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Getting Some Help

This is the last post in my series about speaker fees. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and that it’s been helpful. If you have any remaining questions, I’d love to answer them next week. Just leave your question in the comments, and I’ll cover it the best I can. 🙂 If you’ve missed any of the posts, you can click on the list below to read:

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I have to confess. Dealing with money in ministry is my least favorite part. It’s excruciating for me to talk with event planners about my fee, so I’m far too quick to offer to cut my fee… or speak for free… or give them my kitchen sink.

Several years ago, after a disastrous conversation with an event planner who I felt took advantage of my wimpiness, I was whining to my friend Luann Prater. Luann asked, “Why are you talking to an event planner about your fee? I NEVER talk to event planners about money. I want to be free to focus on ministry.”

You may wonder how that’s possible.

Our Proverbs 31 Ministries speaker team has a wonderful gift named Karen Christian in our office. She is the first contact for all the event planners who want to book a P31 speaker, and she does all the steps up to contract completion. WE LOVE HER DEARLY!

My problem was that I was still discussing fees with planners who contacted me directly, and I’m terrible at it. After my conversation with Luann, I will discuss topics and dates, but when fees come up, I say, “Karen Christian, our wonderful event administrator, takes care of our scheduling, contracts and fees. Let me send you her contact information so that the two of you can discuss your budget and  finalize the details.”

Guess what? You can have that wonderful gift too! How? Start your own “staff”.

Hiring an event administrator is a freeing next step.

Here’s my advice about how to take the plunge:

  • Hire a special person with specific skills. She should have a heart for ministry and believe you’re worth every penny of your fee. She should have sales experience without being “sales-y”. She should be warm, personable and professional. She should be able to listen attentively to an event planner’s dreams and then communicate the value you can bring to the event. She should be organized and communicate well with you.
  • Hire an event administrator by giving her a percentage of your fee for completed contracts. From my understanding, the standard percentage is 15%-20% of your fee.
  • Make her the first contact for people interested in your speaking. Set up an email for her that’s included on your website & biosheet.
  • Once your event administrator has finalized the details and contract, you will take over communication with the event planner.

What do you think? Are you willing to take the step of hiring an event administrator?


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  1. Amy, I have really enjoyed this series! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and for learning more so you could share that too!

    1. Stephanie, you’re always such an encouragement. I pray the information helps your ministry continue to grow!

  2. Amy,
    I’ve been reading your series with interest. Thanks for all the great information. I am currently a speaker and do charge for those services, but in the secular world. I would love to someday present in a women’s ministry context. In the meanwhile, reading these columns has truly helped me in my current position. Even though I’m speaking about assistive technology rather than our relationship with Christ, I do strive to be a witness through my words, actions and attitudes. This includes my business practices and balancing this out can be challenging. Thanks again for the helpful information.

    1. Michelle, thanks so much for your comment. I’ve been working with a client who is speaking in a non-profit setting, so she’s doing the same as you. I believe you can infuse a lot of Jesus into your messages even when you don’t specifically speak His name. Blessings to you as you live out His Word and Life in your sphere of influence!

  3. You ROCK! Best coach ever!
    Thank you Amy!

    1. It was so fun to see you use your gift and your passion shine so brightly!