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Watching you register for our study is stoking my excitement to a fevered pitch about the Breaking Up with Perfect online study that starts August 1st!! (If you’re just visiting today and don’t know about our study, please click here for all the details.)

In fact, as I’ve watched the registrations roll in, I’ve thought, “This is big. We’re not just a few girls breaking up with perfect. We’re a movement!” 

Just think about that powerful stuff…. We’re building a movement!

All growth and change is good, but it’s always strengthened when you do it with a friend. Here’s your chance to grow our movement and to add to the joy of completing this study by doing it with a friend. We’re better together.

Today– for 48 hours only– leave a comment on my Facebook post (you’ll know the one because it’s an invitation) that’s pinned to the top of my page, and tag a friend (or two, or three) inviting them to join you in our study. Not only will you build our movement, your tagged comment will enter you for a fun & fabulous package. Take a look at these goodies:


(I had to pry those adorable Moon & Lola earrings out of my own clenched hand to give them away. Just sayin’.)

So here’s how you enter:

  • Click here to go to my Facebook page.
  • Leave a comment under the pinned invitation to the study at the top of the page with…
  • Your invited friend(s) tagged in the comment.

Voila! Once you do those steps, you’re entered! I’ll choose and post a winner on Wednesday morning at 7:00 am.

Hands together, team. One… two… three… BUILD A MOVEMENT!

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  1. I have been in a long season of waiting for restored health dealing with chronic pain which has been extreme and debilitating at times. I have felt like the woman who bled for 12 yrs and went from doctor to doctor and spent her resources and only got worse. All along I have known Jesus is my only hope and declared it and claimed His many promises.