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Answers to Your Questions: To Write or Rewrite a Message


Thank you, thank you to all of you who have participated in the Facebook Live session last week either in real-time or by watching the video after the fact! It was so much fun that I’m thinking I’ll start doing something a few times a year in the form of mini-breakouts. Any requests for topics you’d like me to cover?

If you missed the video, click here to watch the Q & A video and while you’re there, follow our Facebook page for more encouragement and resources!

One of the benefits of our time together is that you gave me enough questions to blog about for months. Some weeks I’ll tackle two with short answers, but most weeks I’ll answer one at a time. Feel free to add yours to the comments if one answer sparks another question for you.

Here we go…

Do I write a new series or tighten and update the seven retreat series I have?   ~ Sue

It’s possible that either option is the right answer to your question.

When I first started speaking, I felt I had to write a new message for every event, but I don’t do that anymore. There are good reasons for repeating messages:

  • Having 3-5 finely honed messages shows that you understand our ministry niche. Your niche determines whether you’re the right speaker for an event or not. None of us are qualified to speak on every topic an event planner might desire, so we shouldn’t say “yes” to just any topic that’s assigned.
  • Repeating messages allows us to rewrite and refine them. Just this weekend, I rewrote an ending to fit an event better, and I believe it made my overall message stronger. It made me more excited to deliver it.
  • I never just “dust off” a message and deliver it at the next event. I revisit that message prayerfully ahead of the event and ask God how it can be individualized for the women who will be attending. Having said that, having 3-5 messages developed allows us to improve our delivery as well over time.

Sometimes, however, I feel called to write something new for an event. I have one coming up in March for which I believe God is giving me a brand new message. I’m excited that God is using a lesson that He’s been teaching me to encourage other women!

Often, God will use “message fatigue” to show me that it’s time for something new. The first retreat that I ever led is still the topic I get asked to do the most. Last year I delivered it multiple times. While I still love the messages, I’m a little weary of delivering them, so I’ve de-emphasized them on my website and emphasized some others. I don’t want to delete it entirely, but I’m ready to move on to fresher pastures.

I hope this answers your question, Sue! How about you, Speaker Girls? How do you decide it’s time for a new message?

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