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Belief is Strengthened… When We Look for God

Need a belief boost today? Amy’s got a simple, practical tip to share from her study of her 2017 word “believe”.

Follow the example of a woman who lived life through the lens of curiosity and a seeking heart by watching the 3 minute video below or by clicking here.

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  1. Good Morning My Dear Sister,

    It is such a blessing seeing how our Father through you
    demonstrating HIS joy and assurance. BELIEVE indeed
    is the WORD. Have a peace fill day.

  2. Good Morning Amy, Thank you for your videos. I find them very encouraging. This past Christmas of 2016 I kept seeing the word “Believe ” on ornaments, signs, etc. I too, had a tough year in 2016 in my personal life and this word kept popping up. I found a mug that says “All things are possible to those who believe”. Mark 9:23. I drink my coffee every morning using this mug while having my alone time with God. Well, guess what word I chose in January 2017??? You guessed it…BELIEVE. I am still waiting for God to answer a couple of personal prayers and I have to “BELIEVE” God’s plan and timing is the best. I too am a perfectionist (I have your book) and learning slowly by surely I’m in very little control of many things. Thank you again and I enjoy your blog. ~Lisa~

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa! God is so good to show Himself to us when we’re looking for Him. Blessings to you!