Finding My Niche Part 3

As I sat in church on Sunday, this finding my niche business was still hanging around the edges of my mind. Not only am I struggling with my professional calling, but I’m working on a new bio sheet. A bio sheet is what speakers use to communicate their life and message to people considering them for events.

I find working on this project excruciating–but useful. I’ve done it before, but I’m liking it better this time around. The first time it just felt like tooting my own horn. Here’s what I’ve done–blah, blah, blah. The hilarious thing was that I hadn’t done much. Whereas some of my sweet friends had their publications, radio shows, tv appearances, etc to tell about, I added some lines about my dog for filler. 🙂

This time, however, I’ve gotten some excellent training that says that people aren’t as interested in what I’ve done as in what I can do for them. So true. I’ve gotten this sage advice along with the command, “Identify your niche!” (Not those exactly words but the boiled down version.)

Here are the two most helpful things I’ve done to identify my niche:

1. Ask Other People–I have observed along the way that most of us have huge blind-spots about ourselves. We have trouble seeing ourselves as we actually are and are often clueless to how others perceive us. It has become one of my life-values to have people around me who will tell me the truth about me.

I value friends who will confront me with the bad and ugly and encourage me with the good. So I asked some people, “What do you think my niche is?” I asked my sweet hubby, who God is using to speak through a lot right now. I asked my women’s ministry director (and dear friend). I asked another friend who is doing life with me.

They all said the same thing–mentoring. If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I speak often of the mentors God has placed in my life. I believe it is not only biblical (whether you call it mentoring or discipleship is tomaato/tomato in my book) but also my niche.

2. Ask God–Now obviously these are not listed in the order of priority. I’ve been asking God for a long time, but He really spoke to me right through my distraction in Sunday’s service. As my pastor preached from I Thessalonians 2, it hit me right between the eyes. There was a verse, a verse that is underlined in my Bible and always makes my heart beat fast. There it was written by Paul’s hand through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. “We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.” (I Thess. 2:8) Mentoring AND connecting people’s lives to the gospel. That’s my niche. Right there in black and white.

From the comments, emails and Facebook posts I’ve gotten this week, I’m not the only one struggling to find my niche. I’m praying for each one of you that I’ve heard from, and I’d ask that you pray for me too as I seek God how to live out what He’s showing me.

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  1. Sorry I’m so late to your posts(LIFE! is getting in the way)but, I am here now! I too see God drawing alot of His children into their real callings right now. Will we be obedient to that call or not?

    For so long, I’ve tried to put off the voice that’s speaking to me… but I’m finally surrendering. PTL! He got through my thick skull and spirit.

    I feel wholly inadequate to what He’s saying, but I’m stepping out in faith.

    Amy, sweet sister! I wholeheartedly agree with what others have told you. You are an encourager… a mentor. A sweet, sweet spirit that can look into the heart of a woman and truly see her and let her know that she is loved—by God first of all and also by you.

    I am excited for you!!

    Love ya, girl!

  2. Amy, how interesting your posts! I hadn’t been on your site for a few days.

    We are living parallel lives right now 🙂 Too much to put in a comment, but God has shown me much in the last three weeks that has enabled me to move forward with that to which he has called me and for that which He has equipped me. Wish I was open the 29th/30th…I’d be right there.

    Now I’m really looking forward to April!


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