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Episode #27: Jesus, The Lord of Grace

For the last two weeks of our Holiday Break series, Cheri and I turn our full attention to Jesus. Just as it should be!

We all need grace for our failures, and Jesus’ disciples needed it too.

Suzie Eller points to both Judas and Peter as stunning failures who had Jesus’ forgiveness extended to them. One chose to accept grace and one rejected it.

Will we live a life of thank you for the grace we’ve been extended? This is the perfect season receive grace with thankfulness.

Click on the graphic above to listen, or download the transcript right here!

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  1. Judy Ruggiero says:

    Thanks ladies for the podcasts that you put out. Very funny yet meaningful. You two are quite the team, lol thanks so much for the laughter.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      So glad that you can tell that we’re having more fun than a barrel of monkeys.:) It’s our joy to connect with you!