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Announcing a Big Change to Next Step

We’ve been piquing your interest for weeks, and here’s the announcement…

Next Step’s coaching is doubling!

After much prayer and discussion Melanie and I have decided to bring our coaching onto our own websites. Beginning the first week of November, here’s how it will all look:

  • Melanie will continue her editing services and writer coaching at, her gorgeous new website.
  • Next Step Coaching, Amy’s coaching for communicators, will officially move to I’ll still be helping speakers and writers with messages and marketing there.

You don’t have to do a thing to continue to receive great content from the two of us. Melanie’s tips for writers will still come to all of our subscriber’s email boxes along with my monthly newsletter for communicators. If you’d like to stop receiving either, you can simply click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of either of our emails.

The only additions you’ll want to make is to follow both of us individually on social media since the Next Step Coaching FB account will close. Find us here:


Follow Melanie

Follow Amy


Follow Melanie

Follow Amy

This isn’t just spin. We’re truly doubling, not splitting.

Since you’re all communicators too, we’d like to share the thinking that went into our decision. We hope these decisions will help you with your partnerships and ministries.

1. Streamlining Allows Us to Work Smarter

Maintaining two websites and multiple social media accounts is expensive and exhausting. By bringing our coaching under our personal sites and accounts, we can streamline our workload and be more effective in our communications. Exciting on both counts!

2. Melanie Has More Books in Her

After a personal writing hiatus (one in which she helped many of you with your writing), Melanie is dreaming of publishing again. She has a wonderful book idea brewing, so reestablishing her website will allow her to expand her platform. Keep your eye out for her upcoming projects!

3. Mutual Support Fosters Growth

While we’re not partnering as much in the day-to-day, Melanie and I are both huge fans of the other, and our mutual support will continue. You’ll see her resources on my page along with links, and she’s doing the same for me. We both want to see our friend’s coaching thrive and grow.

4. Double While the Partnership Is Still Great

As I was thinking through this change earlier in the year, a wise business coach said to me, “Do you need to wait to be mad to make the change? Why not do it while things are good?” It made me laugh to hear her say it, but my biggest hesitation was that things in my partnership with Melanie were still really, really good. Because of this, I defaulted to “if it’s not broke” thinking. Our partnership wasn’t broken, but even in its beautiful wholeness, our coaching could grow more separately. I’m always change resistant, but my friendship with Melanie is far more important than my coaching. It’s been beautiful to brainstorm the change together and to “double” in love as well as ministry.

Have any questions about this change? Or comments? We’d love to hear!

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  1. Excited for you both!! Thank you for the clear explanation… and I love the unity I sense. ?

    1. Thanks, Donna! It feels good to have you cheerleading for us.

    1. Thanks so much, Lyli!

    2. Thanks, Lyli! I lean change-averse, but I’m excited to see how God multiplies ministry with this change.