Breaking Up with Perfect–Free Resources and a Giveaway

Wooooohooooo! The day is finally here to roll out a few of the goodies I’ve been working on for you! First I’ll tell you about some FREEBIES, a fun event, and then there’s the chance for the cutest giveaway you’ve seen. 🙂

Today’s devotion gave you a glimpse into what’s been a life long struggle for me–my struggle with perfectionism.


Breaking Up with Perfect is chock full of lessons about freeing ourselves from the exhausting, defeating pursuit of perfection. The official release date is July 7th, but I’ve put together some materials for pre-orders that I hope are a huge blessing to you and/or a group you lead. Here’s how it works:

You can pre-order through Proverbs 31 Ministries, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Christian or your favorite book retailer.

Take a picture of your receipt, and depending on how many you purchase, follow these directions:

1. With the purchase of 1 book, you will receive a free PDF, “Day One of Breaking Up with Perfect”. Please submit your receipt to [email protected].

2. With the purchase of 5+ books, you will receive a free PDF, “Day One of Breaking Up with Perfect”, and a free downloadable Participant’s Guide and Leader’s Guide. Please email your receipt to [email protected].

3. With the purchase of 15+ books, you will receive a free PDF, “Day One of Breaking Up with Perfect”, and a free downloadable Participant’s Guide and Leader’s Guide. The first 10 people to order 15+ books will also receive a 15 minute FaceTime/Skype call with Amy. Please submit your receipt to [email protected].

On July 7th, I’m celebrating with a Breaking Up with Perfect Party in Apex, North Carolina. I’d love for you to join me and some of my friends:

  • Tracie Miles, author of Your Life Still Counts
  • Lynn Cowell, author of Magnetic
  • Debbie Wilson, author of Give Yourself a Break
  • Tara Furman, author of Intimacy with God

Click here for more information and registration.

Last but NOT LEAST, our giveaway! My friend Michelle Cable, owner of bijou southern, has created this adorable bracelet just for us. bijou southern, The Simple Sparrow and Little Brown Cards will be at our Breaking Up with Perfect Party with goodies to sell and giveaways.


To enter to win, leave a comment. If you’re rushing to the pool or vaca, simply leave “I’m breaking up with perfect!”.

There are more giveaways and freebies to come. If you don’t want to miss a thing, please subscribe to the blog today in the box to your right. I’d be honored for you to join me here weekly!

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    • I would love to not feel as though I have to be perfect to measure up to others expectations maybe your new book could really help me!

    • Wonderful message today. For the past 3 months I have been living in a camper trailer. The only possessions I have our my clothes, my bible and daily devotionals and my dogs and cat. We have moved to a new state and in the process of moving. The items fromy house are in storage. I am living on my new land with my animals. My husband and I are ranchers so instead of renting a home in town that is comfortable we chose to live on our land to be near our animals. It is amazing how well I do with so few items. You really don’t need a lot. Thank you for your words today. I was actually feeling bad because I had visited a house last night that was filled with nothing but “stuff”. I was doubting my decision. But today with your encouraging words I feel I am on the right track.

  1. I’m breaking up with perfect – Again! Knowing I can’t fit the “perfect” mold of the wife, mother, employee, church member….., I try to fit into My Mold, formed by God. But in the daily hustle and bustle and apparent perfection of others, I often find myself sizing myself up to so many others. I’d love to learn how to get over the hump, and really love and accept myself for who God created me to be!

  2. I am nowhere near perfect and what a wonderful reminder to “break up with perfect”. Your book sounds inspiring!

  3. This sounds so much like me, I have tried, and failed so many to give up my perfectionism tendency. It is so exhausting! I am so tired of trying to be Perfect!!!!

  4. My daughter and I both need to learn how to break up with perfect. I hope I haven’t burdened her with the nickname Mary Poppins, because she has always been “practically perfect in every way.” She is now a young mom of four sons, and still seems perfect to me. Maybe we can read this book together and learn how to “break up with perfect.”

  5. This is definitely me! I wish I had this book long ago. Thank you for writing it!!
    I’m breaking up with trying to be perfect. Never have quite attained perfectionism.

  6. Praise God! I’ve been struggling with trying to be perfect for most of my life. I based my worth and value on what people thought of me. I have struggled with an eating disorder for over twenty years because if you thought I was thin then that meant I was beautiful…What a lie from the pit of hell! It wasn’t until I opened my bible one day and it said ” You are my masterpiece”. What an Awesome God we serve…I have my days where I want everything to be exactly flawless, but that’s not realistic because we live in an imperfect world. I’m so grateful that I don’t have to be perfect and that God loves me just the way I am…

  7. I wish I could honestly say I AM breaking up with perfect. But the reality is more like I WISH I could for good, but somehow it lures me back in eventually…I’d love the bracelet even as a regular reminder of ‘what I wish for’…it is indeed a beautiful creation by your friend 😉

  8. I’m breaking up with perfect!! Oh how I need to fully embrace this! I have such a blessed life and fret and fear because I don’t live up to my expectations or the expectations that I feel others put on me. I want to rejoice in the freedom God gives me to please only Him in surrender to Him!!

  9. I just preordered your book from iTunes and can’t wait for it to be released!! Due to an unhealthy childhood, I have struggled with perfectionism and a performance-based mentality for most of my life. It has only been through spending time with God and His word that I have begun to understand who I am in Him. I look forward to reading your book and receiving greater healing in my heart, mind and soul. Thank you for being brave enough to share your story and be an encourager to others like me:)

  10. I am breaking up with perfect! I really didn’t realize I had a problem with this until I read today’s devotion on Proverbs 31! I thank you for sharing your personal experience with this and I cannot wait to read your book!

  11. Can’t wait to break up with Perfect!!! I plan to share this with my daughter (who is a new mommy) and seems to have inherited my disease for perfectionism.

  12. I love how our God works! I have been struggling with this very issue in this season of my life & I sooo needed to hear this! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This blog will be printed & kept in my face until I completely GET IT!! 🙂

    “I’m breaking up with perfect!” – Whoo-Hoo!

  13. I am tired…. My worth is defined by what I do…. and I drive myself to physical and mental exhaustion to do things perfectly….. It’s a harder way to go through life…. but it is my reality, my DNA, me….. How do you change the spots on a leopard, the stripes on a tiger, when it is inherent?

  14. So excited to be a part of your team! I would love to have this bracelet to remind me that I don’t have to be perfect to do what God has asked me to do! I am so looking forward to digging into your book this week! Thank you for the blessing!

  15. “I am breaking up with perfect”…IN JESUS NAME! Thank you Amy, so blessed to have found your blog..definitely a devine appointment 🙂

  16. I’m so thrilled I found your blog, devotions and now your book! Perfectionism has defined my 34 years and I need to finally give it the boot! 🙂

  17. One of the saddest days for me was when I realized I had passed this need to be perfect onto my sons. I’m working on breaking up with perfect and can’t wait for your book!

  18. I always thought my purpose in life was to achieve. I’ve spent so much time & energy on being “perfect” that I’m to the point where I’m afraid to even attempt something if I don’t think I’ll succeed. I’ve been praying that God help me be “good enough” and help me let go of all of the “un-perfect” parts of life. Thank you for this post.

  19. “Living fully in the knowledge that we are one of God’s wondrous works is our greatest praise to Him! It’s in becoming our truest, God-created selves, reflecting His image in the gifts and wiring He’s given us, that we’ll connect most deeply with our Creator and with others.”
    Yes, thank you for the reminder. Breaking up with perfect . . . a decision to make daily!

  20. I struggle with this, somewhat…but the one I most worry about is my daughter! She puts so much stress on herself, to be perfect, I just pray that she will let her guard down, and see herself the way God sees her! Thank you for writing this book, I know it will bless so many!

  21. Hi Amy! I loved your post on Proverbs31, it’s nice to meet you online. Praise God for all these people “breaking up with perfect”. Sounds good to me too! May the Lord bless your book sales and minister to thousands of people through your book.

  22. I am tired of trying to be perfect. I have tried to be the perfect mom, wife, teacher, friend, and overall super hero christian! I wanted the cape and all! I was depressed because I couldn’t measure up. I didn’t like who I was even though Christ lived in me. I just want to live a Christ-centered life and please God. I look forward to reading your book. Thank you for writing it.

  23. I really like your devotional, “Tired of Trying to be Perfect”. Thank you.
    I am breaking up with perfect!

  24. Awesome devotional on P31 Ministries! Truly appreciating, “God crafted us to reflect His image, not create our own.” Thank you for the prayer and the scripture too. “Breaking Up with Perfect” sounds like the perfect book for me!

  25. Hi Amy,
    Thanks for your devo and congrats on your new book. I’ve had the same struggle my entire life and still do quite often. One of my kids has the same issue. Looking forward to learning some of your tips. I’m breaking up with perfect!

  26. I am breaking up with perfect! Thanks so much for your blog. I needed to hear this today. I try so hard to control every aspect of my life and I am overwhelmed. Lord help me to let go of control and let YOU take control. AMEN!

  27. Some of us actually gave pointers to Mary Poppins once upon a time. Jesus is helping me break up with perfect!

  28. I really pray that I will be able to break up with perfect! Your book is going to help so many of us who work hard to meet the unnecessary expectations we place
    on ourselves. May God Richly Bless you as you follow & serve Him!

  29. I’ve discovered that whatever the perfect version of me is is NOT the best version of me. I am done with the pursuit of perfection, because I can’t chase that and follow after my sweet and perfect Savior.

  30. Thank you for being obedient to be real and honest and to put into print a message that so many of us need to hear and start living in freedom. Sadly, we do pass this “curse” to our daughters. We can BREAK UP WITH PERFECT, FOREVER!

  31. At 48, I am finally ready to “break up with perfect” and be free! Thank you for reminding me that it’s okay and to “forgive myself.”

  32. I’m breaking up with perfect, because trying is wearing me out! Can’t wait to review the book! still can’t download but looking forward to the hard copy!

  33. I’m breaking up with perfect! My attempts to be perfect in every area have been so hard and they have gotten me no where! I just need to strive to be who God made me.

  34. Thanks so much for the Zephaniah 3:17 verse – God has been showing me through the years the truth of being conformed to His image – not what others are doing/ thinking – He wants me to walk in the freedom of being His dearly loved daughter! I continue to break up with perfectionism!

  35. “Breaking up is hard to do..” I’ve been trying for years. Your book is an answer to prayer!! God bless all who struggle and you for sharing your wisdom and experience!!

  36. Oh. My. Gravy!!! This describes me to a t!!! I’d love to break up with and be totally free of ‘perfect’!!! I’ve struggled with it all my life, and I’m weary. I’m choosing to put my best self forward, ‘warts and all’, and drop the struggle for perfection!!!

  37. I am breaking up with perfect! I’m worn out from my high expectations of others only to be disappointed over and over. I know I’m to blame for disintegrated friendships. My heart longs to restore relationships and form new ones without perfectionism!

  38. I am so tired of trying to be perfect and expecting others to be also,
    Especially my
    Family . I will break up with perfect.
    This devotion was exactly what I need, I feel like such a failure. Can’t wait to read the book

  39. I would love to win this book. I have been a perfectionist my whole life, and even though I know this trait is one that does not help me build relationships, I can’t seem to stop. Particularly, I have started a project where I am working with other people. I can see how my desire to have a perfect result is going to run some relationships into the ground. It already has. So, I would love some advice about to aim for His idea of good instead of my own — and keep the relationships with others in tact.

    • Good for you for recognizing it! That was the first step in breaking up with perfect for me.

  40. I have struggled with perfectionism all of my life …..I have learned to let some things go more and more over time…..but I never realized how perfectionism could affect my relationships….thank you for the wake up call!

  41. I would love to break up with perfect! This has truly put a strain on relationships as of late

  42. I have always had a struggle with this—an A wasn’t good enough, it had to be the highest score in the class. Now I see the same trait in my kids (especially my oldest), and I need help to break the cycle. We all need to break up with perfect!!!

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