and the sheer amount of things needing to be done. It’s about perspective and prayer…in my weakness Lord, may You display Your strength.

  6. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  7. I don’t know if I can completely break it off with Perfect. I will try!

  8. I’m breaking up with “perfect”!

  9. I’m breaking up with “perfect” and couldn’t be more excited!

  10. Doris Dubbert says:

    I enjoy your blog and ideas. Love the Proverbs 31 Ministry! Would love to read your book!

  11. Angela Montgomery says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect.

  12. Missy birkhead says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!

  13. I’m breaking up with perfect because my expectations never match up with reality. : )

  14. Oh how my perfectionist personality has been a route of evil in my life. Quite the opposite of what we expect. It’s caused anxiety where I dream of having peace. I’m striving to give my day & schedule to the Lord. And sometimes I have to do it several times a day – because I keep taking it back. But that’s ok, with His help, I’m making progress!

  15. I’m breaking up with perfect. I love the clothes pins reminds me of the beautiful Caribbean. Thank you for the memories πŸ™‚

  16. I have been fighting with this my WHOLE life! Now I feel I’ve passed it down to my daughter…and see her struggling with it too. I don’t want her to go down this same road. I want to break up with perfect!!!

  17. Stephanie says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!!!

  18. Oh this describes most of my days!!!!

    I am breaking up with perfect!!!!

  19. Thanks, Amy! I’ve been fighting perfectionism since junior high—when an A wasn’t good enough, it had to be the highest grade in the class. Now my kids are in middle and high school and I want to set a better sample. I’m breaking up with perfection!!

  20. This really spoke to me today. I am trying so hard to be perfect for my family, job, and everything else that I have become resentful of things I once loved and cherished. So, I’m going to break up with perfect!

  21. Elisabeth says:

    I want to break up with perfect and society’s idea of perfectionism! I want to embrace fully that I am perfect in God’s eyes.

  22. Ahh! Would LOVE to win the book, cards, & clothes pins! I need to break up with perfect! I can pass the book along to a Christian friend who also struggles in the area!

  23. Imperfect terrifies me, but I know the enemy puts those fears and doubts in my head becuase its in the imperfect that I see and feel and experince God the most. Anxiety, depression, and stress dwell in prefectionism. Being worn to the bone with nothing left to give, today, I decided I am breaking up with perfect!

  24. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  25. Becky Foutz says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect, starting today.

  26. I’m desperate to break up with perfect………..

  27. Gods way is perfect. Thank you for sharing

  28. Perfect is unattainable and I’m tired of trying….so I’m breaking up with perfect!

  29. I desperately need to break up with perfect. Could use some words of encouragement.

  30. I’m breaking up with perfect!!

  31. I am definitely a perfectionist, or at least I try very hard to be one. It is exhausting. With three boys (ages 1, 2 & 4), I have to remind myself daily that life will never be perfect. In fact, when I embrace the mess, I tend to have a lot more fun. I am breaking up with perfect!

  32. Most definitely! I would love to break up with perfect…the nerve of perfect! Wow! I already feel empowered. So long perfect!

  33. Amy, your comment about being a woman who loves order because it brings you calmness is exactly how I feel. When I feel the world around me spinning out of control, I find myself reacting instead of responding. I would love to read your book!

  34. Penny Olson says:

    God will continue to give me imperfect in order for me to learn to rely on His perfect instead of continually striving for my own.

  35. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  36. Perfection is not all it appears to be. In fact it is kind of like a trap that once your in is very hard to get out of on your own. Jesus, I want to break up with perfect but I can’t do it by myself. Please help me and show me the right way each and every day to walk!

  37. I am breaking up with perfect! And I will do it again tomorrow. Thanks for reminding me to trust God more than anything.

  38. Thank you so much for this, just what I needed spoken into my life right now!!

  39. Thank you for your honest truths!! You are a beautiful woman Amy!! Both inside and out!! I needed to hear that today, too. I am doing away with perfect!!!
    God bless you!

  40. Cathy Afable says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!

    Wow, what timing today’s devotion is – When it all falls apart – God really know what I need to hear and when, just last night we got some news that will break my family apart and I know I need to stay in prayer and keep my eyes on him to get me through this season,

    I would love to get your book and really cute note cards and I just subscribed to your blog tonight, thank-you!

  41. I’m breaking up with perfect! What freedom and peace from the Lord that statement brings!

  42. I’m breaking up with perfect! Blessings, Jenny C.

  43. I would love to be able to learn how to rest in God rather than be frustrated with my failures.

  44. A sweet friend recently told me that she’s a “recovering perfectionist”. I thought to myself “that’s awesome of her for admitting, I’m glad I don’t have that problem anymore”. How humbling though, it keeps resurfacing and I just recently admitted to God that just maybe perfectionism is rearing it’s ugly head in my life, and has never really gone away like I thought, ha! I’m battling postpartum depression currently, with three spunky little girls…an almost 4-year old, 2.5 year old, and a 7 month old. It’s true that I’m overwhelmed physically and that my hormones are unbalanced, but I also think perfectionism has overtaken my soul and keeping me down. I’m at the end of my day now, my three little babes and even the hubby, are all asleep. Getting ready to curl up with my pillow but finally made time to read this awesome devotional and read your blog post! So curious to pick up your book. It seems right up my alley, thanks Amy πŸ˜€

  45. Thank you for reminding me to let go of childish striving so and to hold on to God ever more tightly.

  46. Thanks for sharing what so many of us needed to hear…

  47. I want to be all that God wants me to be without trying to be perfect. I judge myself so harshly & always end up feeling I’m not good enough to do God’s work…because…I don’t have a perfect marriage or husband or hous or attitude….my daughter is walking with the Lord, but my son isn’t…so what did I do wrong etc etc. please dear Lord stop these voices in my head & let your word resonate in & through me! Amen! So this is why I am breaking up with Perfect too! Thanks for your devotional today!

  48. Janet Murphy says:

    Loved your devotional today.

  49. Never too late! After 64 years I’m going to break up with perfect, too!

  50. I am always amazed when I take the time to read a devotion from Proverbs31 it always pertains to exactly what I am dealing with in my life. Thank you for taking the time to write this. It was perfect.

  51. I need to hear this and be reminded regularly! As a working mom of 2 under the age of 5 (one is an infant), I struggle with wanting to have everything and everyone just so.

  52. Dianne Wainwright says:

    God sent me your devotion and blog today to show me that I need to break up with perfect. Turn to Him and make the best of the day!

  53. Maritess Najera says:

    YES, I am breaking up with perfect!!! Thanks for the freedom of admitting that God is sufficient for me. . .AMEN!

  54. I too am breaking up with perfect and am exchanging it for God’s perfect for me

  55. Laura Fincke says:

    Thank you for your devotion. I have spent most of my life struggling with this idea of perfection. Unfortunately I have passed this down to my daughters. I would love a copy of this book and a chance to share it with them. Thanks so much.

  56. Wow! What has been ~perfect~ about my day today is the timing of this blog post entering my life. I, too, am ‘breaking up with perfect”…it scares me and relieves me at the same time to think about it. Definitely need this book πŸ™‚ Thanks for your blog!

  57. Dawnielle says:

    I’m working on breaking up with perfect, and turning it all over to God.

  58. I have a profound need to break up with perfect. Unless I can complete all of the obligations on my to do list and still have time to be and do the things that lift me and move me in the direction of my ‘life purpose’, I feel I have failed. I am chronically exhausted and would like to stop the insanity of the pursuit of perfection and the irrational belief that I can get it all done and have everything turn out according to my plans. Gods plans are the only ones that truly matter and while I am driving myself crazy, He is looking on, hoping someday I ‘will get it’, and slow down. I am trying to learn to trust in His plan and the divine delays that inevitably occur and lean on His grace, trusting His grace is sufficient, ALWAYS.

  59. Bing Boettner says:

    Breaking up with perfect! That would make for a great little brown card! πŸ™‚

  60. As the season of my life is changing I am feeling lost of what I am “supposed” to be doing and accomplishing. If I am less than productive on a given day I find that I don’t feel like I have any value – so yes, it is time for me to settle in and enjoy the messy adventure that God has for my growth. God spoke to me today through your devotion. Thank you for your obedience to do the hard things that allows God to reap rich rewards in the lives of everyone he seeks!

  61. Thanks for the wonderful devotional. Great reminder that only God is perfect; let go, and let God!

  62. What a relief to know that I don’t need to reach my impossible expectations! I swear I am my own worse enemy! Today and hopefully everyday, I will look to my Lord to give me strength, I will fully rely on Him! What peace that will be to enjoy!

  63. I’m breaking up with perfect! Reading your book with my small group now and we are loving it.

  64. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  65. Never ceases to amaze me, the timing of these messages. I was just standing in my backyard crying over the ill timing of stuff, the broken “things”, the perceived failures, the bad news, the miscommunications, and the desire to quit just about everything to escape the stresses. Things are humming along seemingly fine then Bam! Thanks for the reminder and the opportunity to reflect for a moment..

  66. This was exactly what I needed to hear and one of the things I struggle with! I need to break up with perfect!

  67. Thank you for a great way to start the week. Laying my day before God. So often I have it all planned, again & again he reminds me his way is far better. It is! Now if only I can learn the lesson without his continual reminders. Thank goodness for his patience.

  68. Jane Hogue says:

    I’ve been telling myself to say, “Let it go!” all week.

  69. Whitney P says:

    This fits exactly what I am struggling with! I would love to read your book. I can’t wait to start my journey following you because your words spoke to my heart as I am in a time of absolute rebuild. I was in desperate need of encouragement & will now daily focus on letting my idea of perfect go! Thank you!

  70. I struggle with not being perfect but with everyone else expecting me to be. I have never said I was the best at anything nor had the desire to be. I have an attitude that many consider “lazy” in that it is okay to have a messy house if I have spent the day with the children. I have come to realize that I need a better balance, in reverse of the being perfect person. Just as God will help us see the need to step down he can show me the need to step up and that is all I am seeking…God’s will. I may have missed the focus of your book but I would love to read it and am sure there is a wealth of knowledge in there I can apply to my life.

  71. This devotion really met me where I am today. We are going through a difficult financial time right now & then the car broke down last Monday on top of it. BUT God is so faithful and sent us help that paid for the car repair & even extra money that will help with the mortgage! While it is hard for me to receive, I am so grateful. Just last night in prayer I was thinking about something I read recently about how we as Americans like to be strong & independent. While that can be good, God reminded me that it is in my weakness that His power shines through. (2 Cor. 12:9-10). Then yesterday afternoon & today my husband hasn’t felt well. I know it could be worse, but it is frustrating when you are trying to do right & serve The Lord and trials keep coming. I know God is faithful & will come through for us, but this morning I was kind-of complaining to The Lord, “When can we catch a break?” Then I read this devotion & it encouraged me once again. Thanks for letting God use you & reminding me to continue to rely on Him.

  72. Chris McG says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect.

  73. I just recently lost my husband and everyone says how strong I am. I don’t feel strong, but I do know the one who is my strength – praise Jesus!

  74. I am breaking up with perfect!!!

  75. I deeply needed this word and would love to have your book!

  76. Karen Hartman says:

    I so need to break up with perfect!!!! Chasing perfection, or sometimes more precisely waiting for it, becomes a paralyzing force in my life. It seems as if I am always waiting…… waiting for enough time to really clean my house, waiting for the right moment to have that conversation I’ve been thinking about with my kids, waiting for everything to be “just right” before starting any number of things that I need to do — things that are good for me, healthy even. So — this message, this truth, is one I desperately need to get down in my heart!!

  77. I give up the struggle to make myself and my life perfect, and give it all to the One Who Is!

  78. Terri Davis says:

    I’m breaking up with perfection!!!

  79. I’m ready to break up with perfect!

  80. Anne Lewis says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!

  81. Amy, thank you. It’s been one of those days, so I really needed to hear this. Actually, it’s been one of those years. Trusting in God’s strength because Lord knows I don’t have it.

  82. Laura Carter says:

    I loved your devotional. I am having one of those months and last month was too. I needed this reminder to just place it all in God’s hands and let what happens, happen.

  83. The Holy Spirit inspired my friend to send me this at just the right time! Thank you for reminding me that I am not alone.

  84. Michelle Fly says:

    This is so timely! God bless you! I’m breaking up with perfect!!!

  85. Melissa Perry says:

    Thank you for this Amy! This week especially has been difficult! I volunteer for a high school band which seems more like full time work some days…and I work fulltime. This week work has become difficult for reasons which are out of my control and the volunteer schedule has been crazy! The “perfect” world I created for myself feels out of control and I don’t even have the power to change some of it! You have reminded me to rest in Him! The little brown cards are a great tool, I NEED those! I NEED to break up with PERFECT!

  86. Stacy Hollingsworth says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!

    Can’t wait to get a copy of those card ideas to post throughout my areas and my young daughters as well!

    Thank you for the encouragement during my season of chaos.

  87. Chris Smith says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect.

  88. I want to Break Up With Perfect!!!!!

  89. β€œI’m breaking up with perfect!” My issue is to constantly think about having the perfect body. My body is never good enough or thin enough. Does that count?

  90. By God’s grace and strength, I am breaking up with perfect!!!

  91. Thank you!
    We serve an awesome perfect God who has the power to enable us to live victorious in the midst of our messy imperfect lives. My focus needs to be Him and His character.

  92. Monica Tramontina says:

    I have had one of those years not months. My perfect little world changed when I was faced with 3 surgeries in 9 months, one life threatening. Funny how your perspective changes when God allows you to live. We also had a grandson (#12) born in February at 1.10 pounds. Levi has struggled and been our miracle boy even though he remains in the Denver Children’s Hospital with his Mom and our son and four other kids live in Montana. God has been faithful and HIS perfect has turned into mine!

  93. stephanie says:

    how easy would our day /week/life be if we could give up the need to always “be better”.

    I am perfectly imperfect daily !

  94. β€œI’m breaking up with perfect!”

  95. Debbie Doiron says:

    Your words were the light I needed on a hidden place of my heart. Just this morning, as I was dealing with my attitude, I had prayed Psalm 139:23, “Search me O God and know my heart.Try me and know my anxious thoughts.”(NIV)
    After I had spent my morning time with Jesus, I checked my email and this devotion was there… waiting for me. It was a light bulb moment and an answer to my prayer. It helped me to see that the root of many of my concerns is ultimately my problem with perfection. I’m not sure where it will go from here, but I’m willing to let God deal with this place in my heart and do His work. Like it says in Psalm 18, “His way is perfect” (not mine).
    Thank you.

  96. Oh my, look at all of us! It is an epidemic. πŸ™‚ I want to break up with perfect and perfection today too!
    Dear Lord, Thank you for this convicting devotion and its beautiful and honest author. Please help each of us focus on You and be made strong in You through our weakness of perfection. Amen.

  97. Kim Thomas says:

    I’m perfectly imperfect.

  98. Thank you so much for this post! I am grateful for the reminder and the verse, because breaking up with perfect is long overdue for me. The older I get, the easier it becomes, but taking a breath and re-reading this will be a perfect way to reset my mind and heart on the promise that His grace is enough! I appreciate your time in sharing!

  99. Debbie Flattum says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this very timely gift. I’ve been breaking up with Perfect, but it’s been a long process.

  100. Kathy Douglas says:

    This is just what I needed today…and everyday as a matter of fact. I am so driven to do things just so, and I know that I can’t be perfect. What a great visualization to “break up” and move on and move forward! I truly need to understand better about why I even do this in the first place! Thank you for helping me by letting me know I am not alone in this struggle. Blessings to you!

  101. wow, was this P31 devotional email timely!!! I am so struggling with my life. I didn’t think I was a perfectionist, but am learning that it may be what is causing my stress. God is opening my eyes and literately begging me to depend on Him. It is so hard to let go. I believe I will print out this email and read it as a daily reminder.

  102. Christine says:

    It never seems to amaze me how God finds me where I am at. I open my email today to your devotion and it ‘s as if you were talking right to me! It’s so time to break up with perfect. Thank you for the inspiration and reminder!


    1. Christine says:

      Seems should read ‘ceases’

  103. I am constantly struggling with the inner voice in my head. My husband and I work together and when he makes comments to me I hear condemnation like I am not good enough and I can never do anything right. Your words today have resonated in my soul. I am breaking up with perfect and these harmful thoughts. God is sufficient and He does not see me as a failure and neither does my husband. It is amazing how we can be so destructive to our own selves. Thank you for this loving reminder of God’s love toward each of us!

  104. i am breaking up with perfect, i like to read your book to find out how you do it.

    With regards


  105. kathryn j says:

    God is so good! I was a having one of those days time a put my feet on the ground this morning. I live with perfectitis!
    God knew exactly what I needed this morning –your blog post on Proverbs 31!! God spoke through your words.

  106. Wow! I truly need this. Perfection, or the pursuit thereof, is definitely my enemy! I am terrible at just letting things go so I am not stressed out about small stuff. I am exhausted and this is probably why.

  107. I so needed to read this today. I recently got engaged and we’re trying to plan a small wedding with very little money. It’s stressful to see Pinterest pictures and The Knot articles of perfect days and know you just can’t achieve that. And to know our families have expectations we just can’t meet. It’s starting to wear on my soul really. That ache that you can’t meet their expectations, can’t invite all their friends, can’t DIY the most beautiful day ever. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I even have what it takes to be a wife. Thanks for the encouragement.

  108. Striving to break-up with perfect so I can break-free!!!

  109. I need to break up with expecting perfection from others and myself. Thank you for your encouragement.

  110. Beth Dishman says:

    I desperately needed this article today. I spend my entire weekends trying to clean the house and get ready for the week but I never get it “all” done because I try to get so many things done. Thank you for sharing!

  111. I am breaking up with perfect.

  112. I’m in a season of life where this whole theme is slathered all over the nooks and crannies of my everyday life. God is gracious as He pulls me from my desire to have it all together, but it is hard work! Would be so encouraged by this book/card set.

  113. Amen, I’m breaking up with perfect!

  114. I think I love the idea of perfect more than perfect itself. PTL there are no perfect people (except Jesus).

  115. lindsey lambert says:

    Love this! I’m simply breaking up with perfect! Perfection has become an idol!

  116. Thank you for this reminder. While I tell myself that I’m over trying to be perfect and have a house ready for company to drop by, I stress over it all, worrying someone actually will come by! I need to find a balance between my expectations and the current reality, and then be happy there.

  117. I think striving for perfection might be the root cause of our stress and worries (since most of the time we do not reach the set-goal of being perfect in everything).
    I’m breaking up with perfect!

  118. This was PERFECT for today! I need to focus on Him and not on me and the impefections of my day, life, or season. This is a ballte I have still not won, but want to address! This post was at the right itme, and is a whisper from Him!

  119. We are taught to try and be perfect all the time.. I want to be free of that. Its time to break up with perfect.. Wish that could be part of a school curriculum.

  120. I’m breaking up with perfect.

  121. Brenda Bourne says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!! I so need these resources right now. I am struggling a lot in this area at the moment and need to let go of my expectations of my home and family. Our days get ruined because of my negative reactions to these self issues and then the tone is set in my home for the day which is so very wrong on my part as a wife and mother.

  122. I’m learning how to break up with perfect!!

  123. I’ve been trying to break up with perfect for too many years! Praying that I can do it for good this time!

  124. Wow, that blog came to my inbox with “perfect” timing. I just got done praying about how messed up I am and how my life is so chaotic and I don’t know where to begin…so, I began with God in prayer. I don’t want to be perfect, I just want to be sane. I look around my house and there is so much to do and therefore that drains my energy right out, so more often than not, I do nothing! When I have tried tackling one project at a time, after a couple of days the place where I started looks exactly like it did before I tackled it, so WHAT’s THE POINT?? Thank you and I look forward to reading your book…although I am not sure where that will fit in my schedule! πŸ™‚

  125. Perfectionism is such a joy stealer isn’t it? I’m with you! I’m breaking up with perfect!

  126. Lindsey Thames says:

    I need to break up with perfection. I am breaking up with perfection!

    I would love to get my hands on this book and scripture cards! I know the book will tremendously help me. I also love setting up little reminders throughout my house and my office of God’s word so I can quickly refocus when I slip!

  127. Catherine says:

    This is perfect timing for my unperfect self. I try to live uncomparing, in the moment, and knowing that in this season I am called to be a messy, silly, loving mommy. I am enough. And perfect is not in my vocabulary!

  128. Dee Acord says:

    I’m so tired of trying to be all things to all people, when I know God wants me to be what He desires not what I strive to do in my own strength. I’m so tired!!!!

  129. Um, how did you know that was the exact narrative of a “perfect day” I woke up with this morning? Glad to be reminded that perfection comes from the WHO not the what.

  130. Needed to read this on this Monday morning ! done with perfect !

  131. I have struggled with this for years. I always expect Christmas and all the other events I plan to be perfect and I’m always crushed when things don’t go as planned. This year I want to break up with perfect!!

  132. Just what I needed to hear this crazy Monday morning when everything that can go wrong has. I am breaking up with perfect! It is so exhausting….wow, I already feel better!

  133. Thank you for your book and devotion today! It’s a daily struggle for me to give it all over to God and to break up with perfect!!

  134. God is funny in how he works. This is just what I needed today.

  135. I’m breaking up with perfect!!

  136. It’s truly amazing when I break up with perfect, how I feel true peace flowing into me…I just say ahhhh!

  137. I wish I could say I’m breaking up with the desire to be perfect. While this Devo was out of this world perfect for me…I’m a long-time-need-some-deep-cleaning-perfectionist. One day. I’m believing.


  138. I recently moved so my life is in a bit of chaos. As many boxes that as unpacked, there are still a few stragglers. Trying t trust God in the midst f the chaos while I’m longing for order and organization

  139. I’m breaking up with perfect, for myself and for others around me!

  140. Sonja harpe says:

    Rick Warren said something today that helps. If we are always aware of God’s love for us then we don’t have to worry about pleasing other people. I think this goes hand in hand with trying to be perfect so we can please others. Of course Rick does a better job than me. Tune in to his devotion daily.

  141. I am breaking up with the perfect!!!!

  142. I’m needing to break up with perfect!

  143. Lindsay Boner says:

    Resting is a daily reminder that is always needed for me! These two items would be such a treat!

  144. Barbara Broussard says:

    This was exactly what I needed to read today and all my yesterdays. I struggled and
    believed I had to be perfect and I lost each time! But now I’m learning it’s not Me to perfect me, but to let my creator and my wonderful, patient Savior do his work in me. Sadly, I admit I read Ps. 18:10 many times before, but when I read it today with your story behind it, I grasped what I’ve been doing wrong. I cannot do it myself, but My God can! What is not to love about our Savior, our friend. I love him so.

  145. No one is perfect like you Lord. Help me to live my life pleasing to you knowing that perfection comes only from you.

  146. This comes at the perfect time for me. Thank you for the inspiring words to break away from perfect!

  147. Wow! This is so me! Thank you for helping me realize I am obsessed with perfection. I need stop making that my focus and measuring stick.

  148. I’m really, really trying to break up with perfection. It doesn’t want to leave…. πŸ˜‰

  149. Preeyanka says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!
    Thanks for sharing your story! Saw it on the Proverbs 31 ministry blog!
    Christ bless!

  150. Preeyanka says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!
    Thanks for sharing your story! Saw it on the Proverbs 31 ministry blog!
    Christ bless!

  151. I would love to win this. Your blog really spoke to me today as I have been in a difficult period of time for a while now. I need encouragement to lean on God’sstrength for sure. Thank,you for sharing your story today.

  152. Jody Evans says:

    Thank you for this!!

  153. Julie Rice says:

    I’ve been a Type A perfectionist my entire life, and it’s only now in my 50s as my nest is emptying that I find it so much easier to let go of that lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong because I’m still a work in progress, but God is doing the work while I do the trusting. My house isn’t cleaned often, mostly when the dog has brought in too many leaves, and the last child at home is a bit of a hot mess. I’m finding joy in new and unexpected places, however, as I work hard at trusting instead of doing. I’m even learning the art of saying “no” to things I would like to do but cannot manage and do well. I’m firmly trending downward and hope to be a Type B- in the future. Hahahaha!

    Keep up the good work encouraging others to let go and let God!

  154. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  155. Thank you for this article! It really spoke directly to me today! I will use those words as a reminder and inspiration for the days ahead.

  156. Thank you so much! Your message was just what I needed – but it also was such a relief to know it’s not just me – I’m not alone in my struggles. I’m breaking up with perfect!! πŸ™‚

  157. Perfect timing! God is good and faithful! I just had in depth discussion with my husband this weekend about how exhausting my pursuit of perfection is. Wake up Monday morning with Proverbs 31 Ministries article showing me how to end this miserable pursuit!! Amen!

  158. Today’s devotion and reading this blog post have been confirmation from God this morning that I need to break up with perfect. Last night I couldn’t sleep and I found myself pouring out my heart to Him in journal prayer at 2 am. Like most times I do this, my random beginnings of prayer eventually focused to this: I need to rest in God, His promises, and stop trying to make everything “perfect” and the way I want it. Reading both posts this morning was overhwelming-I nearly dropped my phone-because there were so many echoes in both of what I had written last night. Thank you so much.

  159. A decorative sign hanging above my kitchen sink reads, “Please excuse the noise & mess. The kids are making happy memories.” A good friend gave me the sign for Christmas, and teased me saying, “I know you probably won’t hang this in your house.” My friend knows how much it means to me to have a clean; orderly, clutter free house. Between a full time job and two active kids, I feel like I can never acheive any of it. It is a ongoing source of stress for me. I need remember that God’s power is perfected in my weakness. And, instead of continuing to strive to meet my version of perfection, I need to be accepting of HIS definition of perfection for my house and my life. Thank you for this devotion that is relevant for me, every single day!!

  160. I’m breaking up with perfect!!! Thank you Jesus!

  161. I must break up with perfect! It’s killing me.

  162. Striving for perfect interrupts many projects & keeps them from getting done at all, in fear of not doing them “good enough.” You’d think that after 64 years, I would have let go of that long ago but, sadly not so. Glad I stumbled onto your blog. Thank you.

  163. Teri Lion says:

    I have tried my entire life to “be perfect” at home, school, college, marriage, work, as a mom. Beginning today – β€œI’m breaking up with perfect!”

  164. I’m breaking up with perfect!

    Thank you so much for this blog and study.

  165. Your devotional on Proverbs 31 and your post here instantly brought me to tears. I needed your message today, and God brought me to you. I desperately need to break up with my mental images of perfect. Thank you so much for sharing.

  166. Nancy Kirk says:

    I just returned from visiting my daughter at an eating disorder treatment hospital. Her desire for perfection has reduced a 5’5″ young woman to 100 lbs. now I am praying for God to let her see herself through His eyes, to break the stronghold Satan has on all of us that “perfect” is ordained by the World.

  167. Krisan Pope says:

    According to God – we are perfect – just the way we are! Thank you for your words of wisdom.

  168. Great way to start my week! Thank you, I am breaking up with perfect and surrendering all to God!

  169. Stephanie says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!

  170. Thank you so much! I’m breaking up with perfect!

  171. Heather Parsa says:

    I am giving up on perfection. Only God can give me the peace that he promises. After experiencing a year of disasters, I could not make perfect for my daughter that lost some limbs a few months back with the flesh eating bacterial infection, just before that she was riding a bike and was hit by a car and lost three front teeth, now my “perfect” world that I thought I had, turned upside down. Now feeling not so perfect and only letting god guide me through the challenges in my daughter’s life. I would love to be able to give her guidance to giving up on perfection and helping her fall in love with God.
    Thank you for your words of inspiration

  172. Marcie Davidson says:

    Wow. Just wow. My heart has battled this picture of perfection for so long. I have been a pastors wife and now Chaplains wife as God has moved us to reach soliders. I home school our children and have tried to be a perfect mom (failing) perfect wife (failing) perfect friend (failing) perfect Christian (failing) etc. Thank you for the devotion on this. I needed this so much. It was like a duh moment in my life. Thank you is not enough to say. God bless you for this and I thank God for directing me to this website where I found your devotion. God is good and with his help I too will break this perfection lie.

  173. I have been led into a journey of letting go of perfectionism through the FlyLady program at Marla Cilley helps flybabies all over the world to create peace out of chaos by blessing their families through routines and letting go of that dreaded “P” word. The God Breezes in her ministry (and all this encouragement through her free website) and her deep faith are foundations in helping flybabies to fly. Thank you Lord for leading me to people like Amy and FlyLady to help me on this journey:)

  174. I’d love to break up with perfect.. I think it’s going to be a long hard process and we may be on and off again :/

  175. The message on Proverbs31 was just what I needed to hear today. We have two special needs children, and have come to the heartbreaking decision to pull them out of their very small school because their special needs can no longer be accommodated. With this, our family is losing years of a closely knit community – which has been both a blessing and burden to us. As a mommy and a teacher myself, I struggle so with keeping it all together and striving to appear perfect – then my kids have a smack-down battle in Target. God is clearly moving us in a new direction – where perfect doesn’t exist except for Him. I’m breaking up with perfect.

  176. I’ve always tried to be “perfect” and fail miserably daily. With the death of my mom just a month ago( and it was not my precious mom who made me feel this way) ,the pressure to be the “perfect” one through all of this is crushing. I know I need to press into HIM in order break up with perfect.

  177. It is a perfect day set by God’s standards not by mine. Thank you for sharing this. This is not just my day, but my life and I need to let this be my guiding thought!

  178. Thank you! I need/want to break up with perfect!

  179. Wow: I really needed this today!

  180. Thank you for this freeing look at our obsession with perfection! I usually end up with a perfect knot in my stomach at the thought of how IMperfect my life looks when I compare myself with others. To Him be the glory for arming me with strength and making my way perfect. I’m breaking up with you perfect!!

  181. Crystal Balzer says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect! Perfect just doesn’t know it yet πŸ˜‰

  182. Cannot like this enough!! I am realizing how much this dictates my thoughts and attitudes. I particularly liked in the devotional where you said in “we are unable to create perfection” even though we know we cant, it’s like every day we wake up and try to anyway!

  183. Such a perfect reminder that I needed today…and most days! Our own strength isn’t enough, but God’s is.

  184. Thank you! I really needed this today.

  185. I’m working on breaking up with perfect!

  186. This is perfect timing in my life. I definitely need to break up with perfect! Thank you so much for the insight and inspiring words today.

  187. Heather Boston says:

    Loved this reminder today about perfection. I struggle everyday with perfection.
    I would love to read your book. Thanks for sharing!

  188. I have, in the past, lived my life believing that if a project wouldn’t end perfectly, it didn’t deserve any more effort to be put into it. God is still teaching me that many lives have been touched and led to him through imperfect vessels. As I strive to consistently write what God gives me to share, I pray that I can ‘break up with perfection’ and wake up with a submissive spirit to carry out the plans that He has for me. I enjoy your writing. I have been told I have the gift and as I embark on this journey, I pray that God’s words through me bring light to someone’s path.

  189. I’m breaking up with perfect. What a wonderful reminder today. Thank you.

  190. Alison McAfee says:

    Very timely. I’m breaking up with perfect!!

  191. Mrs. Carroll,
    God placed this in my inbox for a reason. Every night before bed I think to myself how tomorrow is the day I will eat healthy, get more done, plan better, be nicer to my husband, and be more patient. Every day I fail. Because of your Proverbs 31 devotion and your blog, that I found today, I will turn that disappointment and failure into surrender to Him. He will perfectly lead me. That’s all I need.

  192. Dorothy W says:

    Thank you, Amy for nailing it…dare I say, “Perfectly”. In an attempt to be all things to all people and do it all well, your reminder puts things back in perspective. I will break up with Perfect.

  193. I needed this so much. This year has been challenging & a reminder that I’m not in control. I want to embrace life as it happens and fully lean on God.

  194. I WANT to be perfect so bad!! I am in my head. But never have been in real life. So unrealistic! But the desire is till there, nevertheless.

  195. Oh wow! So needed this. I was reminded yesterday that not only am I an imperfect mom, wife, friend… but also pastors wife. But praise God He loves me just the same.

  196. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  197. Sherry Randall says:

    Breaking up with perfect is a great idea….I think I just started the process!

  198. Oh, how I need tho break up the perfect. Very wise words and lots to reflect on and initiate some change and fully rely on God

  199. Breaking up with perfect is so hard to do….

  200. I’m so happy I discovered your blog today! What a lovely message. I don’t often think that I struggle with perfectionism (just take a look at my house!), but I think I do in a sense because I often fail to even try to do something if I can’t have it look a certain way or have the outcome I desire.

  201. I am done trying to be perfect!


  203. Heather Johnson says:

    Wonderful post today, a good reminder to start off my Monday!

  204. I am breaking up with perfection. Thank you for such a wonderful perspective!

  205. It has been ONE of those YEARS and there is no end in sight. God has brought me to my knees through this past year. It has forced me to rely on Him. To get my strength from Him. Only He is able to pick up the broken pieces and assemble them so that I will be stronger in Him than I ever was before. I haven’t learned all of my lessons and I must continue to relearn many of them.

    I am breaking up with perfect………

  206. Exactly what I needed to hear today! God is so good in knowing what I need to hear and when.

  207. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  208. Becky Grant says:

    I think one of the hardest things in my marriage is that my idea of perfect and my husband’s looks different, in so many areas. And we both think we’re right. I need some Godly perspective regarding this.

  209. Amanda Staymates says:

    It’s time to break up with perfect because perfect broke up with me long ago… πŸ™‚

  210. Nicolette Taylor says:

    My curiosity is peeked now. I don’t think I realized how much I have planned perfection. I most easily recognize it when holding an event. Then, after the event is over all I can see are the flaws. I need to break up with perfect!

  211. Crystal Miller says:

    Thank you for this timely reminder. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  212. I’m breaking up with perfect! Thank you!

  213. I’m struggling to break up with perfect!

  214. Cara Potter says:

    I am breaking up with perfect! I am having one of those months, and I cannot do it on my own.

  215. …everyday I wake up and look at my daughter….she’s 9… in that strange teeth, long legs kind of way. My heart smiles because she doesn’t notice her awkwardness…she’s excited to start a new day, learn more at school, talk to her best friend inside the tire at recess. She doesn’t compare herself to other students or siblings. She likes who she is. She knows God loves her. She knows I love her. She is not looking for acceptance or perfection….I admit….I’m a bit jealous. When did I wake up looking for acceptance and perfection? Wasn’t I that same awkward 9 year old girl? It’s never to late with God…he can fix my insecurities and I pray that my daughter will not fall into the trap of beauty and perfection.

  216. Ashley Riegler says:

    I am breaking up with perfect. I am a momma to three busy little people ranging from2-5. Our youngest joined our family in April through international adoption. My ideal family was together, finally. But reality sank in and I realized that no matter how hard I try to ease his broken heart his little world was broken and it is going to take time and a mighty God to heal all of his hurt. Pur home is a disaster moat days and it drives me batty, but I am so tired of living in this picture perfect world. I just need a whole lot of Jesus and a whole lot of His grace day in and day out. I am ready to move out of picture perfect into this beautifully messy life He has given ua.

  217. I often think to my self–be content w a 95% solution instead if perfect. But, today you’ve given me a new perspective. Thanks

  218. It’s been one of those months actually, my sister in law is struggling with cancer, my brother in laws cancer came back and trying to keep it together each day has been hard, especially finding positives in all that is going on. I have found comfort in knowing God is in control and though my life is not perfect but it’s okay!

  219. I’m breaking up with perfect and the procrastination and laziness that striving for it creates because I am only perfect in Christ.

  220. This is so great for today! I am trying to help my 15 year old daughter realize that she does not need to be perfect. As she learns to let God work through her, I hope she can break up with perfect.

    Me too. I strive to break up with perfect everyday.

  221. I’d love to “breakup with perfect” …… But I’m struggling!

  222. Enjoyed this devotional very much. I can definitely have my moments of unrealistic expectations. Living in the moment helps much with that. What can I do now?

  223. It has been a chaotic year! Help Lord!

  224. I had to be prefect growing a lot to put on a kids. As an adult I still struggle with it.I want to be content in my life no matter what comes my way.

  225. I am (attempting to) break up with perfect!

  226. Ellen Woodson says:

    Breaking up with perfect THIS week !!

  227. What a perfect way to wake up to Monday. Thank you for the inspiration.

  228. Thanks for the encouraging words to break up with striving for perfection. I desire to do this in my life!!!!

  229. Thanks for this! I’m breaking up with perfect!

  230. I am breaking up with perfect. This is something I really needed to hear today. God bless!!!

  231. Please help me break up with perfect by remembering the key verse with a Little Brown Card and by reading your new book.
    Thank you!

  232. Valerie Robbins says:

    Thank you for this!! I AM breaking up with perfect!!

  233. BettyJean Bowers says:

    I am breaking up with perfect! It has been untrue to me.

  234. I look forward to breaking free of perfection. I’m tired of the stronghold it has had on me. Thanks for your honesty.

  235. I very much need to break up with perfect. I am a single mother of a 9 year old girl and the caregiver to two disabled parents.. it is difficult and I have felt like a failure every day. If I don’t break up with perfect (QUICKLY AND FINALLY)… not only will I lose my family, I will lose my mind!

  236. Thank you! I am breaking up with perfection today!!

  237. Yes! A wonderful resource for every woman. I struggle against those voices that were planted in my head as a child about how perfect everything should be. At the end of the day I hear them remind me of all that I failed to do. I’ve been trying to break up with perfect for a long time. It’s like an old boyfriend who you know is band for you but can’t quite make the break and he keeps coming back disrupting your life.

  238. Joyce Procanyn says:

    I am a part time retired/church secretary. I love what I do. I also deal with a spirit of rejection whenever things do not go according to plan. I really strive to break up with perfection when I trying to live up to the image of perfection by the members of my congregation.

  239. I need to dump “perfect” and instead focus on the One who is perfect!!!

  240. I’m definitely trying to break up with perfect, so this would be a real blessing on my journey! Thank you!

  241. So long perfect! I dont have to be because He is.

  242. Lynae yankee says:

    I would love a copy of this book! Something I have always struggled with was am I goodcenough or doing enough. God had been working on me through the years and things are better than they used to be but I still look for encouragement in this area! Thank you for your posts!

  243. I am on a journey of breaking up with perfect. A day at a time! Again and again!

  244. Elaine Segstro says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect. His power is made perfect in my weakness.

  245. I spend so much of my energy trying to have a perfect day…and although I know I’m not perfect and Jesus is, I still try to rely on my own strength to get it done…when I should be relying on my true Source of strength and ditching that non-existent perfection! This blog entry and your devotional through Proverbs 31 Ministries really spoke to my heart this morning. I plan on meditating on Psalm 18:32 this week and breaking up with perfect once and for all!!!

  246. Patricia Ison says:

    I am breaking up with perfect! I do have a problem with striving for perfection. I feel that I am learning to let go a little ……… Thank you Lord for giving me strength and making my way perfect, even when I am a mess!

  247. dear Lord.I am breaking up with MY expectations and praying for You to lead me every Second; to show the heart of Jesus and not my hurried and harried heart……..
    Please lead my heart, mind and body for You.

  248. Thank you for this very timely message!!

  249. I am breaking up with prefect!

  250. My life has been turned upside down in the past few months. I am learning to break up with perfect, as my life is and will continue to be far from perfect, and strive towards completely trusting God with every detail. I serve a Good, Faithful, and Perfect God!

  251. Beth Walker says:

    How can I expect to have a perfect life when I am not perfect?

  252. Betsy Hardy says:

    I would love to win the brown scripture cards and book!

  253. Katy Callon says:

    Perfect is something I’ve chased after for too long. Time to break it off already! Thanks for the great reminder πŸ™‚

  254. Well, I’ve needed to break up with perfect for a long time, but my last 2 years have shown me that seeking perfection gets me nowhere. Seeking God and His ways is the best course of action. Thanks for your encouragement to take the leap!

  255. I have always declared that i am not a perfectionist….yet continue to strive to be a perfect light of Christ then beat myself to a pulp everytine I fall short…,which is all the time ….all my attempts at righteousness are as filthy rags…..thank you for the devotional today and comments in your blog!

  256. In this technology age, it is even easier to constantly compare yourself to others … My season right now is being the perfect mom …. Ugh, so tiring …. And the guilt and sense of failure I feel on any given day is sometimes so overwhelming my anxiety level can go through the roof. I would love to break up with perfect … But at the same time know that I am trying to be the kind of wife and mother God has called on me to be …

  257. I am a work in progress, admitting that I am not in control. I pray that God will give me strength as we go through this season. I’d love to have a copy of your book.

  258. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  259. I have to be careful not to pass on the perfection need to my children. I catch myself saying the word “perfect” to them. I am breaking up with perfect! Thanks for the devotion and for your blog!

  260. I’m breaking up with perfect! Thank you for the encouragement. I needed this to start my week!

  261. Trying for perfection, even trying for the facade of perfection, is SO exhausting. Please pray for me as this is a real struggle for me and definitely one of those seasons.
    I need SO much to break up, permanently separate from, divorce! the idea of perfection without Christ.
    Thank you for this message, it was definitely from God, for me today.

  262. I just broke up with Perfect!

  263. Today was a really bad day for me, and I am so thankful to God and Proverbs 31 Ministries for sharing your devotional with me. May God teach me to break up with perfect!

  264. I desire to break up from my desire to have a “Perfect Marriage”.

  265. PERFECT beginning to my day!

  266. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  267. Jennifer W. says:

    I needed this so much. I’m a new(er) mom of a 2 year old and step daughter who is 12 and I never really learned about what a mom should do so I constantly pressure myself to be perfect and compare to other moms. I am in pursuit of God’s view and seeking out sources to teach me how to be a Godly wife and mother. I think this book would help me in that!

  268. Mary Beth says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect in my professional and personal life. Through the grace of God, I will persevere. Thank you!

  269. Not sure I ever had ‘perfect’ but wondered how those that seemed to be/have perfect did it! Would love a copy of the book and especially the note cards. Thanks so much for your honesty of the stressors and God’s timely word!

  270. Thank you so much! In my chaos I needed this encouragement ?

  271. I am tyring to break up with perfectionism!

  272. Candy Ogden says:

    This was simply perfect timing for me to hear! I think I am conquering perfection but then I know in reality, I still struggle with it. It is the underlining need to please others. To appear I have it all together, when I don’t. Thank you!

  273. Your post on P31 ministries was just what I needed to read! So many times I feel defeated when things don’t go according to my plan but then I remember that it’s His Plan that makes it work. Thank you so much for the reminder!

  274. I want to break up with perfect!

  275. Cherri Bornman says:

    I struggle daily with my ideas of what I think I need to do to show I have it together or that I’m a good wife or mother. I’m thankful for my husband who continually brings me back to Jesus with his words of affirmation and reassurance that Jesus loves me and that I’m loved even with my imperfections. But that its not ok to let my ways or ideals rule my thinking or my family’s thinking. I LOVE the whole idea of “breaking up with perfect”! Its freeing and I know that Jesus is in the business of liberating me! Thanks Amy for this reminder!

  276. Breaking up with perfect was a lesson I HAD to come to terms with once becoming a mother. While the phrase “breaking up with perfect” just rolls of the tongue, it wrestles with my Spirit and severely discomforts my flesh! In the journey of making this happen, though, I’ve grown so much closer to God and recognized His perfection is best revealed when I’m at my weakest. I’m slowly learning to recognize my moments of unraveled chaos for what they truly are — opportunities for Him to show up and allow ALL the glory to be His.

  277. Thank you so much for this article. As the first child and having gone through the trial and error tests of parents, personal,social and professional critique, I thought retirement would release me from timelines, stress and personal poor performance reports, not so.I am breaking up with perfect perfection and perfectionist behavior.

  278. I needed this Monday morning! I’m breaking up with perfect (with God’s help)!!

  279. For the most part, I am not a perfectionist; however, I find myself constantly comparing myself to people to whom I believe to be perfectionists just to see how much of a failure I am. I want to break up with my idea of perfection in others and stop comparing myself to them. I am uniquely made and designed by God.

  280. Cindy pitts says:

    I need to break up with perfect!!!! Teach me how Lord!

  281. Darla Blake says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect! The pursuit of it is both exhausting and depressing!

  282. I am grateful to have read your devotion this morning; I will share with friends at work today. Thank you for the encouragement!

  283. karen everly says:

    I want to break up with perfect so bad because it’s keeping from living the life God intended for me. I’d love to win! Thanks!

  284. I rush around trying to do it all, and at the end of the day feel I failed. I wish to be imperfect so I can enjoy my family and not worry that the house isn’t perfect.

  285. Melanie Wheeler says:

    I woke up this morning beyond frustrated. I don’t want to start my day – any day – like that. I gave up on perfect a very long time ago, not sure if I ever really thought of striving for perfect actually. I’m okay with things being in relative order, things getting accomplished, etc. That may not be anyone else’s definintion of perfect. So when almost every thought I have though is about yet another appliance being broken, some promise ignored again, something I planned to have done got forgotten, etc that is when I feel overwhelmed. I will now breathe in Ps 18:32 and Ps 68:19 and trust God to show me his path. Col 3:15 reminds me that God calls me to be peaceful and thankful. That is how I NEED to start my day – any day.

  286. Thank you for this devotion today! I’m in s constant struggle for perfection and when something goes wrong, the first thing I think is ” If only I’d done…..” I am constantly reminding myself God is in control not me, but then I go back to trying to “fix” everything which leaves me constantly overwhelmed! I’m going to try breaking up with perfect! Pray for me!

  287. The pursuit of perfection hinders progress and it consistently keeps me from starting or making a real difference in my task list. Perfectionism, coupled with procrastination, is a productivity death sentence. I long to rejoice in things completed, rather than carry guilt for what is yet to be done. I want to complete tasks without emotion, simply because they have to be done, rather than wait for insight or motivation or the perfect plan. Thank you for writing this! The Lord is good.

  288. im breaking up with perfect!

  289. Breaking is up with perfect could be a song and it is time to change my tune!
    In God’s time and the right time and the perfect time.

  290. Karen McCarty says:

    I want to break up with perfect!

  291. I’m breaking up with perfect! Thank you

  292. I’m breaking up with perfect before I have a meltdown!! Would love to read this book. Thank you.

  293. I am done with trying to lead the perfect life. God’s way is perfect – and that is enough for me!

  294. Thanks for this Encouragement- I’m not a perfectionist, but this helped me realize I need to stop comparing myself to them! God is all we need,girls!

  295. I’M BREAKING UP WITH PERFECT! (Yes, I’m shouting it. πŸ˜‰

  296. I am longing to break up with perfect!!!!! It gets me nowhere!!!!!

  297. Pam Yandle says:

    I’m breaking up with perfect!

  298. Wow! I feel like I’m having one of those seasons… Like I can’t do anything right, and nothing goes the way it should. I know I’ve got to let go and let God.

  299. Thank you for the inspiration to divorce perfection forever.

  300. Thank you so very much for helping me realize that the pictures I draw in my head of perfection are not airways what I need to live up to! WOW!! HOW FREEING!!

  301. This is great! I break up with perfect right now!!!

  302. Thank you!! I’m still trying to break up with perfect πŸ™‚

  303. I have struggled with desiring perfection most of my life. I read your devotional in Guideposts today and it struck a chord. I am thankful that God loves the broken and imperfect me when I yield to Him.

  304. Thank you for this!!! I was raised to believe my perfect isn’t perfect enough. I needed this reminder today as I lead an imperfect life with Christ, my ways are perfected!!

    1. Imperfect feels messy and unsuccessful. The good news is I am not supposed to be perfect … thanks for that!

      1. God recently revealed to me what a stronghold my need for perfection has on my life and from now on, I’m breaking up with perfect!

      2. Nancy Griggs says:

        I learned a long time ago that I would never be perfect and could only do my best at any given time. Only God is perfect. He gives me the strength I need for any task.

    2. This will be my intentional focus for the week. Thanks for this post.

    3. After growing up with with”you’ve got to do better, try harder , or how did you let your grade drop to a B!!!!! “, I’ve struggled with the perfection burden. I’m so thankful for God’s grace .

    4. My mother said there will always be someone who is smarter, thinner, more talented than I. My father said perfectionism was slow suicide. My parents were both perfectionists! My motto is now to do the best I can at any task. I don’t value cleanliness as a virtue anymore. I’ve seen too many friends have a haughty attitude because of it.

    5. Thankfully I am being forced to give up striving for perfection …. I did pray for humility sometime ago and although my season of difficulty seems to be going on forever and getting worse, I trust that God knows best and I choose to allow Him to take control of my life!!! Amen!!

    6. Thank you so much for this series. It is needed in my life. I am going to “break up with perfect” and let God create his perfection in me.