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Employing the Power of Prayer

Recently our Proverbs 31 team met together and shared ideas that we’ve found to be successful at our own events.  In the course of that very helpful gathering, there was one subject that took hold of my heart–prayer.

I’m a very practical, nuts-and-bolts kind of girl, and sometimes in all my pragmitism, I lose what’s really important.  I’ve heard it said that prayer isn’t just the preparation for the work.  It IS the work.  I believe it’s true, and yet I occasionally get caught up in preparation with very little prayer.

Here are two steps every speaker should implement:

Build a prayer team.  I have a group of precious friends who receive my prayer requests for speaking along with my event schedule.  They are women with whom I feel I can be transparent, and they’re godly, faithful women I know I can trust.  There’s one other thing that I particularly love about my group.  Each is of a different decade, so I ask them to pray specifically for the women in their decade.  I didn’t plan it this way, but I have a prayer warrior in her 20s, 30s, 40s (me), 50s and 60s.  That covers the majority of women at my events, and I love thinking that each of my friends is praying for the needs of women in their phase of life.

Although this group of women is one I’d love to spend more time with, I’ve decided to keep our prayer team as low key as possible.  We don’t meet together, but I just send them my prayer requests.

Pray for attendees by name.  I’m going to be transparent with you.  Although I know members of our speaker team who have done this for a long time, I had never done it personally.  I certainly prayed for the event and for the attendees in general, but I never prayed for them by name.  In our meeting I mentioned earlier, Wendy Blight shared passionately about this practice.  I love and admire Wendy and her heart for prayer, so I decided to try.

I simply started asking the event coordinators to send me the list of attendees.  You can’t imagine how excited they are when you tell them you’re praying for each woman individually!  I also couldn’t have imagined the results.  Even before I got to my last event, God had made the event so personal to me.  I already had fallen in love with both the group and each woman before I ever got there.  I trust God had also prepared hearts to be moved by the messages more than before.

I know many of you have a heart for prayer, and I’d love to hear how God has taught you to pray for your events!



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  1. Love the idea of having women of different generations praying. I have a speaking engagement this weekend and will ask some women to start praying. Thank you! Love the encouragement.