Amy Carroll » Living Joyfully » Episode # 23: How to Add WOW to Your Holiday Wardrobe

Episode # 23: How to Add WOW to Your Holiday Wardrobe


What to wear? What to wear? With humor and practical tips, Cheri and Amy, along with special guest and professional stylist Kim Nowlin, attack the bad rules of holiday fashion and body image.

Don’t miss this one–dress yourself to match your inner sparkle this holiday season!

Click on the graphic to listen, access the transcript, and download some fun freebies.

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  1. I am one with the giving chromosome in my DNA. I love to give, but I love to receive. It is a balance that sometimes tips to only me giving. With age, I have learned to give to myself time, quiet, reflection, and prayer. It has been a struggle, but with God’s help and LOTS of prayer, I am catching on to the spirit that giving releases in me. Great blog, Amy. I must have missed the first. My Mother passed away on Oct. 27 and I have been engaged in lots of receiving and giving.

  2. LOVE that you offer podcast transcript! I’m always interested in GritNGrace, but am not an auditory learner, so much prefer reading than listening. Thank you so much!