God, Give Me Your Heart for My World

Sometimes writing a devotion is hard. I labor for hours over the right story and the right words to express God’s truth. The devotion published today was different. It flowed out of me quickly, because it’s right where God has been stretching and growing me.

Our church has been doing a series about sharing our faith that has been excellent, and God has been calling me to be both broken and bold as I move through this world interacting with people. It’s amazing the conversations that God sparks when you want to share your faith, and I’ve been excited as I’ve watched Him move in my own sphere of influence.

You have influence too, and the people around you need Jesus’ hope. Maybe you’re excited to share, but you’re a little afraid too. (So normal–me too!) You feel unequipped to talk about Jesus to others.

I want to leave you today with some ways to feel more confident about sharing your faith. It’s my desire that you feel passionate about investing the Greatest Gift ever given–salvation– in someone else.

Several years ago, I did a blog series about sharing your faith story in a simple way. Here are the links to that series as a free resource for you:

Sharing His Story in Your Life

Step 1– Tell Your Story

Step 2– Connect Your Story

Step 3– Make Jesus the Hero

Step 4– End with Inspiration

Also, I have a GIVEAWAY today of my all-time favorite book on evangelism, Out of the Saltshaker & Into the World by Rebecca Pippert. It’s an oldie but goodie that changed my life and my way of thinking in college.

Leave a comment for a chance to win Out of the SaltshakerYou can tell me about a time you’ve shared Jesus with someone or if you’re living life on the fly, you can just put the first name of the person that you want to reach. I’ll be praying for openings for conversation over this Holy Week!

If you love freebies (and who doesn’t?!), you can get a free chapter of my book Breaking Up with Perfect by clicking here. There are also adorable free screen savers on the site that you can download when you click here!

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  1. Amy,

    I just wanted to thank you…I am a college student and have to create a blog as part of an assignment. I was inspired by your blog to do a Christian blog. Thank you for your encouragement as you write.

    If you (or anyone else) would like to check it out, the link is https://sites.psu.edu/highdive

    God bless!

    • Laura, you’ve made my day! I went over to take a peek at your site, and I love it. Your title and focus are really inspiring. I have sons your age, and I love that you, as their peer, are encouraging them to walk strong in this phase of life. Keep writing!

      My son’s friend (and now mine), Kelsee, has been interning for the podcast, and she is developing a great ministry too. As two young women who are strengthening your generation, I thought you might like to see her blog too. https://kelseekeitel.com/

  2. I think I struggle with sharing my faith or story with non-believers. I am always so lost for words. I can speak to random people just about anything…but for some reason, telling them my spiritual story is hard. Someone that came to mind is my brother.

  3. I’ll not forget the time God prompted me to actually knock on my neighbor’s door to share the gospel. After a lot of hesitation and “reasoning” with God, I obeyed. It turned out she cleaned at a Christan university and all the workers were required to go to convocation. That very day an evangelist was there. She heard the gospel and was convicted, but still had some questions. I was able to answer them for her and she prayed right there with me and got saved! What if I said NO to God that day?!

  4. Peter…

    Lord break my heart for what breaks yours.. Give me your eyes and heart. Let me be a light to others. May I walk in obedience and have faith and trust you. take away every spirit of fear. Amen

  5. I seems that these comments are from women. I don’t know if its ok to make a comment of my own but here goes. I find myself crying from time to time about my son’s who seen far from God. My son’s are twins and 26yrs of age and live with my wife and i. Every chance I get I tell them stories I read from the bible in hopes I grab their interest. I even ask them to pray with us when we are all together I’m the morning, they do without hesitation. They still refuse to accompany us to church which saddens us. I dont know if im getting through to them even though we pray for them daily in hopes their life and their had habits get changed around. This might sound strange but I cry from time to time thinking they might be together when all is said and done. We need as many prayers as possible for us….thank you

    • Anthony, you’re welcome here! I man who weeps over the souls of his sons is a strong man indeed. Praying with you for your young men!

  6. Everyday I ask God to show me ways to glorify His name and to make a difference in this world. I am home bound and it is pretty amazing the opportunities that arise where I can witness. I just want to make a difference in this world. God is so good…all the time!

  7. This speaks to exactly where I am….I have never been comfortable with evangelism. I’m a Martha. But when my daughter broke her ankle almost two weeks ago and ended up in a cast and in a wheelchair she didn’t want to stop. The youth group had an outreach planned for a week later, and nothing was going to stop her from participating. So, I took and and went along (yes, I know she is just 18 and fully capable with the wheelchair, but it was only three days post op from getting s plat and 9 screws in her leg). She was amazing and I was emboldened. I’m not saying that I am comfort yet, but I am definitely more open. I will read your blog series for sure and would love to read the book. Thank you for sharing.

  8. A friend and I were just discussing this!! There are good people in the works that just do t know Jesus. It doesn’t mean they are bad people.. they are sinners, like us all. And God calls us to love them .. Not to judge them..

  9. I’m praying for my best friend, from high school. Her and her boyfriend of many years have just recently separated and she is having a difficult time. They have 4 children together but we’re never married and the custody battle between the two is extremely “heated” right now. She recently reached out to me, (we haven’t really talked in years), and was so upset. I wasn’t really religious when we attended school together so when I told her I was praying for her, the kids and their situation she said, “OH yeah, I forgot you were doing the whole church, Jesus thing.” … I want to find ways to speak to her and let her know just how good and faithful God is without seeming pushy but I’m afraid I will say something to offend her. I pray for her all the time but want to encourage her and her family towards a life and relationship with God. …

    • Amanda,

      Just love her for now. Pray for her, and support and encourage her. If possible, help meet her needs. Maybe help with her kids, be there for her when she needs to talk, and just listen. BE Jesus to her and He will open the door in His time for you to tell her about Him. For now, just walk as He did and Love as He does and she will see that. Let her see the peace and hope you have in life, through your own challenges, and she will want to know more about how you do it. I will be praying for you and your friend.

  10. I find it very difficult to share what I believe in an articulate way that could bring others to Christ. This book sounds like a great resource!

  11. Though the cross; i believe Heaven & Earth have a connection. Jesus loves his children & relationship is so important. With Jesus & with his children. I pray to recieve the salt & light book to study. “Spreading Gods word is vital..

  12. This book sounds like it is an answer to the prayer of the crying woman. I see myself in this woman. I share my story with people in an urban setting, a corporate work world and a lost city. It’s a challenge to reveal the truth in an environment where deception seems to prevail. It’s hard to know where to drop the seeds of supernatural knowledge amidst the challenge of political correctness. I would like to read the book to learn more about apologetics or put more simply to learn more about how to share the gospel and bring light to the lost around me, to plant more seeds of hope about the gift of salvation.

  13. My teen children and I have been praying for the salvation of one of our teen neighbors and sharing with him as God opens doors. His name is Cruise. I remember reading this book years ago but we do not own it and it’s one that I would love for my older kids to read.

  14. From Palm Sunday church service as I was walking to my car ( we don’t have a church parking lot) a man said hello. I greeted him as well in an excited voice because service was great. I had my palms in my hand and he asked me was it Palm Sunday I said yes an asked if he wanted one. He said oh no I don’t do that anymore I asked if he went to Catholic school he said yes and he loved to collect them but hasn’t been to church for years. I invited him to come and visit he kindly said no but that he enjoys greeting the people that walk there from his porch. I had a desire to talk to him about having a relationship with God but I had no clue how to. I want to get this book to help me not only in this situation but I have been having a lot of opportunities to witness but just don’t know how and my heart prayers is to do so effectively for the Kingdom.

  15. Thank you for your post. Although I have always been a believer, I have just recently developed a RELATIONSHIP with our savior and my life is changing in ways I never thought was possible.

  16. Yes, I need boldness to share my faith! I have 2 work colleagues who I would like to share more with and I’m praying for opportunities to share and the softening of their hearts to receive. Thank you.

  17. I am currently a stay-at-home mom, that doesn’t get much opportunity to get out of the house. I do, however, try to recognize any chance to share how God has & is still working in my life with my husband & our older daughter. Our younger daughter is 2, & not perceptive enough to understand yet. Or even sit still long enough to make it through a few sentences of a Bible story, WITH bright & colorful pictures. lol! Though, she does see, everyday that she wakes up before I am able to have/finish my “God time”, that Momma has to read her devotions before doing anything else.

  18. This very subject has been on my heart lately. I can’t figure out why I can bodly witness to others when I am on a mission trip, but have a nervous breakdown thinking about witnessing to the person sitting in the chair beside me, or in the house down the street.. Makes no sense. I pray that God breaks my heart for what breaks His.

  19. I have a fear that my daughter won’t choose Jesus. She is straying. I struggle with how to reach my family members. People closest can be the most critical. I love this insigh you’ve shared.. I think it’s what my heart has been telling me but I just couldn’t hear. To pray for the passion and tears of our Father in Heaven for those we love….for those He loves. It’s a me, me, me world out here and I am all too often focused on just “how can I make a difference”. I can ask God for the right heart and mind for His people.! Thank you for redirecting my heart!

  20. I would like a copy of this book as I struggle to find a way to talk with my parents who are both older and have many health issues. I’m very concerned and want to reach out to them in a way that they can understand.

  21. Thank you for this today. Struggling with this subject & it was just what I needed to read. Hoping for a copy of this book to help strengthen my faith as well as encouraging & helping others to do the same.

  22. Oh amy, im like you i need God to give me a heart that cries for this world…Too many times I’d rather go about my own business cuz im so “busy” Lord forgive me. Imagine if the people who poured out Christ into my life bad thought like that i dont know if id even be here.. Im sorry Lord. Amy how do u fight to share when u feel embarrassed? Im proud to be a Christian and would never reject Jesus but i feel embarrassed just to say “hey do u know Jesus loves you?” im so ashamed i feel like this i dont want to but i do:(

  23. My whole family…I have been called brainwashed…weird…etc. We know the truth and I pray for them and your friends and family to also come to know the truth also.

  24. I am so desperately trying to save my husband; bring him to Jesus. He’s a broken man, and he needs Jesus. I want to be the salt and light that take him there.

  25. I wanted to share a time when I led someone to Christ at my work. It was my patient’s boyfriend. Even though I was not able to give my own personal testimony to him, with the help of the Holy Spirit, as he shared his life story with me, I pointed out to him that God had His hand on him. It was one of the most rewarding moments in my life once he decided to give his life to the Lord and pray with me. I was just simply blown away by how God can use me. It’s unfortunate that I haven’t been able to share Christ with people at work since then in that way. I used to also leave Gospel tracts in bathroom stalls at work, and for some reason I have stopped. I just pray that God will rekindle the fire in my heart for the lost and unsaved so that I can allow myself to be used more by Him not just at work but everywhere I go.

  26. Thank you so much for sharing God’s blessings! I need to be much more confident in sharing his word. Please pray for me and my family as we are old in years but still babes in Christ.

  27. Thank you, Amy, for these insights into evangelism. I checked out the book you’re giving away and would love to win a copy! I have some friends I am concerned about and am struggling with the right way to share with them.

  28. So encouraged and blessed by your post today. This has been my heart for some time now to share Jesus and the hope we have in Jesus Christ. My heart aches and weeps for those in my circle of life that are lost and reject Christ. I want to share Him with them… I pray the Lord will give me the words to speak and the divine appointments with many to speak with them about the love of our Savior, the Hope we have and what this Easter truly means.
    Lord give me the boldness and the courage and the words You want me to speak to those who are lost and unsaved in my life. Help me to serve You more in this way, my heart is willing. In Jesus Name, Amen.

    Dan and Jan
    Maxine and Dave
    Kalin And Twyla
    John and Jackie
    Jack and Shauna
    Tosh and Lindsay
    All of these dear ones need in my life to give their hearts to Jesus or to come back to Him… there’s so many more in my life, to many to type…. But God knows. ?

  29. Thank you for this. So timely in My life right now (as it always has been but is
    Recently on my heart in my life situation)

  30. It’s the 1st time I’ve read your blog. It’s just what I needed today!
    Pray for the confidence to share Our Lord and Saviour with my children and grand children.

  31. My son Evan to accept Christ into his heart ❤️. I have prayed for him and told him my story ! He hears but not sure if he accepts ! Please pray for him and me so I can be a good witness to him ! I think I’m fearful at times and sad that I come off as trying to control him ! Forgive me lord that I won’t do that again !

  32. My son had to work this morning and was having a rough morning. I told him to pray to God and he said to me,” I already did”. I have brought my kids up as Christian’s and I am a christian, but lately, I didn’t think that they have been reading their bible or turning to God, I was wrong! Just because I don’t see them reading their bible or praying, doesn’t mean they aren’t.

  33. I am open and honest with people around me and not ashamed to say I’m a Christian. I know I have touched many lives over the years and about to open the door to many others as I start to tell my testimony. People can see and what to know more about you when the light of God shines through you. Make a stand for Christ now as He is awesome and everyone needs to know.

  34. I need God’s love to overshadow my pride so I can witness with courage and humility. Thinking of Landan and Caitlin.

  35. I was stirred to comment after reading your story on sharing Christ with others. I’m a bit more seasoned today than I was 20+ years ago in witnessing. My first attempt was when I was a brand-new Christian and full of excitement and wanted to share my newfound faith in Christ. I witnessed to a coworker who just tore down faith in Christ saying to me, “You expect me to believe on a bloody man named Jesus who died on a cross? That’s simply to gory and and besides we all have the power within ourselves to help ourselves. We don’t need to believe in a bloody, gory story of a man. The power is within you…”. And she would hear no more. I was dumbfounded after that remark. My second time sharing Christ wasn’t any better. The young man said to me, “My mom who’s a Mormon is going to go to hell because she doesn’t believe in your Christ? I said, “Yes.” Well he didn’t feel good about that and wouldn’t talk to me there after.

    Both experiences taught me to seek answers on how to do this differently. I’m happy to report that Since then, I’ve become a bit more discerning, thanks to the Holy Spirit, and have had better success in witnessing and leading many to Christ.

  36. I see this mostly as a call to interact more with people who are not already Christians. I work in a Christian environment, go to church, and most/all of my family knows Christ. That is not to say that they are perfect or don’t need outreach, but my interactions with those who are lost and don’t know the truth are limited. I would like to change that.

  37. This would be a great resource for me and the kids at church I am teaching how to be witnesses in their world.

  38. Amy, this was our Sunday School lesson yesterday entitled Victory Shared!! And boy did I share a major victory in my life with a few tears! I’m grateful my husband and another fellow co-teach this class; hearts are shared and hope is given to others through Jesus working in our own lives. Thank you for this post …God is opening up all kinds of doors to ‘grow and go'(author Jena Forehand who I am blessed to be going to her bible study and personally talking with her today)! God laid it on my heart several years ago that He was up
    to something bigger than myself, using my broken seasons to boldly go and share the victory He has reclaimed over my life!! I’m sharing my testimony again with our high school ministry at church in a few weeks, and I can’t even began to explain what God has done in the past year to restore me even more and just go share with some of these hurting and lost teenagers…like 200! Please Lord let me hear You as You prepare my heart for what’s to come…out of my mouth…to glorify You alone…and speak Life to these children! Your outline, Amy, came at the perfect time! Another Amy from Trussville, AL☺️
    I would be extra blessed if you read Part 1 of my FB post from Mar. 21! I am hoping to post Part 2 by Wednesday. I’d like to start a blog(have a gazillion titles, ideas and journals to choose from the past 4 years)! Didn’t get much feedback on FB but I realize it’s a place to really post the happy’s and joy’s of life. Hope to see ya on the writers side one day!

  39. I appreciate your blog today. The lost break my heart. I have been praying for my dad to be saved my whole life. His name is Richard, I would be so grateful if you would help me pray for his salvation. I would love to read this book. I’m always looking for and praying about way to share my faith and to tell others about Jesus. Thank you for your ministry.

  40. This is just amazing! On Friday last, I was just praying (for the first time ever on my own) for our nation to turn back to God. We always pray for our nation, leader, and world leaders in church on Sundays. But this is the first time for me. With the way things are headed in the world, I felt such a sadness in my heart. I felt compelled to get real, and really pray for our nation. I also ask that my husband Russ’ eyes and heart may find Jesus. Thank you

  41. I once heard a Bible teacher say that maybe the reason we don’t share our faith is because we don’t have enough to share. I want to share my faith but don’t find that I am bold enough. I would love to have this book to help me share.

  42. I want to be more bold in sharing Jesus with others, I feel a burden to share with my next door neighbor. We live in such a wicked world and it saddens me. I have told my neighbors I will pray for them, but have never asked if they know Jesus personally.

  43. Sometimes I’m that salt shaker with the loose lid ?And I only needed to sprinkle just a little then sometimes I need to sprinkle a lot but my holes are stopped up. I’m praying for a tight fitting lid with the right sized holes ?

  44. Oh I pray for boldness and true desire & commitment to let GOD use me to show his love, grace, mercy and light. I just need to get out of His way and not let the distractions of the world slow me. There is so much brokenness right now in the world and I am so blessed to know the real Healer,

  45. I know God works in mysterious ways but it still throws me when I attend church on Sunday and the message seems to speak to me directly and then I turn around on Monday and find a devotion waiting for me on the exact same subject. I have three names on my heart but no idea how to be intentional about slowing down my life enough to reach those people.

  46. My neighbors feel they just need to be good people. Please pray for Matt & Kelley and their two small sons!

  47. Thank you for this timely reminder. Please pray for Mike and that I might be a better representative of Christ.

  48. I pray for my son Cameron and my husband Stu that they come to know the love of Jesus in their lives. Our Lord saved my life the end of last year. I had several serious health issues hit me all at once. Faith and God’s amazing grace provided healing and recovery. When I share my story of hope and God’s amazing healing, I do so to glorify God and further His Kingdom. Without faith I would have been lost thru everything that happened. Praying those who need Jesus in their lives begin to seek Him out. He truly is the Great Physician. God Bless!!!

  49. Good Morning
    I came here after being on a prayer line where a SIC shared a testimony about the question “why” and people just not getting it although it’s all around. I am Grateful that we still have time this morning to share the Truth/Word of the Living God with others before it’s too late.
    I want all my family to know salvation, Tayauna, and Michael.
    God Bless You!!!

  50. Rather timely. I was just sitting on my porch yesterday afternoon crying because I can see /feel how much the people of this world just don’t see or understand. It often saddens me just how lost this world truly is. People pursue momentary pleasure and mock those who hold on to biblical values. I can only pray God will have mercy on them.

  51. So many friends and family that need to see their nee3d for Jesus. I pray for boldness, understanding, the right words, and for God to reveal himself to them.

  52. I am sad over the state of our world. I pray everyday for our Nation and its leaders. As well as other Nations and their leaders. I pray for Peace and Discernment for all Gods people. That we all wake up and realize the suffering Jesus went through so we did not have to suffer, especially at the hands of each other.

  53. I’ve never worried about anyone’s soul but mine and my family but reading this allows me to realize how selfish I am. Thanks for your God given profound encouragement

  54. Thank YOU for your encouragement today! I, too, can feel the weight of the world’s loss on my shoulders, especially those I work with that have vocally told me they do not believe in God but appreciate my faith. I soooo want to help them but sometimes I don’t know how without having them push away. I pray for them and I show by action God’s love in my life but I truly want everyone to know his promise because it gives hope in a very hopeless world. It shows people this is not the end and we have much to look forward to in the future.

  55. I’ve always wanted to reach out to those around me but I’m also facing difficulties in sustaining deep and meaningful conversations with my pre-believing friends. I need help ):

  56. Last night, my 20 year old son told me that he no longer considersee himself as a Christian but more agnostic. Ripped my heart out! It made me think about the example I have been lately. I am ashamed to say, but I have not been a good one. Please pray for me to become the example that I should and want to be and pray, pray pray for my son to see Jesus in his life again.

    • Trust God; He can and wants to work in His life. Our son about that age was not open like that about it, but he was slipping away. Between college years, he went to HELP at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes summer volleyball camp. He came back changed–SO THANKFUL to God for answering prayers!!!!! He loves your son MORE than you do! Our son is a natural born leader, and is now assistant coaching volleyball at a local Christian university and taking master’s level courses there in Christian Ministry, a precursor to seminary. Not sure if he will do seminary, but he is definitely considering ministry. Just amazing!!

  57. Yes, Lord, help me to see the people around me through Your eyes. Help me to be salt and light at work. Lead me to weep for family, friends and co-workers who don’t know You.

  58. My daughters, since six grade she started to turn away, but it didn’t start happening until eighth grade. She has a hard head, when it comes to things.
    Help me to guide my son to go deeper into the bible. The right verses to help him to want to know more. He is a twin to my daughter. Thank you.

  59. Thank you for this post. I recently joined a local church and was asked what ministry would i like to join. What are my gifts. While reading i realized i do want to share how the Lord saved me. I do want others to know Jesus for themselves. However i do lack the confidence to approach. My children know that I love the Lord but they are having difficulty in believing and I share with them and keep them in prayer also. But this deepest desire i have is to spread the gospel to family friends and especially those that are hurting. May God continue to bless you with sharing from your heart with others.

  60. Praying for Lori who lost her daughter in an accident. I’m not giving up. Thank you for encouraging me through your blog!

  61. Praise God for picking us to spread His Word! Let’s pray each day for our families and co-workers that God touches their hearts and calls them to Him. May we continue to pray each time we walk our “halls” and ask for God to intercede where He is not known. Let us bless His Holy Name! Lord, help us to reach out and be bold in You! All glory and honor are Yours.

  62. Praying my family members would believe in Jesus and the word of the Bible! It’s heartbreaking to know their lives would be so much better if they would just let God, his son, and the Holy Spirit in!

  63. I was told once that a mission field did not have to be a world away. That it starts at home and then can be at our place of work. I keep that in mind and pray to be bold but gentle in sharing my faith.

  64. I recently lost everything I had, due to a scammer. I am having so much trouble getting my Faith back where it should be. I believe in God and what His Son gave up for me. I talk to others about how much God has done for me. Righht now, I am in a deep depression over the loss of things, it is not the thungs that I lost, it is my faith in people. But there is one man that is trying to show me how to come back to God and my faith. I pray that I can meet this person . He has really helped more than anyone has. Thank you God for sending me this man, He believes in you and I need your prayers for me and this man. Plus, my family. I saw your book on this devotional page, and I would love to read this. I feel like it is what I need. Now! Thank you for your messages, you have helped me understand better. God Bless you!

  65. I am getting ready to start my first full time job after college. Being able to show my faith by example, and if possible words too, is something I have been thinking about lately. This book is on my to-read list now!

  66. I struggle bringing Jesus to others. I always question if I’m doing it right. I would love to know how to be like Jesus more and speak about him so others will listen. I pray that my family has a deepening relationship with the Lord. Amen.

  67. I need courage to share my faith with my coworkers! There is so much negativity lately and I feel that I could play a bigger part in stopping that by sharing my hope and the reason for my joy.

  68. I would love to learn more about sharing my faith with others. It is a difficult thing for me to do.

  69. I need to learn how to share boldly with my family and friends. Thank you for all you do to help us in our journey.

  70. When my youngest child was born he was very ill, ill for quite along time. During that time I felt so close to God. Then as the years past by I became lost, my marriage fell apart, I felt so lost and broken for such along time. I lost for a time that connection to my God. I knew he was there but I felt I had failed as a mother and a wife. Today I want to regain that relationship with my saviour and know that yes , all things are possible through God. Thank you so much for your blog, I found it recently on Facebook.

  71. Praying for a heart of courage and change. For the words that welcome with love and care. Thank you for a devotion I needed to read. Blessings!

  72. Thank you for this timely devotion. I pray for everyone’s salvation yet I haven’t felt compelled to share the Good News yet. I appreciate the opportunity to win this book for the encouragement it will offer.

  73. I too want a heart for my world particularly those young adults who struggle to find out who they are in Christ. As I cry over them, dear God, please give me opportunities to share with them.

  74. Each day I pray for eyes to see and ears to hear the broken. To have a heart that loves and breaks like Jesus does. I cannot even tell you how much discernment it has given me for the hurting or lost that thank me for being divinely on time with my encouragement. HE > I :):)
    To God be the glory!!
    Jill is his daughter who does not yet know just how much HE loves her.
    And when she does. Oh the beautiful things she will do. For HIS glory!

  75. I simply want to start sharing with those around me. I pray for the boldness to step out of my comfort zone in order to do so. One person I am thinking of is Victoria.

  76. I too am crying and now I understand it is for the lost, not only those in my family, but co-workers, and others that I cross paths with each day. Thank you.

  77. It’s amazing how God brings people and different things in our lives to witness all the goodness he does on a regular basis. If others can believe in his doing, maybe our world will be a better place. Your story was very inspiring and I had just finished thanking God and praying on these same subjects. I can truly admit God has helped me grow so much more spiritually than ever. I am

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