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Encouragement Poured Onto a Dry Path


Have you ever had a time when you craved some encouragement?  I usually only realize how much I needed it after I get it. Encouragement is like a drop of water on a dusty, dry path. You just soak it in and then realize how much it refreshes your heart and tamps down the dust of discouragement.

I’ve found that God is sweet to use our friends and family to be that needed drink. He even instituted the idea in scripture! (And used someone to illustrate it with precious lambies. Bonus!)

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I’ve been in a place of pouring out through writing, teaching and speaking, so God has lovingly prompted some of my Next Step friends/clients spontaneously to pour back into me. I’m so thankful!!! I feel completely humbled by their gracious words.

Since the encouragement I received not only recharged my batteries but spoke to those two questions the two main questions I believe people have about Next Step, I asked my friends if I could share. They said “yes!”.

2 main questions about Next Step:

  • Is it worth the money?
  • Is Amy scary? 🙂 (ie. gives harsh feedback)

I hope my friends’ encouragement helps to answer these questions if they’re ones you’ve had.

Thank you so much for all your expertise the past few weeks. I know I wouldn’t be sleeping very well knowing the event was next month without your help. Except for the delivery practice, I feel 100% ready. Your advice to pray and let this be about God has been a true gift.

~Kathy Izard

I wanted to pass this along as a clear testimony to how much you’ve helped me in the just over a year that I’ve been working on this series of talks. I had SO much fun! I felt SO much more connected to the women, & I was almost completely unaware of my mistakes or fumbles and able to let them go. When I did notice them, I paused more, laughed more, exhorted more & just felt like I am finally, finally, FINALLY learning how to focus on the women and let God work!


~Cheri Gregory

The site is up! …and feedback is good. I’m grateful to say I have four speaking commitments lined up and three more in the works. Your desire and ability to teach are gifts God is truly using, Amy. I’m so glad to have had our sessions together…. Thank you!

~Beth Sterne

If these comments encourage YOU to invest  in your calling to speak through coaching, let’s talk! My favorite thing is to encourage speakers one-on-one. Please fill out the Request Information form, and I’ll be in touch within 2 business days. If you don’t hear from me, would you let me know via email? I think the site may have been having some technical difficulties, and if you don’t hear back, I haven’t received your information. Thanks!


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  1. Ellen Bates says:

    Hi Amy, I am LOVING each and every coaching call. I look forward to each one. You have been so encouraging and so insightful and I am learning SO MUCH! it is worth every penny. Thank you for what you do. You are making an impact in my life and ministry. Thanks so much! Ellen