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Embracing Your Imperfect Life

The tree is up, but there are pine needles on the floor.

The presents are wrapped, but I’m pretty sure “that person” will opt to use the gift receipt (like always!).

And the minute I think everything is scheduled perfectly, something will happen to throw me off.


‘Tis the season!

A decade ago, the list above would have thrown me off completely. In spite of all the wonderful things swirling around me at Christmas, the imperfections would have made me feel like everything was ruined.

That way of living was tough on my heart and on the people around me. I’m still very much in process, and perfectionism is the default I have to fight. BUT God has shown me that I don’t have to stay stuck. He’s gently moved me to a new place. A place of embracing my beautiful, imperfect life.

It’s truly a place of greater joy and more freedom.

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  1. I’m Ready to Exhale! I am ready to let go of feeling the need to be perfect and abide by everyone’s standards.

  2. Elaine Tomasello says:

    “I’m ready to EXHALE!” I am working on leveling up but it is not an easy task. I pray the Lord will give me the strength & the courage to go forward in His Word! Thanks for this great reminder. God bless you!

  3. Amy, your Breaking Up With Perfect book hits home this year as my father-in-law passed away and the services were Friday/Saturday before Christmas. He was sick several weeks before that and I had to be out of town a few days and it was hectic. This made for my “perfect in my head Christmas” to go right out the door. But I realized that the most important thing was that my kids were all home and our families were all together. I didn’t stress over the perfectly wrapped and fancy bowed packages. Some gifts included gift cards that normally would have included a specifically well-thought-out gift choice. The food was what we planned at the last minute and the dessert was leftovers from the funeral dinner. And you know what? Things didn’t fall apart. It was not perfect but it was a perfect family gathering remembering the Reason for the Season – Jesus! I hope your day was a great one as well.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Deanna, I’m so, so sorry about your father-in-law. I took time to pray for you and your family before I wrote this reply, and I’m trusting that God’s Presence is strong around you, giving you peace as you grieve.

      Thanks for your sweet encouragement. It amazes me to know that God is still using the message of Breaking Up with Perfect continues to change lives as much as it’s still changing mine.

  4. Good Morning Amy, I just got a chance to watch your interview that I thoroughly related too and enjoyed. Thank you for your genuine honest heart. Merry “Christ”mas to you and your family. ~Lisa~

  5. What a fabulous interview!! I am so blessed to have such an amazing woman of God and faith to be my coach! You are truly an inspiration to so many woman. I really never thought of myself as a perfectionist, but you mentioned a few areas I am now reconsidering. Love how you talked about letting go of the expectations of our husbands. One area I need to absolutely pray about. Thank you for sharing this interview, what a blessing.