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Episode #24: Alone But Not Lonely



Every holiday image we see is centered around family, friends, and rooms full of smiling people.

Facing a holiday spent alone—or feeling alone—is hard.

Cheri and Amy talk about shifting our perspective so that a “silent night” isn’t a painful night but one filled with peace instead.

(Click on the graphic to go listen. Prefer to read rather than listen? Download the transcript right here!)

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  1. lara polk says:

    2016 was such a hard year for me and my family. We had over 10 deaths in the family since June – my stepmother and sister in law were 2 of them, they were my spiritual sisters that kept me going. My son has been so sick with Juvenile Arthritis. This book would help me so much.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Lara, life does sound like it’s been completely overwhelming. My heart breaks with yours over the loss you’ve experienced. I prayed for God’s peace and healing balm over you before I posted this reply. Much love to you!

  2. Nancy Griggs says:

    I love the statement “I am with myself”. It definitely helps me, because that is where I usually am -with myself.