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Developing Deep Roots for a Strong Voice

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This week I’m beyond excited to launch a series of four interviews with a very special group of women, women who are known for their tender hearts and strong voices.

These are women that I’ve seen speak up in real life in godly ways, and I can’t wait for us to learn from them. Each woman shares lessons that we can take into our everyday life as we’re speaking up for people who are close to God’s heart and ours. (You won’t want to miss a single one, but I’m a little fan-girly about the last one. Stay tuned!)

This week, I’m interviewing my friend Cindy Finley. Our time starts with a story that inspires me and ends with a take-away that took my breath away. Don’t miss this key to developing your strong voice.

Note: Subscribers can watch the video on the website by clicking on this sentence.

Cindy Finley is the executive director of RiverCross, a ministry that builds bridges to hope for the world’s vulnerable children. Cindy’s work has taken her to the Dominican Republic, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and most often to Zambia.

Cindy and her husband, Bill, live in Raleigh, NC and have seven adult children, three of whom are married. In July, Cindy and Bill became grandparents for the first time. To reach out to Cindy or find out more about RiverCross, visit  

One of the reasons I’ve been reluctant to speak up in the past is my fear of doing it wrong. My perfectionism stood in the way. If that’s your issue too, my book Breaking Up with Perfect contains the lessons that God taught me as I ended my own perfectionism and started to embrace His perfecting work. Pick up a copy today!

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  1. “Help me become curious.” I wish I had these words last night as I try to figure out “the why“ a loved one feels they way they do about a topic. Maybe the Holy Spirit will circle the conversation back around. The words are filled with honor and grace…love that.

    Great conversation. Thank you.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      I’m like you, Michele. I love to have a “script” at hand that helps me in times when I don’t know what to say! Just as you say, “help me be curious” is full of honor and grace.