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“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” ~Mary Ritter Beard

That quote has certainly true for me, and when I return from travels, there’s nothing that changes more than my view of my stuff. So much of the world lives more simply with far more joy. Why do I need all this?

Those are the reflections that brought me to write today’s devotionand it’s a personal examination that happens every time I stamp my passport.

It’s funny how quickly the mind shifts back to our norm, however. Pretty soon I’m not wowed anymore by the endless aisles in the glittery department stores less than a mile from my house. Before long, I’m not horrified by the unused items that overflow in my cabinets and closets. In a blink, I’m back to feeling cozy with consumerism.

It takes a deliberate shift in focus to return to our presets, the laser-like focus on others for which God created us.


When I turn my eyes away from the next desired purchase and into the eyes of someone I love… or someone in need… or someone who is hurting, then I remember my true purpose. I’m created to connect.

Today, I’m giving a way a sign as a reminder


Sign by: The Simple Sparrow  (The giveaway includes the sign only)

As well as a copy of Breaking Up with Perfect


To enter, simply leave a comment about how you prioritize people over stuff. Or, if you’re living life on the fly today, simple say, “I’m created for connecting not collecting!

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    • My motto has been “simplify” for years now. I am often called a minimalist but in reality I just learned that stuff doesn’t make you happy! It is just stuff. What matters is my family, my friends and my God. It is so freeing to declutter and live simply. Thank you for your book, your blog and the sign. Such a valuable lesson to share with others!

    • I feel that God has called us to serve and not be served. I belong to two volunteer organizations that take care of children in poverty and helping animals to find loving homes.

    • I know that getting rid of and letting go is freeing and I am in the process of de collecting so I can do some reconnecting on a deeper level

    • My mother died when she was 51 and my father when he was 61. It taught me life is very short and “things’ don’t make you feel better…God given relationships do. I have spent many years scaling my things down so I don’t spend huge amounts of time sorting, cleaning, counting and fixing (always a work in progress). I focused on raising my son and on new relationships God would bring into my life.

      One day I had to scale down again and move into a small trailer. I could not even take my cat with me. I put out a prayer request asking if someone would take my kitty and give him a new home. Oddly, I was put in contact with an older women in a senior trailer park named “Anne”. She offered to foster my cat on the condition I came to visit him once a week. Well my once a week visit to my kitty turned into a lifetime relationship with my God adopted mom “Anne”.

      I sure didn’t see my new mom coming, but I am so glad I had time to recognize it when she did! Interestingly Anne had never had children of her own. Guess God decided to give her a daughter who needed a mom. We both feel better now…”Love ya Mom!”

    • I began about a year ago trying to de-clutter our home. However, I am in a major push now as we have recently moved my 84 year old mother into our home. After going through her house…I realize that “things” just do not hold the meaning they used to. It’s more about the experiences I have with others, time spent with others and how I treat people that will matter in the end.

    • I’ve been feeling the mental, physical and spiritual ‘weight’ of my stuff in my life over the past year or so. I have much more than I need and I am moving towards living with less. I’m taking a look at my comfortable habits and assumptions, weeding out and making changes. even small ones, as I go.

    • After a humbling and enriching missions trip to Port-au-Prince, my eyes were open to the joy Haitians have for life when their “stuff” isn’t clouding their vision. Upon returning home to my family and “stuff”, I made a promise to clear my vision for people’s hearts and allow the “stuff” to blur.

    • I would much rather spend an hour over a latte listening and relating with another than an hour in the mall. Thank you for the encouragement your blog gave me today.

    • I am created for connecting instead of collecting. God wanted me to hear that today. This is a change in life time for me and I am asking God for guidance as to my next steps. These words are powerful words for me to hear, and I thank you for sharing them with me today.

    • My Dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and I have been reminded how fleeting life is and the value of relationship. My Dad taught me to be generous with what we are given and to live a life of gratitude. He would have loved the phrase that we are created to connect – not collect!

    • We moved to VA from RI after 33 years in same home.
      This move was made to be closer to our daughter and her family.
      God’s presence was with us through all the decision making.
      It felt liberating to get rid of all our stuff! At 66, you have collected a lot.
      Time was right to stop the collecting and begin connecting in the new opportunities that God provided!

    • Connecting with others is truly what God had intended us for. Everything we have is from him and of him. Relationships and friendships. When we give of our time and our talents to his kingdom he always blesses that with more relationships and more friendships and that is what truly builds his kingdom. God bless you all.

    • We’re downsizing and simplifting. My husband estimates a tractor-trailer load is gone, and we’ve missed none of it. And yet, there are times when I search for just the right accesory when I have jewelry and scarves I’ve never worn. I appreciate your motto and will try to repeat it to myself, before I reach the checkout line. Lord open my eyes to new connections. Thanks Amy!

    • Our had a shopping spree last weekend to celebrate God’s miraculous healing over my dad’s life. Since we didn’t have enough time to travel elsewhere, we opted to do a shopping spree. And yes it indeed was a spree! I accumulated a lot of things on sale for re-decorating our house…and then just this Monday, mom and dad had a fight. This had been happening for two years now. No matter how hard they tried to hide it and keep it to themselves, we are not that young anymore to be blinded. The purchases lay cluttered, most not yet opened or used…who needs a nice house without a family to share it with? Or big things if your family has no peace? We don’t need all these stuffs we have accumulated. They become their true value when relationships hang on the edge and painful truths fly. Please help us pray for the marriage of our parents that is hanging on a thread. I fervently plead to God to keep the marriage intact and to remove the scales from my father’s eyes. I place my hope in Him that in time like Paul, He would again encounter God daily and see the beauty of his marriage as God has intended it to be. We are made to connect not collect. God bless everyone

  1. I’m still on the journey! As I send this comment, I am almost ready to return home to the States and the classroom after almost 2 months of travel around the world. I’ve witnessed the friendliest people, many of whom need Christ. My prayer is that they may realize their true need and that somehow I may be used to meet that need.

  2. Today’s devotional comes at a very pivotal time in my life. I am more than ready for change! I got married last year. My husband and I have not had our friends over at our house because it’s never in the perfect condition.What a shame! I’m so ready to open my home and heart to others because I now understand that God wants me to connect and not to collect. Plus by the time I give away (as I’ve decided today) all those good items I’m storing for ‘someday’ or clothes I’m hoping to slim back into, there’ll definitely be less clutter and more space for others in my home and life. Thank you for this!

  3. I am created for connecting and not collecting.

    This is an area I struggle with, I tend to be a hoarder. UT I am going to Co tone to pray and ask for God’s help I. This area.

  4. I’m created for connecting and not collecting! There is sure power in those words!!! Words that I have been so needing to hear, from the deeps of my heart thank you so very much!!!!!!

  5. What a wonderful lesson! I really needed to hear this. It’s not about things, it’s about people. And besides when it comes to things I am overly blessed. I need to be reminded of this right now as I am in a lean season and it is easy for me to focus on all the things I don’t have and that I think I need and not be thankful for the plethora of things that I do have including things I don’t need. Lord, please help me focus on You, Your blessings in my life and how I can bless others in Your Name.

  6. This is such a valuable lesson. I literally went through the closet over the last few weeks and donated 19 huge bags of clothes to the Salvation Army! It is nice to know I can help others and it is “freeing” to get rid of so much “stuff”! I am on a mission to simplify and to spend my time and resources in relationships instead of stuff. I love your sign because it is a simple reminder. I want to think of it every time I leave the house and go out into the “mission field” instead of going out to the store. I am encouraging my two teenagers to do the same. We just started on another closet. Thank you for such a good message!

  7. We have always lived below our means to ensure giving generously to our local church and other amazing causes..all 31 years of our marriage! Only by the grace of our amazing God.

  8. I’m created for connecting not collecting! Seems like God is trying to really get this message into my spirit, a few different devotionals that I have gone to this morning have had this same point. Thank you Jesus

  9. Due to financial issues, my husband’s adult son and family live with us (his wife and 3 kids – ages 9, 6, and 5). It can be very stressful, especially financially. When I’m tempted to complain about the ‘things’ I can’t buy, I try to remind myself …I am blessed in a lot of ways and have so much more than even the low income children/families I work with and that I am created for connecting not collecting.

  10. I was created for connecting, not collecting! Thank you for the devotional it spoke to me in so many ways. God bless you!

  11. I am created for connecting not collecting!! I loved your devotional on P31 today. It hit home with me. How many times do we go “shop” to help ourselves feel better as if the junk we buy adds value to our lives. My thoughts are slowly changing and my attitude toward purchasing is drifting away from finding myself in material items. Thank you again!

  12. Needed to read this today! When I am consumed with putting priorities or projects before people, I say, “Today I choose to be a Mary and not a Martha!” My purpose on this earth is not to collect earthly things but to connect for eternal things! Thank you for that great reminder!

  13. My husband no I just downsized houses and have been giving away so much of our ” belongings” to people who really don’t have much…and finding how much further it goes that way than when cooped up in our one home! Love it! Now our home is Uncluttered and our hearts are free.

  14. I’m created for connecting not collecting! I’m a work in progress. I am working to simplify my home and life by removing the clutter that gets in the way of serving Christ. Clutter is not just “stuff” but schedules too. Thank you for the encouragement this morning!

  15. I have learned to be content with plenty and with little. I cand do all this through Christ who is my strength.

  16. I recently cleared out my “storage” room to make room for a temporary dwelling for my former sister in law (who, despite divorce, will always be my sister) while she overcomes some financial challenges. It was freeing getting rid of so much stuff, rediscovering a few treasures, and, most of all, connecting to her I’m a whole new way! I was created for connecting, not collecting!

  17. I’m created for connecting not collecting. Wow this really hit me. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel to help others.

  18. Your devotional today made me think how am I so concerned about what others think of my clothes and shoes instead of me being worried of how God thinks of me about me being a mother that take my children to follow him every day of their life’s. God may you forgive me for being concentrate in vain stuff instead of being concentrate in you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

  19. I’ve been working through my sin of waste asking God to reveal the depth of it. your devotion helped me get through a layer. Yes, I’m created for connecting, not collecting. Wanda

  20. I’m ready to start the journey of ‘connecting, not collecting’. I really want to start cleaning out some closets

  21. Today as I read this devotion, I realized that is me. I need to value people more than stuff. Its time to be content and thankful that above all else, Jesus is where I will find Joy.

  22. I’m created for connecting not collecting.
    I love the whole concept of contentment in what you have, so that you are free to recieve what you need and give what you can!

  23. I am created for connecting Not collecting.
    Connecting with other ladies in my home for prayer on my prayer porch.

  24. I’m created for connecting , not collecting.
    This really hit home for me. I just returned
    from a mission trip to Romania.

  25. I am created for connecting, not collecting. I think we all could use some help getting rid of perfect!

  26. Today’s devotional with Proverbs 31 and your blog are just more reaffirmation of what God is telling me lately. I only wish God would impart this to my husband as well. My plan is to connect more collect less and bless someone else with some of my collections.

  27. “I’m created for connecting not collecting! I am slowly going through closets, trying to simplify. We don’t need all that “stuff” — we have enough. We are blessed–thanks be to God.

  28. This message really spoke to me because I still struggle with “stuff”. I want my house to be perfectly decorated, my car to stay perfectly clean (really…with a toddler), and my day to run perfectly as planned. I want things to be perfect but that’s not life. I need to focus on what is perfect (God) and remember what he wants for me.

    I am created for connecting not collecting.

  29. This is an area where I still struggle. Sometimes I have this moments where I realize I don’t need so much stuff and I purge but then I start collecting again. The hardest things to not hold on to are memory items but soon I realize that the memory is not in the item itself but in my mind. Oh that and books, which are so hard to let go of, which is why I now try to loan out my books with no set return date. I’m trying to take small steps toward not being so attached to stuff. I am created for connecting not collecting.

  30. I am a recovering perfectionist that isn’t always in full recovery. I value people over possessions, for sure, but I struggle with wanting to be the perfect ___ in every relationship, because I put my whole eart into it and believe that’s why ___ deserve from me if I ____. I know in my head that is impossible and irrational lines of thought, but my heart struggles all the same. Thank you for your blog today! It was very encouraging!

  31. I so needed this today. My daughter and I needed to move to a one bedroom apartment a bit ago. Although, I said that since God saved me and her from much hurt…that I would use my apt. To help others hurting. But since it was never completely furnished and up to what “I” thought it should be, I have never invited anyone over yet. I am making that phone call today. Thank you!

  32. I felt like this message was directly for me today, even though I do not have a lot of things, I LONG for many things and sometimes get frustrated that I can’t afford them. Your story certainly reminded me that my problem is of the first world and in the grand scheme of things does not matter. Thanks for the reminder!

  33. Wow… This hit me this morning. I’m reflecting on your phrase I’m created for connecting not collecting. How very true. Thank you for the words this morning!

  34. I agree, it’s so easy to get caught up in wanting….wanting….wanting…
    I’ve been out of work for a year and found out-I can live on much less money than I thought! We haven’t gone without anything. God is so good!
    It has knocked some sense into me about thinking I have to have something-when I really don’t. I have tried to put into practice what Paul talks about “being satisfied” just the way we are.
    But I still need to be reminded daily-I want to be connecting and not collecting! Thank you so much for sharing!

  35. I am slowly, but surely, releasing the “stuff” which has held me hostage for so many years. I finally understand that I do not want to work myself to exhaustion just to enable me to buy and keep a lot of STUFF! I have bought into our society’s “More is better!” philosophy for far too long. With a smaller house and less stuff…I can work less and have the time to spend with my husband doing the things we love to do. I’d much rather collect memories than shoes!

  36. I’m created for connecting not collecting! I’ve been selling and giving away things since we had our fourth child. It hurts my heart to think of all the fun things our family could have done with the money we spent on stuff!

  37. I’m created for connecting not collecting! I’ve taken Lysa Terkeursts advice from her book “The Best Yes” and I’ve started adding relationships to my to do lists rather than just tasks. One day I’ll make a handmade card for a friend just to let them know I value their friendship, I might just call to say hello to a friend, take my children to their favorite place as a special mommy and me date or I’ll just write my husband a note to remind him how much I care!

  38. I definitely want to make people a priority over things be in “perfect.” It’s not always easy but with God all things are possible.

  39. I’m created for connecting not collecting. I teach high school. I spend my life trying to connect to my students. I pray later in life each of these students will look back on their high school years and know Mrs. Moore loved them!

  40. As I get ready for a new school year as a Kindergarten teacher, I’m resisting the urge to by new clothes for the new school year. After looking in my closets (yes, more than one), I have plenty. I am connecting, not collecting!

  41. This devotional spoke to my soul this morning. Confitmation of what the Lord has been saying to me over the past couple of days…I looked in my bathroom closet yesterday, and made the following post on Facebook:

    As I prepare for my move, I came to the realization that I have too much stuff. Literally, emotionally, spiritually. Products, clothes, people, stress…. Stuff I need, stuff I don’t need, Stuff I use, stuff I intended to use, stuff I probably should use but don’t. I have things boxed up from when I moved 3 years ago. (That was still boxed from when I moved 6 years prior). The main reason we can’t move in life is because we are carrying around things that making moving difficult… so we stay. Time to de-clutter, so I’ll be ready to move when the time comes…

  42. Thank you Amy. This is going to oversimplify the problem but I’m surrounded by a home filled with too much stuff while our family struggles financially which is in large part due to the first. Thank you for today.

  43. As my daughter gets older she is a daily reminder to me to be careful where I set my heart and mind. If I want her to value connection over collection I need to set that example. We have given our lunch to a homeless lady, knowing that we have food at home waiting on us, and our umbrella to a homeless man in the rain, knowing that we can go back to our warm house and dry off. I fall short most of the time and get caught up in desiring stuff but knowing that my daughter is looking to me as an example helps me remember how blessed we are and to truly slow down and see others in need so that we can use our blessings to bless someone else.

  44. After the death of both of my dear parents and the chore of
    Cleaning out their home of 40 plus years as well as a sudden divorce and the moving of an entire household without my former spouses assistance , I realize that God will provide all that I need and that the accumulation of earthly things truly is useless . My children and I have all that we need. He has given us the desires of our hearts and we “live simply and love deeply “

  45. I am learning to put my focus on my kids instead of keeping the “perfect” home – dishes, floors, laundry can wait (and will most definitely be there later!). I’ve struggled with perfection my whole life and am only now working HARD to release perfectionism. It is SO hard…

  46. The word i needed to be reminded of. Continue to pray for people so i can have them on my heart and the connecting will be easier. 🙂

  47. My job is all about serving others and that comes easy to me. In my personal life I have to constantly remind myself it’s not about the stuff I have but the people I serve!

  48. God created me for connecting not collecting. Love that! If I win or don’t win getting this resource and digging in to what He wants me to see. Thank you for your encouragement today! God Bless!

  49. Thank you for sharing your devotion. It was a gentle reminder for me. A few years ago my husband and I went to Guatemala as part of a mission team with our local church. I too was awed by the relationships with and trust in God that was not just talked about but lived daily! I came home with my eyes wide opended and for a time made changes and was more appreciative of each blessing… I read your devotion this morning and my eyes were reopened again. I am saddened by how I have fallen complacent. Thank you again!

  50. This past has been one of many trials and much spiritual and personal growth. The area that needs the most work is personal connections. As someone who moves regularly, it has been easier (less painful) to not develop those close connections and keep people at arms length. As I unpack boxes for the third summer in a row I am realizing that I still have too much stuff that is cluttering my life and spirit.

    I am created for connecting not collecting!

  51. I am created for connecting and not collecting. For many years, when my children were small I always put myself last. Now that they are grown I don’t as much. I do still find myself looking for them when I am out with a friend. This is an issue I trying to work through. Thanks for the reminder that all of this “stuff” is just that “stuff”. Less is more.

  52. As a mom, I’ve gotten where I don’t buy much for myself, but I still have the “wants” sometimes and really need to be thankful for all I have and focus on connecting. I also need to pass the idea of connecting not collecting on to my children. I would love to read the book!

  53. It’s a struggle not to get caught up in “stuff”. I try to just look around at what I have and realize that I can’t take it with me. But by investing in the lives of others, now that I pray, I will see them in heaven some day!

  54. I have 3 children under the age of 6. I am slowing learning that, as a parent, I am spoiling my children and they almost seem ungrateful for the things they have. A friend of mine recently took away all toys from her children and boxed them up. She made a list of things for them to learn to do without her telling them to do it multiple times. When they figure that out, they can start getting toys back. I need so badly to do something of the sort with my kids. This study today might just be the encouragement that I need. Thank you for sharing your love for God.

  55. Thank you for this devotion today! I needed it! I am in the middle of purging my house and getting rid of clutter. I am trying to buy less. I have been praying and God has really helped me to consider everything I buy. I have too much stuff!!!
    I can relate to the lady from Ecuador. I want my children to know and serve Jesus! That is my biggest prayer! Nothing is more important than relationships – with God and with each other. Thank you!

  56. Your devotion really touched me today especially as I am moving into a bigger house!

    I’m created for connecting not collecting!

  57. This world has conditioned us to feel as though we are only as important as the stuff we possess. We are always worried about who has what and how we will measure up. I know I am just as guilty even though I try to remind myself materials things don’t matter. I work really hard to teach my kids the same thing and to have them work really hard for the things they desire.

  58. I’m created for connecting and not creating! A much needed reminder! I’m in the process of cleaning out my children’s old toys and clothes to pass on to families in need. This helps me to remember the memories are not attached to the items, but safe in my heart!

  59. Today I looked for prayer in all my confusion. I know I need to make some changes just not sure where to start. I woke up this morning and there was your email I personally think the lord brought this to me.please let me be the winner. I am created for connecting not collecting.

  60. I’m trying! I have ALWAYS had too much stuff and wanted more. I’m FINALLY cleaning out & giving it all away:) I want the stress of the stuff to go away so that I can invite people in to my home at any time and form great relationships and have good conversations. I want to teach my children not to hold on to stuff, but memories instead! !

  61. I’m created for connecting not collecting. Growing up in Africa this was so easy to learn. Here in the USA as an adult I am absolutely disgusted by the amount of worthless things I have filled my home up with. I am asking good to make this truth clear to me and my husband and show us the way to the light at the end of the junk tunnel we have created. A home with less clutter would be more inviting to guest and I deeply want an inviting home that we can use to connect with the body of Christ and those who need Him so much.

  62. I am such a collector and I confess… I WANT MORE!! I hate myself for that!!!! I pray for contentment, but I haven’t gotten that yet!!

  63. I have always like to simplify. Yes, I’ve been called a minimalist. But inside, it’s still a battle against consumerism. I buy something new and get rid of something older. I am also have the Type 1 personality, so perfectionism is always a battle for me. I need to repeat to myself and make it real: I am made for connecting not collecting! Thank you for your encouragement!

  64. I have struggled and gone through many phases of collecting and then, purging my belongings. I try to continually pare down my family’s belongings so that we can focus more clearly on our relationships without the added distractions of STUFF. In the very next heart-beat, I resume my collecting as I find myself striving to be accepted by this world which I KNOW makes no difference and will NEVER validate me the way that my relationship with God can! Oh how I aspire to have this lifestyle of simplicity and focus on relationships instead of stuff permeate me through and through and no longer be a feast and then famine mentality!

  65. My weakness for collecting is clothes … and office supplies! I love that feeling of a crisp, new colorful outfit that fits perfectly. I love a fresh supply of pens or a notebook full of brand new, unblemished paper. But… before long at all, that feeling is gone, replaced with the disappointment that I’ve got just another ordinary outfit or used-up notebook. Inknow these things don’t satisfy for long. But with relationships, my time and efforts are investments that pay big dividends. And they are dynamic, always fresh and unpredictable. They are my earthly source of love, relevance, contentment and fulfillment! They are one of God’s biggest earthly blessings!

  66. I have worked to simplify my wardrobe, cooking and my kitchen over the past year and it has given me a great feeling of freedom. I have more time to spend with daily devotions and with family and friends because of less time spent making decisions about less important things.

  67. Amy thank you so much. What a timely devotion for me this morning. We have just sold our family home to downsize to a condo due to the travel demands of my husband’s work and my desire for a simplified life. And yet, despite all my talk about “simpke” I am stressing out about how to edit the 20 plastic totes in my basement, the mountain of stuff in my garage, and my HUGE box of shoes and purses. Yep, it seems I’m an all talk kind of gal. But your thoughts this morning have led me back to Christ and what is really important. I realized I have not asked Him to release my grip on “things” and instead focus on connecting with people. What a weight off my shoulders! Bless you Amy for the way you minister to us.

  68. Wow…that really put things into perspective! I am involved in several ministries in my church that help needy families but your story about Dolores made me realize that I can always do more and that I have too much stuff.

  69. The sign resonates with me. We are created for connecting not collecting. So true. I’ve seen firsthand how hoarding stuff isolates God’s children from the very ones they are gifted to minister to. On December 31, 1999 I made a life resolution to simplify every area of my life and it is an ongoing work. Nearly every week I drop off my surplus at the thrift store which exists to meet the need in the lives of the homeless in our area. Then I come home to the abundance that is still here. God has helped me to let go of so many things as I seek to be more and more available to the people for whom he died.

  70. I’m created for connecting not collecting. When I saw today’s devotion part of me wanted to move on and to keep looking for another devotion. But God is good. So good. And He had this for me. Like others who have responded here my stuff can and does keep me from opening up my home. It weighs me and my family down and too often, I am sad to say, controls me and defines me. God (and Amy ;)), thank you for this. God forgive me and help me to live for connecting to you and to others, not for collecting.

  71. I am created to connect not collect!!!

    Oh how I need this reminder!! Thank you for sharing this story and for the reminder!

  72. Thank you so much Amy for the great devotion today. I loved the quote “God created us for connecting, not collecting,” before I even knew you had a sign for it. Several years ago I tried to get rid of things we really didn’t need. I still try to stay simple, but like you after a few months I can look around and see things.

    I loved the story you shared of the lady who only wanted prayers to teach her children about Jesus. That was very eye opening to me.

    Thank you again.

  73. I definitely struggle with the want for things. Things have been pretty financially tight in our lives over the last few years when my husband lost a job and then secured a job that did not pay nearly as well. Just recently, my husband got a new job that pays better and is a better suit for his talents. I pray that he is happy there and things work out. I am really trying to focus on getting our finances in order and getting on a budget and giving more to our church. I think these last few years, have been God teaching us that it is about relationships and not THINGS. We don’t invite people over often because I am embarrassed that our home is not perfect. When, in truth, those who love us come to see us and not our home? Isn’t this the truth? or at least the way it should be? I see our children falling into the same pattern of wanting things. I want to be an example for them and so far have not done the best job at it. Thanks for the devotion today. It certainly hit home.

  74. I’m created for connecting not collecting! I learned how to have passion a for relationships from my late husband. His passion for others and connecting is the first thing I noticed about him and was attracted to. Even though our children were very young when he went home to be with Jesus, they have that same spirit and passion for others. My greatest joy is watching them love others and serve others. (Three of them went on their first mission trip this summer!) Their Daddy poured his life into their little lives and I am so grateful!

  75. I just read this message this morning and it is right on time. As I celebrated my 7th birthday on Saturday I thanked God for keeping and guiding me. I also realized that I have many hangups, one in particular is that I have too many clothes. After reading Amy’s article I realize that I am not created for collection I AM CREATED FOR CONNECTION! I have been delaying to clean out my closets but after reading this I will get started TODAY! What a great word,
    God is always on time. Thank you, Amy, you are a blessing,

  76. I am created for connecting not collecting. I actually struggled with this yesterday. There was an item I wanted to purchase that could be used but was not needed. After about 15 minutes of the should I or shouldn’t I the item went back on the shelf. This devotion came at the perfect time as a fantastic reminder. Thank you.

  77. Truth Sister! Truth! In the world we live in today it seems it’s all about stuff and our sense of entertainment. I deserve this shiny new…….. and we forget that we really don’t deserve anything. It’s by God’s amazing grace that we have a life. How can I honor Him if I’m consumed with the stuff of this world and not Him. Thank you Amy for the reminder and for the food gor my thoughts today. I’m going to go clean my closet now.

  78. Boy, how I needed to read this! I’m definitely a collector, and unfortunately, this need to be “perfect” in appearance, clothes, etc. has become a way of life for my children as well. I desperately need this book and a 180 degree change!

  79. I am going to print your devotion to look at and remember! It is something I have struggled with from day one of being married and a mother….my house is not as big as others…my cars are not as nice as others…the list goes on and on. I try and try though as I have gotten older to realize that people don’t care as much as I do about those things! God only wants me to follow Him and treat people as He wants me to! I would much rather spend time with my grandchildren on a walk or playing. Visit with my 4 adult girls or go riding with my husband or hiking with my best friend! My parents both died 5 years ago within 6 months of each other and oh how I wish I had spend more time with them that last year. One of my biggest regrets!

    • Oh Amy, how I needed these words today. I strive for simplicity yet am battling the enemy this week while caring for a neighbor’s home. All she has now is her “stuff” that she cannot come home to anymore. My past memories of being poor are creating a field day for Satan.

  80. Thank you so much for sharing this devotion. This is a topic that has been heavy on my heart lately. I am ready to get rid off things and bless people with my excess, so that I can focus more on people than stuff.

  81. God revealed to me that Im creatrd for connecting with others. I volunteer at a christian counseling center that helps those who have come from jail to get back on their feet. We are getting ready to open up our first house for six women who are coming out of prison. They will go through an 18 week program of learning the basics from cleaning house to writing resumes. We are excited about this program and look forward to being able to open up a larger facility in the future. If its Gods will, He will provide. Have a blessed day.

  82. Thanks for your piece today. The purge is continual but at 58, I am really desiring to keep it simple. I begin again this weekend. And yes, as we send our daughter off to college in one month,the most important item we need to send her with is keeping her relationship with Christ first and foremost

  83. I’m created for connecting not collecting!
    I really needed to hear this today. I struggle with connecting with others but desperately want to. I am praying for God to show me how to live my life more for Him and less for what others expect of me. Thank you for this reminder that the stuff I aquire does not make me a better disciple for God.

  84. I’m created for Connecting NOT collecting! Thank you for the reminder as we look to relocate and downsize. Nothing better than to remember we need to stay connected!

  85. I do often don’t invite people over to my house because it isn’t “tidy enough” or “perfect enough”. I want to live a life that shows I am created for connecting with people and building relationships than collecting things!

  86. I am created for connecting not collecting ! We moved to a new part of the country about a year ago. it was difficult to leave the familiar, friends, & church. We downsized which has been eye opening as to what I really don’t miss ! I realize more than ever how much God wants our focus on relationships and others. Praying I can continue to move away from perfect to a simpler life, filled with divine appointments.
    Thank you for reminding me of my real focus !

  87. This question is hard just because I don’t know how to answer it really. I guess I’m used to having people instead of stuff because there wasn’t an option growing up. In my adult life I have more opportunity for the choice but not excessively. I like things, I love people. I just find it important to be with others when you have the chance. When I’m planning my family’s meals for the week, for instance, I’ll often come across something we will have extra of or that I can easily make extra and I’ll plan with family or friends a night to share and basically have a game night or just a chat night. I’m happy to say that regularly my home is filled with joy and laughter from the young and not so young. Thank you God, for giving me a home to be able to do these things and enough security in finances to be able to invest in these moments.

  88. I’m created for connecting not collecting!! God is teaching me that my character is so much more important than my circumstances. I am learning to praise God for all of my circumstances. It’s so easy for me to look around at all of the material things I want but do not have – yet God assures me that He provides everything that I need! Today’s blog encourages me to move out of my comfort zone and reach out to others to connect! 🙂

  89. I prioritize people over stuff when I share, which I need to do more often. Thanks for the reminder!

  90. I just saw your blog and just moved, as well. Great timing. I am created for connected not collecting. Time to clean out!!

  91. Love the motto: “I am created for connecting, not collecting.” What a great reminder! “Things” collect dust, right? where moth & rust destroy? A few years ago, we actually sold my husband’ truck (his dream truck) in order to be freed up of a payment and available to spend that money on helping others in need and giving us the freedom to travel and make more memories w/ our kids. It’s a decision that we don’t regret. What a blessing that has been and eye opening that it truly doesn’t matter. My hubby now drives a 1996 car. It runs great & it’s freed us up to do more of the things of God!!

  92. I’m created for connecting,not collecting!
    That statement really hits home as my husband and I and our 3 children being getting ready for the mission field. We ask ourselves what do we really need to live for God… I have struggled with the size house we live in because I know we don’t need it, but lately God has been using our home as a refuge for people who need a place to stay for a short time. That is when I see why God has us where we are for the time. I love how God can redeem the mistakes we make…
    Thank you for your devotional today, what a great reminder of connecting vs collecting.

  93. A few years ago we moved into a new home. I purged of so many unnecessary things with the help of my husband and children. They would remind me that, while these were pretty , they had become dated! I now look back and realize that at some time and point , the beautiful things we see in stores , from clothes to home decor , are shiny and bright and new. They will evidentially fade and become dated. People and relationships so not, they get richer and dearer as they grow. Only two things will last forever; the Word of God and the souls of men! What am I going to invest in?

  94. I volunteer as a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children), where a child has come into foster care, taken from their parent(s), because of child neglect or abuse. As a CASA I spend one on one time with the child, getting to know the child and building a relationship with the child so I can speak for the child in court and represent the best interest of the child to the Judge. I am in court today on a case, so pray that God speaks through me for this beautiful child who is an absolute delight to be around. “I am created for connecting not collecting.” Amen. Octavia

  95. I was sitting this morning asking God to help me simplify my life. I was going through the long list of emails that I get, just deleting all of them, all while axing God to help me clean out my life in the same manner, and came across an email from Proverbs 31 Ministry. As I read your blog my heart was refreshed knowing that He has heard my prayer and will walk me step by step to simplifying my own life. As we embark on a new place in ministry I want to be totally free of the extra ‘stuff’ in our lives.

    “I’m created for connecting not collecting! ❤️

  96. “I’m created for connecting, not collecting!”

    What a great reminder to shift our focus on others and what’s important.
    Thank you for your offer and insight.

  97. I thought I had gotten rid of a lot of stuff, but your devotional today, Amy, has made me take a closer look. It is time to purge again. We truly are dragged down by the amount of excess that we allow into our lives. I’m impressed to look at ANY excess that would interrupt my focus on the Lord. “Stuff” takes time away from the purity of His Word, the power of prayer, and the presence of those we love. I would appreciate your prayers as I try to live more simply and walk more closely with Him.
    I am created for connecting, not for collecting! Powerful!

  98. What a beautiful sign and serves as such an important reminder!! That should totally be a centerpiece in one’s dwelling 🙂
    I tend to be on the perfectionist side when it comes to tasks and arranging things, but I think the one achievement that I’ve managed to hold on to, while continuously battling the perfectionist-prone nature, is i.e. when a friend unexpectedly calls me and asks me to meet up in 30 min, 1-2 hrs, even if I had plans to let’s say clean or run errands, I have been choosing to drop that and meet up with friend(s) instead. Errands can be run on another day, cleaning can be done later or combined with the next round of cleaning 🙂 , yes-more inconvenient for me, but I choose to value the moments with friends- who knows when is the next chance for us to meet up and catch up over coffee, who knows when it is a divine appointment to be an encourager or be encouraged yourself. Life can change so quickly and unexpectedly, thus while we can control ‘things’/our stuff, we have no control over the amount of quality time we are to spend with our friends often times or just people. In that respect, I want to live with no regrets….it’s much better to sit in a messy house recalling on fun or sweet memories, instead of a perfectly organized and clean one but being empty on the inside and lonely.

  99. I desperately need to focus on connecting not collecting! Today’s words shared touched my heart and are so timely.

  100. My husband and I make a point of doing things instead of having things. We would rather spend our money doing some activity together than buying each other more dust collecting stuff.

  101. I’m created for connecting not collecting! I’m a work in progress! Still struggle with collecting so this sign would be a great reminder for me to see each morning to refocus my priorities!

    Thanks for your devotion this morning! I would love to read your book as well.

  102. I’m created for connecting not collecting. How do I get your book? Would like to read it myself and pass it onto my daughters Thanks

  103. I feel constantly the need to purge. I’m trying to teach my kids as well to hold their things loosely.

  104. I am created for connecting not collecting. So many truths within this statement. Thank you for sharing yourself and Jesus to others!

  105. This was relevant to me today. My husband and. I have been discussing simplifying our lives for the past couple of months. It’s so easy to get caught up in acquiring things and placing stock in having g them that it’s easy to forget those without. We have hit a financial crisis ourselves with my husband’s job loss and this was a stark reminder that we really don’t need much to survive and even that when we think we are lacking, there are those like you mentioned in your post that have much less than we do and still are happy. I am made for connecting, not collecting. 🙂

  106. I have struggled mostly with the sentimental “stuff”, you know those things that you feel the need to hang onto for sentimental reasons!? I have found over the years, however, that when this stuff gets in the way of happiness and time spent with family making new memories, that it is time to clean it out. To do this, I have asked members of my family to choose things that mean something to them. I was actually surprised by the simplest things that they wanted to keep. In taking this approach, I have been able to rid myself of things that I once thought were so cherished, when in the end, it is the memories that go with us and live through us that mean the most!

  107. This year my family went on our first mission trip. It was an eye opening experience for all 4 of us. Since returning home, I have had an unexplainable need to purge every room in our cluttered over crowded house. Talk about work! I say unexplainable because until I read your devotion in my inbox today that is what it was! But I truly believe the Lord has been opening my heart to hear your words…I wasn’t made for collecting but connecting & with a clutter free life I will now have more time to just that, connect. Thank you for sharing. Have a blessed day.

  108. “I’m created for CONNECTING, not COLLECTING!” I have been praying for year’s to be able to let go of things. My friend’s named it “Claire’s Clutter”. My garage is full of things that I have kept over my lifetime. These aren’t things that would particularly impress anyone else. My children don’t even want any of the things I have saved for them that I was sure they would want. I thank God for that! Periodically, I am able to get rid of a little bit but I generally have regrets. I know this is Satan’s way of keeping me stuck…I would appreciate prayers for the ability to LET GO of my stuff…

  109. The last week I have been trying to get rid of “stuff”. I have been so overwhelmed by the disorder in my home. Today reading the topic was like a God given “do it for me”. Thank you for the much needed incentive.

  110. When I get up in the morning and my teenagers have made a mess in the living room, I remember that it doesn’t matter if my home is a showplace or that the decorative pillows are all aschew. What matters is that I have people in my home whom I love. I can have perfect, or I can have relationships. Thanks for the giveaway.

  111. I used to buy stuff as ‘therapy’ but outgrew that shortly after I met my husband. Then it became a buy stuff for the family. Way too many clothes, food stuffs we don’t really eat, random items.
    now, the only toys for my children we buy are what they buy themselves with earned money (2 and 4.5) the clothes they get are made from clothes that don’t fit me anymore. But this is based more on our budget restrictions than anything else. Christmas bonus went towards family and friends, not ourselves.
    I’m currently expecting our 3rd, and face the need to declutter and purge to make room. But I gave more of a life change than just purging stuff. I need to make the mentality change in order to keep up with a lifestyle more fitting to our circumstances, not revolving around unnecessary items.
    this devotional was much needed today! I can’t wait to try to check out the book from the local library (I hope they have it!)
    Much love, jessi

  112. Today’s devotion hit me smack dab in the center of my heart. I’m in the process of decluttering my apartment and have been feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time getting rid of some things. When I read this I was humbled. God always knows what we need when we need it most. His timing is always perfect. I’m so thankful that He loves me enough to lovingly show me what He would have me do. I have a feeling that the decluttering process will be much easier going forward. I am created for connecting, not collecting.

  113. Oh what a great reminder. I am such a “perfectionist” and I need this sign to look at each and every day to keep me on the right track. God is changing me more and more every day and I can feel, and see, the difference every time I look in the mirror. What a GREAT giveaway! I am truly blessed beyond measure.

    Much love to you. Thanks for making it REAL! 🙂

  114. Your post hit the nail on the head! How many times have I made sure the logo on my purse is pointed outward so others can see it? Sadly, too many. As I’m buying more stuff, my mind is thinking about the billions of people around the world who live on $2 per day. Yet, I buy a few fair trade items and then continue to rave on in my commercialism. I NEED to focus on connecting, not collecting. Thank you for driving that point home to me today!

  115. I find it hard to connect with people. I have lived in south Florida now for over a year and i am still trying to connect with people, even in church. They only connect for that time period, bible study or the few moments you say hello. I guess they are busy with their lives. I miss that friendship where I can feel safe with my emotions and prayer requests. I am tried.

  116. I have a friend who was recently let go from her job she had for 8 years… she has been trying so hard to find another job but is not having any luck. Her birthday is coming up and instead of just buying her another “un-needed” gift, another friend and I decided we wanted to spend a day of spending time DOING something with her instead of giving her a gift that would only be temporary. We are going to paint pottery, have dinner, watch a movie, and probably have a slumber party! Ha ha!

    Something else is that I don’t let a messy house keep me from inviting friends over. Sure I try to tidy up best I can in a pinch, but to me a real friend sees the clean AND dirty house. And they still love you for it and vice versa!

  117. Too funny! And blessed! I have to dig into my closet today! I’ve been putting it off way too long. God does have a sense of humor with his timing & blessing me today with your blog! Thank you!

  118. Wow, so need to read this! I struggle with details and needing everything to be just right. I need to let it go and find peace.

  119. I have lived a life both with and without “stuff” and “things” and know that regardless the situation, people are more precious.

  120. Thank you so much for revealing this truth today. I believe this message was truly meant for me. We recently made a big move from Hawaii to Arizona. After reading this, I’m embarrassed by the amount of “stuff” that we shipped to our new home. All that stuff we amassed through the years became a tangible reminder of how much we’ve been collecting and how little we’ve been connecting. I pray that all of this will change as we adjust to our new environment and meet new people. From this day on Lord, please help us to value connections over collections.

  121. Thank you for this important message. I have the privilege of a loving family, wonderful Christian friends, and an indescribably rewarding job in counseling. All of these relationships remind me that God has created us for fellowship, yet, I can easily become discontent when finances don’t allow me to buy something I’ve been wanting. I’m constantly needing to check my heart in this area. This post was a wonderful resource. Thank you very much for the sign and the book!!!

  122. I am so glad I found your blog. I look forward to each morning with you. I believed we were created to serve and not be served. I love my church (Church Of The Highlands) in Alabama because they give so many opportunities to do just this.

  123. Back in 2012 our family of 6 packed our two cars and left our house in Michigan to move to an apartment in Texas. We are now a family of 7 in the same apartment where I have a women’s group once a week, something I didn’t even do in our house. The Lord has showed me how “stuff” is not necessary to be happy, but it’s the relationships we build that makes us happy. Having the smaller space does help to get rid of things quicker! I have also been blessed to travel to another country and it’s amazing to see the smiles on their faces when all they have is 4 walls and a ceiling to call home! Thank you for the reminder today!

  124. As I grow older I realize the importance of people over “stuff.”
    I go shopping less and pay more attention to my family and friends. I have enough clothes and shoes and other “stuff.” In fact, the time has come to let loose of some of these material things, and I plan to begin today.

  125. I have a lot to learn. Learn = do
    Good intentions or head knowledge doesn’t make the difference or nurture those relationships I say are the most important thing.
    I am created for connecting, not collecting
    Thank you.

  126. I’m getting better at relationships and not as concerned about stuff. As I watch the kids, youth and adults we minister to grow and love God, it brings me joy. Like my husband reminds us, we can only bring people with us to Heaven.

  127. i was laid off my job of 25 years. It’s been a year and a half now. I was devastated and have gone through a lot of emotional ups and downs and most of all, such a restlessness in my spirit. However, several months ago, I began visting a very close friend that I have known for many years and she has had major health issues for most of those years. Her illness kept her in a wheelchair for over 6 years.
    Connecting with those who have health issues and not able to be as mobile as myself, gave me a different outlook on life and how I could show love. I still have that restless spirit, but even today, I will go pay a visit to my dear friend and hopefully bring some encouragement.

  128. Oh my goodness – this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear this morning. As school time approaches it is so easy to get caught up in trying to make a “good impression” via clothes, shoes, and stuff. We have so much clutter that is draining our souls. Was intending to clean out closets this summer but alas here we are again. Lord please help me not to define myself or my kids by our stuff but by you!

  129. This message is so timely. Just like God always is!!! I have been working on decluttering my house and this message is so evident! “I’m created for connecting not collecting!”

  130. Your writing today pierced my heart. I have known the truth every time I look into my closet for the right pair of shoes each day, yet I have chosen to ignore it. I have always despised shopping, and nothing has changed about that. When I do shop, if I like the style, fit, wharever, I buy it in every color available. Today I looked at the stacks of shoe containers, and asked myself WHY I needed 5 colors of the same sandals. Yes, I really like these comfortable sandals, but do I really NEED them in 5 different colors? I have several pairs of shoes that cost more than some families earn in a year. You know, they aren’t even comfortable!

    I admit that I have been a collector of things my whole life, but as of this moment it is going to change. I am going to start clearing out the space my things have filled tout change this. Saving the time it takes to stack, organizeand clean these extras will be time I will devote to connecting with others.

    I have decided that “I am created for CONNECTING, not COLLECTING!”
    Thank you for helping me realize that I am doing things all wrong!

  131. My husband and I are on a journey to simplify our lives and clear out all of the ‘stuff’ that has built up between us and around us. Sometimes just managing the stuff and the responsibilities that crop up with the stuff takes so much time that it’s never any fun to have the stuff anyway! Thank you for your blog and your inspired words.

  132. I struggle deep inside with feeling like I am better than others based on the home I have and the car I drive. Thank you for this reminder today that it is really about connecting with others and showing them the love of Jesus no matter what we “have” as far as material things go. I want to invite Jesus into this lie that I am believing and ask Him for healing. 1 Peter 1:1-7 We are chosen and we have an inheritance in Heaven with Jesus. We can have true Joy no matter what because of how much He loves us.

  133. Wow, God’s timing is SO perfect!! My quiet time today was on James 4:1 and the main thing I learned was that inside me wars time with God and others vs. the time I spend on acquiring/organizing/admiring my possessions. Then I open my email to see a post from Proverbs 31 titled “My Relationship with My Stuff”. I love this! The words on the sign contain the truth that God spoke to my heart this morning. Thank you for helping us all realize how futile it is to set our heart on collecting an abundance of earthly possessions. I’m in the process of cleaning out closets, attic, etc. and had even held onto lots of baby clothes from my sons that they’ll obviously never wear again but they had become so important that I wanted to keep them in tucked away in a box forever instead of blessing someone else with them. May God fill each of us with the desire to love Him and others exceedingly more than any earthly possession.

  134. I am created for connecting not collecting. But oh it is so hard when you are a caregiver and Mama to two adorable golden retriever puppies to get out and connect. I am so grateful to God to keep me connected through the Proverbs 31 Ministries. You gals do such a wonderful job of being inclusive in your topics of interest for all women. I sincerely thank you.

  135. My connection is each Monday, Wednesday and Friday when I meet with a group of women at 5:30 a.m. to have a devotion and 20 minutes of exercise. We sweat together, but we enjoy each other’s company for that short time, and encourage each other! Thanks for your devotion today – my husband has been trying to get me to clean out my closet, also, especially after our weekend away where I bought some new clothes!!

  136. I so connected to this today. Not only is my name Amy as well, but i have started purging at my home. My two kids (i will always call them my kids) are now adults (my daughter just got married while my son is still leaving at home when not working or with his girlfriend). We have so much stuff. I can’t wait to read this blog and fully connect with our AWESOME and SUPER God. Thanks Amy!
    Amy B – WR

  137. I totally needed to hear this today. I have been a “junk collector” for too many years! My problem is, after I get rid of things, I’ll go right back to buying more stuff. I actually ordered a book yesterday about getting rid of the clutter in your life. I think the best way for me to stay on this issue is to remember how hard my husband works for our money. When I’m at the store about to buy something, I need to remind myself of this.

  138. I am created for connecting not collecting
    This statement really struck a cord with me this morning…Why do I collect things? To alter or shape another’s persons perception of myself. To make others like me. Me, me, me…at the root is selfish ambition and vain conceit. Harsh but true! When I am in pursuit of these things and my image I am not in pursuit of Jesus or the relationships with others that He has for me here.
    Thank you for sharing this 🙂

  139. STUFF… in 2005 Hurricane Rita came through our town and almost every home was flooded. We had 4 feet of muddy water rush through our home ruining all of our furniture, clothes, etc. Anything from the waist down was saturated. While we watched the reports on TV, seeing the devastation, our hearts were not troubled and we didn’t think about our STUFF!!! We dragged all of our stuff to the road and started repairs. God miraculously restored everything we lost and we were even able to get out of debt. TYJ!!! Then… in 2008 Hurricane Ike gave us a repeat. Here we go again, all of our STUFF ruined. God is King over the flood… Psalm 29:10 Through both of these storms, we were connected to people we may not have had the opportunity to meet. It has truly been a “Connecting, not Collecting” experience!

  140. I am created for connecting not collecting. I am working on this truth in my life, definitely a process

  141. Wow, this was powerful and something I needed to read. It’s so easy to get caught up in pursuing things and not pursuing what really matters in this life ~ our relationships with people. Thank you for sharing this! I need to remember to connect, not collect!

  142. I’m created for connecting not collecting! What a wonderful phrase to remind ourselves that relationships matter much more than the things we tend to collect along the way!

  143. Recently God has been leading me to use my budgeted weekly spending money not for myself, but for others. It has been difficult to let go of the occasional yoga class, or latte, or book purchase, but the joy of blessing others–and allowing God to bless me–has been greatly fulfilling!

  144. I am preparing for the cheapest garage sale ever. I just want to share my overflow with those who might need it. Any money we make is going to a single mom in our neighborhood.

  145. I experienced very similar situations as the one you expressed in your device today. I just got back from living in Ecuador for a few months & it was very humbling. It has taught. me the importance and value of relationships with people. “Mission” is not a trip or service but a way of life. When you don’t have “stuff” to distract or define you, you learn what does- God and loving people.

  146. I am just now at almost 60 beginning the process of getting rid of unnecessary “things”. I am getting married this year to the most wonderful man on this earth and I have come to realize that my relationship with him and the family that I craved so much mean much more than the three closets of clothes and things I have collected over the years.

  147. ‘Stuff’ has been an ongoing battle for me- I’m getting better but there’s lots more to do! I am a social person and I love my friends and want to make more time for them and especially my family!

  148. I so enjoyed your devotion “My Relationship With My Stuff”. For years I have been a collector, bordering on hoarding, all to fill an empty hole in my life. About a year ago I resolved to simplify my life and my house. It is still a work in progress, but as long as I remember to keep by focus on Christ, I will get there. With God all things are possible. I’m created for connecting not collecting!

  149. I have not really been a collector but after 28 years of marraige and 4 (now adult) children, we have collected stuff!! I am working hard to declutter and simplify. I love your saying “I’m created for connecting, not collecting”. Thanks for the great devotion 🙂

  150. Enjoyed your devotion this morning at Proverbs 31! So I decided to take a look at your page. Very nice. I plan to follow for more inspiration. I want to be in the business of connecting, not collecting!

  151. We are constantly giving away things we don’t use anymore. We do save some, too, but don’t have fancy stuff. We once gave away an old car. Our less-old car has provided excellent service so we feel the car gift was blessed.

  152. I’ve often thought of downsizing my stuff…..especially my closet, but I have not been able to do it totally. I make some justification for keeping a shirt, a purse, a pair of shoes (that hurt my feet mind you!) …………I’m not totally sure why, but I do. I tell myself I’ll start in my closet and work up to each room from there………..we have too much stuff in our home. Whether it’s knick-knacks and decor in each or our rooms, clothes in our closets (except my husband), blankets on the quilt rack, etc. It’s just too much. Somehow, I think it’s a comfort, but to go through the clutter to downsize it also brings on a fear. Wierd, I know! 🙂

  153. This topic is exactly what I feel like the Lord has been working on me recently.
    I hope to read this great book very soon-thank you Amy!

  154. This is a very good reminder today. Sometimes I get so caught up in “building our empire” (aka house, new yard, stuff) I spend all my time working on house projects and not my kids or friends. My four-year-old is headed off to preschool in a month and I’m realizing how much I’m going to miss her. Stuff is just stuff- and I don’t need a Pinterest perfect house. I know I’m always going to miss this stage when my kids are young and we spend the summer in a kiddie pool. We can’t take anything with us when we die but how we have obeyed the greatest commandments of loving God with all our heart and loving others as ourselves will matter for eternity. Thanks for the post and the give-a-way opportunity!

  155. Several years ago we found ourselves without a home and our possessions in deep storage for an unexpected 2 years. During that time I learned to be extremely thrifty (so as not to repurchase what I knew I already had). When we moved into a home and the trucks pulled up with 13 containers of our things, I was so overwhelmed with the unbelievable amount of “stuff” we had! It took me months to sort it all out. After a huge run to the dump, 3 yard sales, 2 consignment sales and dozens of Craigslist adds we finally felt like we were connecting with life and not collecting it. I will never look at “stuff” the same way!

  156. I am in serious need of this book! Perfection can be life ruining. I have been paring down my house lately and giving to those in need the things we don’t need. It’s been very freeing!

  157. It can be difficult to get rid of things sometimes but necessary. True that more important to connect with people. We are moving soon. Pray that giving things away or throwing out will be smooth process.

  158. Wow! I keep seeing so much stuff about your book, the more I see, the more I think I need to hear it’s message! I have a tendency to have strong sentimental attachments to things, which makes it hard to simplify, but I know I’d be okay with less stuff to clutter up my home!!

  159. I am a work in progress as I too, need daily reminders that I am blessed so much more than I deserve. I get too preoccupied with what others have instead of being blessed by what I do have. Thank you for the reminder and thank God for His patience with me!

  160. A lot of times I am defined by my stuff! I try to clean out periodically, but some thing are hard to let go of. Like awards and pictures drawn by our children, etc.
    I really do need to be reminded that I am created for connecting and not for collecting!

  161. I am created for connecting, not collecting.
    For years I was all about the stuff I had, but for the past couple of years I have been either giving away the things I have collected or tossing it.
    I know that my life is about those around me.
    I thank God always for what I do have. Sure it would be nice to have enough money to pay off all my bills, even to own a car. But that’s not what God has planned for me right now.
    Life is hard and I really do need to stop trying to be the perfect mother, Nana, sister and friend.
    I would love a copy of your book but the one thing I am learning is that just because I want it doesn’t mean I will get it.
    I love your Encouragement for Today” message.

  162. I’m at the stage in life where the big house, the big yard, the stuff…means too much time and energy to maintain and tend to. Health issues make it difficult to mow, rake, shovel outside or dust, vacuum, scrub inside. I want to simplify my surroundings so that I can relax into the role I am meant for…wife, mom, grandmother, friend, child of God. Each box or bag that leaves my space is freeing.

  163. My husband works so hard to provide our family the opportunity for me to be a stay-at-home mom raising our two beautiful daughters. I try to honor him by not spending our money on stuff we don’t need or that doesn’t bring us closer to one another or to God.

  164. I really try and put people before some—but am guilty sometimes of failing. want to make a conscious effect to do better at this. STuff doesn’t matter!!!

  165. Your new book sings to my soul, Amy! I struggle so much with the idea of perfection. I would love to win this giveaway! Right now our budget is tight with a new house. My heart beats faster with the thought of taking advantage of summer sales so I can decorate a cozy space for us on our front porch…but without a doubt God is convicting me to make two girls in Africa that we sponsor through Compassion International a priority. We haven’t sent them the family gift we send each spring and when I read stories like Dolores’ I am reminded that these relationships, created in Jesus’ name are more precious and beautiful than any pillow or chair. Please pray that my husband and I can get on the same financial page quickly so we can continue to act in obedience and love.

  166. We clean out our closets each “season” and the kids have to give things away before Christmas and their birthdays.

  167. Hi, Amy! Thank you for sharing your insights on stuff. I’ve been downsizing for a couple of years now trying to get rid of the stuff in my life that is interfering with my connecting more with people. Most of it is craft stuff which I am delighted to pass on to someone who is actively involved in the craft and can put it to good use. I also try to use it up in my women’s ministry at church. It’s fulfilling to share. But most importantly I can spend more time connecting instead of collecting.

  168. I was created to connect and not collect.

    The devotion today really spoke to me as I am going through a change in my life as my baby girl is getting ready to head off to college. I will have an empty nest and have been thinking each time someone asks me “What are you going to do now?” what am I going to do. As I pray for guidance in the new direction of my life I feel that this devotion really touched me. I am going to clear out the clutter in my life and prepare myself for what the Lord has in store for me now. Thank you.

  169. I’m ready to simplify my life so what I’ve collected can be a blessed connection ordained by God and His will. I am not a lover of reading or sitting still for long periods of time, but breaking the chains that keep me from God ‘s will being done is more important than the desires of my flesh. Bless me with your book Amy!

  170. Thanks so much for putting my philosophy into words!I am certainly created for connecting NOT creating. I would love a sign for my church office ~ where can I purchase if I don’r win( I never do! haha)
    Connecting with others in experiences is all we remember, treasure. The stuff is just stuff.

  171. Thank you for sharing. I would love to win this book because it would be a great blessing to me.
    God Bless,

  172. This is my third message in two weeks about baggage and stuff…I have been taking baby steps for awhile to get rid of stuff. Looks like the message is I need to do a lot more! 🙂 Time to step it up…

  173. I’m created for connecting NOT collecting! I needed to be reminded of this today as I have been stressed about having people over to my house because I feel it isn’t “nice” enough. Thank you for the Devo today! It spoke straight to my heart!!

  174. I am very much a work in progress here. I am finding that letting go of stuff is getting easier, still working on not accumulating simply because I want something, and seeking to more and more focus on people instead.

  175. What a wonderful (and timely) message. I was putting away a top last night and realized how many of them I had. It is way to easy for me to think my clothes etc masks my imperfections, my ugliness. This was such a call to arms to put my heart out there unmasked. Thank you.

  176. People ARE more important than things, but I have become innundated with “stuff”. Your words today reminded me again of my commitment to rid myself of the overabundance of things so I can concentrate my energy and efforts on people, especially those who are precious to me. Stuff is a burden and consumes time better used elsewhere. Thank you for your perspective and your words.

  177. I’m created for connecting not collecting. How true! I realized this summer just how much stuff we had and are starting to declutter and prioritize what really matters. Then I came upon the 31 Ministries site and your devotion it just confirmed for me we’re doing the right thing.

  178. I enjoyed the read and I’m also glad that my pastor teaches that Jesus was the greatest servant. Therefore, we must be able to serve in order to lead others. And because of this I sacrifice myself to do and buy things for others many times before myself. So I’m glad to be reminded that I was created to connect and not collect.

  179. Today I am so convicted as I was reading the today’s devotion on proverbs31.I have always wanted to be perfect thinking that if I’m perfect, people will always like me. I remember I wanted a perfect wedding, perfect husband, perfect marriage, perfect family, perfect children. And now as I read your devotion today, it made me look at my life and how I was living in sin. Now I know why my life is not perfect the way I wanted it. I went though so much trials/ struggles in life and is still in right now. God is clearly teaching me about my priorities- that my relationships are most important in my life. My relationship with my husband, my daughter, my parents, my sisters, my brothers, my coworkers. Thank you for writing and sharing. It has revealed me things that I shouldn’t be doing and it has also taught me of what I should be doing to live a fulfilled and peaceful life.

  180. I’ve been working on cleaning out our house with all the stuff that we don’t use and simplifying. For years I’ve been trying to sell my husband and family on changing our focus from us to Him. I want my children to really know Christ now and have an appreciation for the many simple blessings He brings ingrained in them to carry on as adults. I want them to have an attitude of gratitude and not be so consumed with worldly pursuits that only bring pain, hardship and disappointment. No matter the financial blessings God brings my hope is that we can continue to lead a simple lifestyle in order to “spread the wealth.”

  181. i am and have been struggling for so long with this… Thanks for the devotion putting things in perspective…will keep trying

  182. I chose freedom as opposed to my comfy home and possessions, literally, through leaving my controlling, emotionally abusive, and domineering ex-husband 5 years ago. God has helped me to let go of the past and reconnect with people again. All praise goes to Him above who is my Savior and redeemer!!

  183. I keep seeing tidbits about your book here and there, the more I see, the more I think I need to hear its message! I have a tendency to have strong sentimental attachments to things (who gave to me, special memories, etc) which makes it hard to get rid of! But I know I’d be okay with less clutter in my home!! All I really need is Jesus!! 🙂 Can’t wait to read your book someday!

  184. I am created for connecting, not collecting. My love language is gift giving, and it’s better for me to gift people with experiences through which I can connect with them instead of just physical items to add to their collection.

  185. Your words about accumulation and collecting made me realize how much “stuff” can bring disorder and chaos if not properly handled. I felt the impact of having too much when I cleaned out my mom’s home after she died. Despite living in a small home of about 1200 sq. feet, every closet and floor space was taken up with miscellaneous items, clothing and knick knacks. I made up my mind to go through my home once this task was finished. It is true that we need to simply our lives and enjoy people and others to bring the love of God to all we encounter. Thank you for such a great words to urge me to continue to be an ambassador to Christ.

  186. I used to be overwhelmed by so much stuff. But my tiny house has become my biggest help in the area of collecting. God provided this house to me when I needed it most years ago, and I stay there because it meets my needs, and it continues to teach me so much. At 800 Sq ft, it makes me be sufficient, and not wasteful. When I consider buying anything, I ask myself, where will I put it, do I really need it, what can I donate, or bless a friend with to make room if I REALLY want it. It feels so good to give real meaning to the things I do obtain, and even more rewarding when I can bless someone with something a little special.

  187. This touched my soul…. I am in the process of de-cluttering and removing the stuff from my home and life that is not required. I have been reading this book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing” and now your blog. It really brought tears to my eyes, I have so much stuff as I clean and pray for a transition, I am asking the Lord to help me focus more on him and less on stuff. This post was right on time.

  188. I am created for connecting not collecting.What a great sentiment! Thank you for reminding me of this once again.

  189. I am witness to the fact that God made us for connecting not collecting. I spent a summer in Honduras when I was in college. It changed my life and was the impetus for how I raised my children.

  190. I have been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately. I’ve even started to imagine myself in a smaller home. Just think how much easier it would be to clean!

  191. I read the Proverbs 31 post this morning and followed the link to your blog. My family and I are at the beach this week on vacation. Lately, it has been on my heart to sort of change our family vacations from pure family fun and indulgence to a vacation that also includes serving or doing some sort of mission work while vacationing. My point being, your post stirred these thoughts up again and made me ponder how we can do something, anything that “shines the light of Jesus” while still on this vacation that we had not made any plans to serve others while here. Then it occurred to me- there is a lady constantly walking her little dog around this neighborhood that our beach home rental resides. We spoke with her our first day because her dog is so adorable and the same breed as my parents who are with us, as is their pooch. We found out an abbreviated version of her story which included her husband passing away a year ago and now all she has is this little dog that likes his walks every two hours or so. After that first encounter, she remained on my heart and we continued to make a point to speak with her everything we saw her. She always seems to welcome a conversation. And despite our crazy household, with my parents rambunctious dog, our never-tired out 5 year old, our loud and always on the move 13 month old, all of our sandy, wet towels, toys, messes, etc. and I am pregnant, we invited her to dinner one night. Because it is all about connecting. Making somebody feel not so alone and letting them know you are interested in their story. Then, we met a mom on the beach with her three kids And they were alone because Dad was working in the area. She had her hands full but our daughters got along well so I went to strike up a conversation with her. She seemed so happy to connect. We exchanged phone numbers and hope to get together again before the weeks end. I invited them to our pool in the neighborhood even though they have one at their hotel. There is also the family that arrived to the beach today with their 3 kids but no toys or water or shade. We had a large canopy, a cooler full of waters and a bag full of sand toys. We offered anything we had to this family and they were very appreciative. Turns out it was her kids first time at the beach and they loved the raft, the toys and conversation with our family. We ended up having a lot in common. Yes, part of this encounter was built around “stuff” like toys and canopy shade, but it was really all about connecting. So it occurred to me that we, I, had been connecting, even while on this vacation. He whispered to me that it was good. And your post and my writing of this little story has comforted my heart that sat with a slight amount of discontent about our non-serving family vacation. It can very easily become a serving one with open eyes and hearts, full of connecting, not just collecting beach souvenirs or sand in our shoes.

  192. In my various jobs as well as in my home, sorting and clearing “stuff” is a constant process. For me it has been a series of getting lots out and gone which has freed me to be more available to serve. But then someone offers me something they no longer want and it is something I have thought I could use. Next thing I know I have clutter, again! AND I discover that item turned out not to be what I could use so I end up putting it in the donation box! My lesson has much to do with learning to say “no thank you” as well as to “pray first” ( a lesson reminder from the Souled Out Sisters series by Neta Jackson!). This is my first time to read your blog and I’ll be back!

  193. I was created for connecting, not collecting!
    When I left my abusive marriage 4 years ago, I left with the clothes on my back and the $20 in my purse. I ended up getting most of my things 18 months later, after the divorce. They sit in my mom’s garage because I have no place to put them, 4 years later.
    I am happily remarried, but we live in the upstairs of my in-law’s farm house with not much storage room.
    This devotional just reminded me that I need to let go of that stuff. At the time, I needed to have it. Now, it needs to go bless someone else.
    Praying that God will give me strength to sort and discard without crying too much.

  194. This is such a timely post during a season where has been dealing with the condition of my heart & speaking oh so clearly & loudly about my relationship with my stuff, my greed for more, & the ugly root of coveteousness that has taken residence in my life–all so terrible to admit but so powerful & freeing once I finally quit running from this truth & revelation & began running towards HIM for help, deliverance, strength, grace, forgiveness. This isn’t an easy journey & definitly not easy to admit that you..or I have quite honestly & frankly have loved things & so much else just not more than my relationships with people, but more than my relationship with HIM- I’ve been guilty of idolatry in a way I’m ashamed to admit- I’ve made things & the acquisition & craving for more a god of sorts. But, I’m so thankful for His grace & mercy & His gentle chastening & correction that is so lovingly bringing back to what truly matters most- HIM. Grateful for the reminded today that I’m on the right path- excited about the reconnection with loved ones & Him more than the collection of stuff!!

  195. I am trying to cut out much of the stuff because I am realizing stuff takes time. And, I’d much rather spend time with people than taking care of so many things. I love the saying: I was created for connecting, not collecting!

  196. Sometimes I let stuff get in the way of my relationships. I nag my husband about taking off his shoes when he comes in the door when really I want to be giving him a hug and letting him know he is loved. I grew up in a house of perfection, but I want to be showing my children that relationships, not material possessions or the way things look, are what truly matters to God.

  197. I so needed to hear this message today. I feel I am always chasing perfection. I am created for connections not collecting. This will be my prayer.
    Thank you!

  198. Today was the perfect day to read your message “My Relationship with Stuff” and your points on perfection. WOW!! Thank you for this powerful message that “We’re Created for Connecting, Not Collecting”

  199. I really needed to read this. I have been holding onto things that are just cluttering my life and its time to remind myself that it’s time to connect instead of collect.

  200. I’ve spent my summer purging our house to simplify and to be free of extra material things. What a wonderful feeling to be “lighter” and spend more time with family, friends, and God! I would love to read your book! It sounds like it fits perfectly with what I am trying to achieve.

  201. With all the burdens that life brings with it naturally, I long for the day when I can de-clutter to the point that I can honestly have joy and freedom in my day-to-day life, enjoying without any restrictions the family and life that God has given me. I have let this creep up on myself, but I pray for the energy and willpower to make it happen so that I can be a better example for my children! God truly made us for connecting and not collecting–I love that!

  202. You never know what life is going to throw at you. I am giving thanks to the Lord for sparing my sons life, last week. He’s got a long recovery ahead of him.
    We are all created for connecting not collecting.

  203. After reading this and all of the comments it is such an eye opener. I’m not always focused on the newest nicest material things but I do hang on to things for far too long. I’m going to start de-cluttering and try to find others who need the things I don’t use anymore. Thank you!!!

  204. When I travelled to Ghana I realized I can survive from a suitcase so when I came back I realized that I was blessed to have as much stuff as I do. This year as I prepare to do missions in Malawi I’m not going to buy new stuff rather be thankful for what I do have. God supplies all I need.

  205. I’m created for connecting, not collecting. This hit home so much i forwarded the article to my family.

  206. Wow – so timely. I struggle with this constantly! If I could just walk away from it all I probably wouldn’t miss it, but the thought of having to go thru it all and pick and choose completely overwhelms and paralyzes me!!

  207. I love what you said about defining our lives by loving others, not by the stuff we collect. I desire to live that out in my own life. With God’s help I can do it. I don’t always get it right but God helps me to remember that what matters most to Him is what should matter most to me. And God is not concerned about our stuff He is concerned about our hearts. Thank you for your blog posts they are a blessing. I would love to win a copy of your new book (:

  208. This is such a great phrase ” I’m created for connecting not collecting!” I’m inspired to clean out and live simply and work on relationships and bringing people closer to God! This is such a blessing to me!

  209. The prayer concluding your devotion on connecting not collecting, is now handwritten on my clipboard-the place where I make all my lists for the day. I needed that !

  210. I feel my house shows the focus I have had in raising my three kids. Perfection has been secondary!

  211. We live in a home that is in an area with poor performing public schools and low property value. We do this so we can afford to send our four children to private schools because we value a Christian education for our children. We are putting them first. We could add up all our tuition payments and move to an area with the best public schools, but that is not what we desire for our children.

  212. I’m created for connecting not collecting.

    As I start living the retired life, I’m slowly weeding out what’s not important to me…lots of what I have “stuff” is being donated to Goodwill and to other worthy causes.

  213. I’m created for connecting not collecting! This is awesome. I am in the process of replacing the lie of “security” in stuff, with God’s truth. Thank you for this timely perspective.

  214. My job puts me in contact with people everyday. I use this as an opportunity to tell how God works in my life by putting them there. I try to help see how they are chosen to be a child of god also.

  215. Thank you for your wonderful and needed words today. “I’m created for connecting not collecting.

  216. After the death of my mother in law, who I adored, and not wanting to part with some of her lovely “things”, I soon realized it was about her and not her “stuff.” Over the years as we have downsized, moved, moved in with my elderly mother, again, I am reminded by God that it is people not things that matter. Unfortunately, that little place in me looks at, sometimes longs for, and wants “a thing.” Being aware of this, over the last few years, I have become more involved in a ministry packing shoeboxes for children that live without much of anything. I now focus on THEM and providing for them rather than myself. It has been so freeing! However, I love the “its about connecting not collecting” that is God’s reminder to live each moment in Him and for Him.

  217. This is an awakening reminder for me. Stuffs accumulated over time and some are just in case I need it… Our church is always about connecting people and your reminder just opens up a whole new meaning and perspective on that. Instead of spending time organizing my stuff I will shift my gears to make time to relationships. Thank you!

  218. My CV RCH has just gone through a big upheavel and those of who have stayed are hurting. In order to connect with these beautiful Jesus sisters, I’ve started a Bible study in my home where the focus is on rebuilding, reconnecting, and moving forward. Such a timely reminder Amy!!! Thank you ?☝

  219. I’m trying to simplify…cut down on things, objects, the unnecessary -to better enjoy and survive my responsibilities involved in the care of my 12-year-old twins and sweet Morher with Alzheimer’s. At 56 and part of the sandwich generation, I need simplicity and most of all…calmness!!!!

  220. Oh, this so resonated with me! I’ve been battling clutter for years. However, part of the reason it takes so long is I never turn down the opportunity to “connect” instead, be it a LONG phone call with a faraway friend or a walk or cup of coffee with a nearby friend. In the end those are the moments that matter. But oh how I would like to conquer the excess in my home as well. I’m stranded at the corner of Connect and Collect! Somebody call for help 🙂

  221. Our family recently experienced an unexpected death. In the wake of my brother-in-law’s death, my husband and I have walked with my sister through the overwhelming task of clearing out years of collecting. What a burden our “stuff” can be to others when we are gone! Every added hour of sorting, tossing and boxing for GoodWill has brought with it tears of frustration, sadness and even anger at the burden that was left.

    This has challenged my husband and I to look at all that we own through a different lens… the lens of those that will be left to clean up after us when we go. What a difference this has made for us. We are not spenders by any means, but we both came into our life together with years and years of “stuff”… things that we thought had meaning, purpose or value, only to find that when viewed with this new lens these things of ours would be like a heavy ball and chain placed around the necks and lives of our loved ones.

    We all were created for connecting, not collecting… store up your treasures in heaven… moth and rust will destroy our stuff, but the legacy of relationship will live on for generations.

  222. “I’m created for connecting not collecting!” 🙂

    Your devotions are always a blessing!! Thank you!

  223. I have been praying for the inspiration and energy to de clutter my life. I am in the process of trying to sell a 4 bedroom 2 bath house that has been home for 16 years. After seeing both boys take brides and begin their lives (without mom) and loosing the Christian mother God blessed me and 4 siblings with – I am alone. Sorry, their is Zeba my faithful Maltese mix.
    But where do I start? When reading the messages here today and being inspired-I believe God answered my prayer through you and your visitors to this page.
    Now I want to get home so I can see just how little I can scale down to.

  224. After a serious life change. I have learned not to place value in stuff and have enjoyed living the simple life. Truly valuing friends and family is a blessing.

  225. My stuff means nothing to me. I’d give it all away in a heartbeat. I am more interested in the people around me. I always have a big smile ready and a hug available.

  226. We have too much stuff…so I’m working on letting go of extras. Donating “good stuff” to a big sale that funds poverty projects worldwide through a gospel mission, GPPD. Clean water wells in India, etc. Today I’m searching the house for “extras” to share. How very timely and helpful to read your blog post today. Now I have more of a sense of purpose than I had 10 minutes ago! Thank you. 🙂

  227. Hi Amy, Oh how I need your reminders and blogs! Thank you. Indeed I have way too much “stuff” and it is so easy to slide back into old patterns of what makes us “good enough” isn’t it? I have stopped shopping unless I NEED something, because that is the only way I can keep from spending on things I do not NEED. Oh I splurge once in a while on some little thing, or something I have been putting off, like a good book, but I really am trying to focus on what is important.
    I loved your book and would love a copy to give to a friend. The sign would look great on my mantel!

  228. I read your post on Proverbs 31 – My Relationship with My Stuff. The story was powerful, and made me teary, as this is what I really needed to hear right now. They directed me to your blog, and I am glad to learn about you. Thank you!

  229. At the end of the day all that matters is the relationships we have and the love we share. We can’t take the “stuff” with us when we go. Simplifying and space clears our lives and brains for what really matters; people. Bless you for this connecting vs collecting theme!!

  230. Amy, your devotion touched a chord within my heart that God has already been tuning. He has been speaking to me about downsizing and the “less is more” concept. The less I have, the more I have- time, money, freedom to follow God, instead of store my stuff. But it takes courage to act on this. Fear gets in the way, and so I sit with my stuff. I’m asking God to show me the first step now that I know what path He wants for me.

  231. I tell my dear ones the relationship is what matters more than the ‘rules’ of this world.

  232. With a son who has multiple health problems, sometimes life seems so unpredictable. At times when I may be over reacting to everything not being perfect and in place, I am reminded by my sons sickness that things come and go but life is the only thing you can invest in that last for eternity!

  233. I love this saying, and I’ll remind myself of it often! I was created for connecting, not collecting! That’s it simply said.

  234. I am in the process of simplifying my life as I combine it with my other half, and trying to teach our kids that family is most important. People in our lives makes us happy. Material things are just stuff, not needed. It’s been a journey, but we are going to continue on our way of simplifying together.

  235. The most important things to me are my kids and my husband. I try to offer my children experiences rather than objects. We use behavior charts with our son and he is always working to earn a special family outing, this time it’s a fall color tour train ride.

  236. After breaking my knee and having the stomach virus all in the same week, I am realizing that in my weakness, GOD is strong. I can’t drive or carry my son or work or clean my house. God is in control. HE makes my way perfect.

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