Finding My Niche Part 1

Do any of you find yourself as an adult wondering what you’re going to be when you grow up? I’m a little bit in that space, and I find it very disconcerting.

When I was a tiny girl, I decided that I wanted to be a teacher, and I confidently followed that path until I was. I taught with conviction. I taught with passion. I taught with love…and then I had my own children and began living a new dream.

I became a mostly-stay-at-home mom. After a short stint in child care, I went to work teaching adult education at the local community college. It was crazy perfect for our family. I taught from 6-8am and then switched with Barry when he went to teach. I was continuing to get to teach while still being home all day with my little guys.

Flash forward to what you may know about me now. I’m teaching again part time, but my passion has transferred to teaching scripture and nurturing women.

So I’m floundering a little, but I’m feeling more and more of a leading to develop and work to grow my speaking ministry. This week I want to share a little about the journey that I’m on. It includes spiritual growth as well as practical steps. On Wednesday I’ll share some scripture and thought provoking questions that are helping me sort through some confusion.

Anybody else in transition and wondering what’s next?

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  1. Good morning Amy!

    Please pray as I am asking God for direction. I am approaching my 41st Birthday and still do not know what I am supposed to be doing. I graduated high school in 1987 and I stopped counting the jobs I have had after 20! Lots of experience in many different things, but I would LOVE to have a job in which I could truly enjoy going to and somewhere I can be a blessing each day!

    One of my desires is to become a motivational speaker. I am strieving for a closer walk with God this year. I want to do more for him than ever before!

    Please pray for guidance & direction.

    Thanks for your devotions, they are a blessing!

    In his name,


  2. Okay after reading everyone’s comments I don’t feel so bad…I moved in june 2008 to SC from FL and had left the women’s ministry in FL. I haven’t found my niche with women’t ministry yet. But I have gone back to teaching 5 year old class in Sunday School, which has been a blast! Along with praying for our Preschool Leader – she’s wonderful!

    I just thought it was my age – trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, but it was actually the move! Thanks everyone!

  3. Girl, this is the story of my life. Every time I move, I have to find my niche all over again, and honestly, it stinks. I am still in the process here in NY, and wonder if it will ever happen. I’m looking forward to Wednesdays help! 🙂
    Love you,

  4. Amy, I have felt this way for about 2 years. We moved to GA a year ago and I have been trying to find my niche every since. I am trying to find balance between being content with what God has provided for me (two nice part-time jobs that fill my time, plus my family) and that desire to do more. My kids are young still, so I keep coming back to the fact they are my top priority, my ministry. But at times it is hard to quell the desire to be working on a team and making a difference in the corporate world.


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