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Your Girlfriends’ Guide to 20 Great Gifts

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I’ve been happily puttering around my house de-falling everything and cleaning in preparation for holiday decorating. I know that many of you have already put multiple “checks!” on your Christmas shopping list, but starting in December is the norm for me.

Which means… no time to waste!

To get myself organized, I’m making a list of some of my favorite things, and I hope they’ll help you, too. Let me know which ones that you love in the comments! Some of them are affiliate links (with no additional cost to you) and some aren’t, but they’re all things that I want to give or would like to receive, some big and some small.

Here we go!

Fashion and Beauty Gifts
Get Ready to Travel Gifts
Experience Gifts (Great for the ones who have everything.)
  • Theatre/Event Tickets (A personal favorite of mine.)
  • Museum Tickets
  • Tour Tickets (I didn’t include links for these two. Research them for the town in which your loved one lives or wants to visit.)
  • AirBnB Email Gift Card (The last minute gift for the one who’s dying to get out of town.)
  • Movie Tickets Gift Card (Aren’t we all so ready for the season of Christmas movies?)
Cozy Home Gifts

And Just Maybe…

Since I shorted you two links in the Experience Gifts, I thought I’d toss in these two. 😉

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