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Finding Your Niche


The last guest blogger for October is my dear friend, Lynn Cowell. Lynn has actually lived this message in her own ministry as well as teaching it in a breakout for She Speaks.

Lynn is actually in the process of transition in her ministry niche. She was primarily speaking to teens and moms of teens, but as an empty nester, she’s feeling called to speak more to women. Her post today is great for those of you who are just starting out but also for those who find yourselves in transition.

Identifying your niche is ground zero for any ministry, so soak deeply in Lynn’s wise words. Welcome, Lynn!


You feel this nudge; this prompting to invest in the lives of others. The question is where do you begin?

Finding your particular niche begins with identify your core message and comprehensive mission. But if you already knew that, you wouldn’t be reading this post would you?

A wise place to start with some pondering and praying.

When you begin to think about what you want to share, initially, this may be very topic may be very broad. You want to help women find Christ. You have a passion to empower women. When our comprehensive mission is this broad, it can make it hard for others to connect with us. They may feel that when they come to hear you speak, they are not quite sure what to expect.

Begin with asking yourself some key questions.

Grab a blank sheet of paper or your journal. Start a fresh page by writing each of these questions at the top each page; one question per page. This isn’t a once a done thing. Think of these pages as an ongoing conversation you will be having with yourself.

As you fill in these blanks, see if you find yourself moving toward something they have in common.

Questions to ponder:

Page 1: What do I love?

What are the things you cannot help but talk about? When you are in a conversation with others, where does that conversation gravitate?

Seeing new believers learn their new identity in Christ? Prayer? Wellness? The next generation?

Become a detective of yourself and write the things you see that you love.

Page 2: What do I loathe?

When this particular subject gets brought up, your passion gets revved up.  You just have to be a part of the change. Sex trafficking? Teen issues? Racial prejudge? Social injustice?

These topics might be part of your particular niche in speaking and being a part of bringing change through your words. 

Page 3: What are my life experiences? 

You have gone through some things in your life that are unique to you. Along the way, you have learned what to do and what not to do. You have experienced God’s faithfulness in ways others can learn from. How might God want to use these life experiences in the lives of others?

Be sure that you have experienced healing enough if the experience is painful that you can speak from a place of moving toward wholeness. 

Page 4: In a sea of vanilla, what makes me different? 

There are so very many voices out there, all with a message to bring. You are a unique person God made. How can that difference come out in your messages and delivery?

Part 5: Where do I see a need in the lives of others that I can speak to? 

In your community, what do you witness in the day to day living that others need God’s wisdom and the knowledge you have?

Moms of young children? Women in the workplace? Teen girls trying to find their place in this world?

You have your own set of gifts and talents the Lord can use to help bring guidance, hope and encouragement to others.

Give yourself grace as you work through this process. And remember, it is not a once-and-done. Just as we are changing and growing, so will be the messages we are bringing.


Visit Lynn’s blog today to see how she’s defined her ministry niche on her beautiful website.

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  1. Shantell Brightman says:

    Thank you Lynn, this is an awesome list and I’m adding these to my journal now! I look forward to seeing God lead the way…

  2. This is exactly what I needed! I’m making an appointment with myself on my calendar and pulling out the She Speaks notes and praying and moving forward! Thank you so much for the encouraging and inspiring words today!