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I’m in the process of developing a more tender heart and a stronger voice. We'll build a community of women here who are growing in the same direction. I promise that I won’t start telling you what to think. I’ll be digging into how to think about our culture’s issues based on Scripture.

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  1. I divorced after 24 years of trying to make a toxic marriage & home environment better.
    I had to make a major job change because my job couldn’t support our four kids.
    I really have struggled with the new job. It’s more stressful in so many ways &
    I’ve tried so hard to find something I think is better but it’s like I’m stuck here no doors
    are opening. I’m sure God has reasons the doors are not opening as it seems they should.
    Some days I get so discouraged & my emotional health has been very up & down.
    I’m still watching & applying for jobs but I’m just not sure what direction He’s taking me.

  2. I was hired as the Activity Director for a retirement center when I was in my early 20’s. I was so excited to do all kinds of fun stuff with these people! I lasted 3-4 months before the constant negativity and complaining and just plain MEANNESS sent me running out the front door! The final straw for me was when I invited a children’s choir from a home for neglected and abandoned children to come sing Christmas carols to the residents during lunchtime. A gentleman who was a resident at the facility came to my office afterwards and was clearly furious. He told me they had moved into the retirement center so that they would never have to be around people “like that” again. Ah, it breaks my heart to this day.

    I remember noticing at the time that the people at the center seemed to fall into one of two categories…MEAN or KIND. There didn’t seem to be much middle ground. I agree that age magnifies who you are AND in conjunction with that, people also seem to either lose the ability to filter their thoughts before they speak them or don’t care to! It was an eye opening experience for me! It should have motivated me more than it did because now I’m in my mid-fifties and my filters are already starting to go! 🙂 But God is at work in me and I am grateful! Love your definition of belief as “confident resting.”


    • So you said clearly exactly where I was going! I don’t want to be the mean old lady that everyone avoids. Since it’s a choice, I’m working on building the woman I want to be. Thanks for sharing, Lorrie!

  3. Thank you Amy for sharing the wise words from Ruth and for your excellent devotion that I needed as a reminder. My 2017 word is believe as well. It has helped me get through some tough and interesting days. I have been praying all year for something…actually longer however I am still waiting. I remind myself that I have to “BELIEVE” God’s plan is better and he is right on time even when I have to wait. Now, speaking of CHRISTmas, I too have been listening to Christmas music. It uplifts my mood and is relaxing to me. I am also looking forward to the Hallmark Christmas movies. I really like Thanksgiving too…..not just the food but to reflect on everything I am thankful for. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for over two years and I like to go back and read what I wrote. I am really looking forward to your aging series and I thoroughly enjoy your devotions and blog. ~Lisa~

  4. Amy,

    You know my age and you also know I have not exactly aged gracefully. All I can say is that each day is different for me. I am not complaining. Just trying to say, lean on Jesus and He will guide you through each day. Every day is another chance to share Jesus with someone. I know you do that, so that was a reminder for me. Love ya,

    • Mike, since we’re in each other’s everyday world not just cyber-world, I get the pleasure of watching you age beautifully, following Jesus every step of the way! Love you!

  5. I will be 70 on my next birthday and would be very interested in other womens opinions on aging. Your message was just what I needed to hear.

  6. I am just 62, and have been struggling for a while with the issue of age, though perhaps not in the same way you struggle. I wish there WERE more books written for us women who are aging! If you finish your book, I’ll certainly buy it. I feel that Christian women need to be more proactive about ” passing the” torch to the younger women. Not that I’m doing much of that myself, but not for lack of interest! I’ll be interested to read more of what you have to share about this.

  7. Amy, I came to same conclusion, which led to a type of resolution for my remaining days. I relate to your words and am grateful for your VICTORY!

    • Yay! As we go through this series, I’d love to hear your input. Even your email address tells me that you have some true wisdom to share!