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Focus on Your Biosheet

The scariest moment for an event planner is the moment she hands the mic to the speaker. Believe me– I’ve been there, and when you feel a responsibility for shepherding your group, it’s terrifying to give complete control to a virtual stranger.

Writing a great biosheet is one way speakers can serve event planners. When we write a biosheet that sets a planner at ease and builds trust, we not only increase our opportunities to speak but we also create a safe space for leaders.

Watch the video below for one tip to strengthen your biosheet.

Click here to watch the video if you’re reading this in email.

Do you have a speaker biosheet? Let us know how you use it to effectively communicate with event planners. There’s a lot of overlap with writer’s one-sheets, so you can use this tip to communicate with publishers too.


Have you been wondering what it’s like to work with Amy or Melanie? Here’s a word from a client that’s worked with both of us:

“Amy and Melanie have been an integral part of my journey in speaking and writing.  While Amy helped me create, hone and sharpen my spoken message, Melanie worked with me to focus and craft my written words through manuscript development.  Packed full of encouragement along the way, these women have bolstered me to believe in all God has placed within me for His glory.  The practical advice and instruction in both speaking and writing have equipped me for the journey into this area of ministry.  Humbly grateful!”

~Jodi Ashcraft

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  1. I have a question on my biosheet. I am a happy spirited gal. My bio sheet is in different colored font throughout. Should I change that to be more professional do you think? I have it posted on my website but I’ve only had it out there for a few months and haven’t had the opportunity to get feedback yet to let you know if it is effective or not. Your thoughts?

    1. I took a little peek, Deanna, and I think I’d use color in a different way on your biosheet. If the person who did your website could help with some branding, I’d keep the font in black for readability’s sake.

  2. melanie chitwood says:

    Hey partner, I love learning from you! This is such a good reminder to see from the event planner’s perspective! Great advice!