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Connecting Our Emotions to the Heart of God

Happy Christmas season, friends!

I know you’re in the thick of things, and I am too. Still, I want to invite you to spend 14 minutes with me as I interview my friends Beth Griffiths and Karen McNary about the trip that they took with The Repentance Project.

I was teary from almost the beginning of this interview, and there are several powerful moments that will shift your heart toward the heart of God. So sit down for just a few minute with a cup of coffee or tea, give yourself a moment of rest, and listen. Please don’t miss it!

I’d love, love, love to hear your thoughts after you’ve viewed the interview.

Here’s the devotional that Karen and Beth referred to with the group that sponsored their trip.

And click here to read Karen’s blog post, the one that broke my heart as I described here.

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  1. Martha Troxel says:

    You have dived into an area that causes division and anger and confusion in me. So often, I sense a you versus me attitude,a tendency to blame ,and no clear road out of it .
    I live in Iowa and I am white and in my 60’s.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Martha, I agree that it’s heartbreaking that this problem in our country has gone on so long with so few solutions. I hope you felt the love and sisterhood of the three of us as you listened. The reconciliation of the cross is why I feel so strongly that the church needs to lead in this area. Only Jesus can both reconcile us to the Father through His blood and make His people one blood, sons and daughters regardless of race.

      I love that you’ve identified the emotions you feel over the cultural concern of race. Whenever I feel confusion, I’m using it as a means to propel me forward to dig in to find out what God thinks. I recently went through this book with a group, and it was such a helpful Christian perspective: It’s an “oldy-but-goody” with timeless truths in it. It challenged me.

      Thanks so much for engaging here and sharing! I know God is going to use us in each other’s lives as we grow, even when we’re not quite on the same page.