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A Chance to Convince You

I’ve written here a lot trying to convince you that your unique voice is needed in the world.  I want to combat The Liar who whispers, “Why would God call you to speak?  There are already so many speakers.  You don’t have a thing to add.”

I saw the most beautiful picture of how God powerfully uses unique voices at She Speaks this year.  Lysa TerKeurst spoke during the main session Friday night followed by Ann Voskamp, author of One Thousand Gifts, on Saturday night.

Here are some words I’d use to describe Lysa—down-to-earth, story teller, poised, God-watching, stunning, crafter of memorable phrases, dazzling

Here are some words I’d use to describe Ann’s–powerfully hushed, mind-challenging, poetic, God magnifying, thoughfully woven, elegant

As speakers, the two women were night and day, but both powerfully glorified God and challenged their listeners to more intentionally live for Him.

I could go on and on about this topic and how it pertains to these two speakers and YOU, but you can actually see it in person which is infinitely more powerful.  One of the things I always encourage our Next Step clients to do is to listen to great speakers, and you have the chance to hear Lysa and Ann together!  On September 6  at 8 pm EST, Lysa and Ann will be doing a free webcast on “Yes to God”.  Click here to go to Lysa’s blog to register.  Don’t miss this opportunity to have a spiritual feast AND experience two very different speakers with two completely unique voices.  I think you’ll be encouraged!

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  1. LOVE this! I thought the same thing during She Speaks, not just about Lysa and Ann but all of the session leaders….so many different women & all with a powerful message. Thank you for the reminder that every single one of us have a unique, God designed, God purposed voice.