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Dream Big Dreams

I know from the comments that last week’s post on waiting resonated with many of you. In response, I want to give you a valuable resource. Last year, in the midst of one of my hardest waits ever, I read Holley Gerth’s book You’re Made for a God-Sized DreamIt both encouraged me and strengthened my resolve.

Here is a reprint of one of Holley’s blog posts that I pray will encourage you as you wait today.

God-sized Dream = a desire in your heart for more of what God has for you.

photo by horia varlan

Yesterday we kicked off our God-sized dreams journey together. It’s a new year and there’s so much in store for us. As I thought about what’s ahead, I couldn’t help thinking about what’s behind too.

We all have a back story.

You do.

I do too.

I don’t talk about mine much. But I thought as we get started together I should tell you a few things. Because it might be tempting to come here and think that the road to where I am now has been easy. Or that I have it all together. Or that all have my God-sized dreams have happened. But none of those are true.

In reality, I’ve struggled off an on with depression and social anxiety most of my life.

My husband and I have walked through many, many years of infertility and we have a baby in heaven.

God asked me to leave a job with people I loved and take a step of faith without having any idea what would happen. 

I still have days when I feel crazy and wonder what in the world I’m doing and the fear doesn’t just knock but BANGS on the door of my heart.

You see, God-sized dreams aren’t about being perfect. Or getting what we want. Or things working out the way we plan.

I can tell you this, on your God-sized dreams journey…

You will feel fear.

You will fail at some point.

And you may even find that you have to let a dream go.

But I can also tell you, on your God-sized dreams journey…

You will become more courageous.

You will have victories you never through possible.

And you will be filled up with what you really need, which is less of you and more of Jesus in your life.

God-sized dreaming isn’t for wimps.

But at the same time it’s really only for wimps.

Because we all are exactly that. We’re weak and broken and afraid. And we’re also strong and whole and filled with the resurrection power of Christ.

We are living paradoxes and nothing will show you that more than a God-sized dream.

If you’re looking at all this God-sized dreams stuff with a bit of skepticism can I just whisper,“It’s okay to feel that way. But dare to come with us anyway. Not because of where you will go but because of where this journey will take you…and that’s closer to the heart of God.”

Dare to turn the page on your back story.

It’s time for a new beginning.

**Reprinted with permission of Holley Gerth.




Holley Gerth is an author and coach who loves encouraging women. Please visit her wonderful blog for more about stoking the fires of your dream. This post is just the beginning of a series of amazing posts about God-sized dreams.

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  1. Love this post! Love Holley’s stuff, too. But I really enjoyed the clarity on God sized dreams. They aren’t easy and they aren’t always clear but if you go for them you may find more courage, more victories and more Jesus. As a total wimp, I am so ready for more of that. Thanks, Amy & Holley!

    1. Loved hearing from you, Anne! Hugs!