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You’ve tried so hard
to do it all right.


Working for love and approval has served you well in the past, but now you’re exhausted, and…

You truly want the best for the people you love, but you’re driving yourself and everybody else crazy with your out-of-control expectations.

Even though you bust your hump on every little thing, you constantly feel the nagging tug of failure.

You’ve been hiding your true self behind the façade of perfection for so long that you can’t remember who you really are.

You’re working hard to build the best life possible, but you have no time to enjoy it.

It’s become so vital to be perfect that every mistake or misstep is crushing.


Congratulations, sister!

You’ve found a place to put down the heavy weight of perfection… and rest.



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 Hi. I’m Amy, a former perfection junkie.

In my early life, perfectionism won me pats on the back, gold stars, and even a few plaques for my wall. Win! But after decades spent in the exhausting pursuit of perfection, my friendships were imploding, my husband longed for relief from my critique, and my heart needed to feel the love of God again. Perfectionism was killing my soul by drips.

How had I gotten here?

Over the years, the voices from our culture telling me how women need to be perfect had joined a chorus with the beliefs in my head until the pressures from within and without left me feeling emotionally numb.

Through the love of truth-telling mentors, God-given aha experiences, and the excavation of wrong beliefs, I’ve moved toward celebrating the woman God has created me to be. Of deeper and more fulfilling relationships. Of kissing perfection good-bye and embracing more joy.

I believe that the path to the rich relationships we all long for is to be our our truest self –flaws and all!



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