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Growing in Delight

When I think of the word “perfectionism”, other words instantly pop to mind:

  • Exhausting
  • Facade
  • Shallow
  • External
  • People pleasing
  • Trap
  • Never-ending treadmill
  • Judgmental (’cause if I’m trying to be perfect and you’re not… well…)

Since I lived in the space of perfectionism for so many years, I know the subject well, and the list could go on and on.

But now there’s another word that I want to define my life.


It’s a word that has a lot of meaning embedded in it too:

  • Joyful
  • Accepting
  • Embraced.
  • Surrendering my weaknesses (instead of agonizing over them).
  • Being connected deeply to others.
  • The way God feels about me.
  • The way I feel about God.

In this short interview with my dear friend Cheri Gregory, we talk about “delight” and the roll it can play in the holidays. I hope you enjoy it!

Wrapped in Grace: Breaking Up with Perfect – God’s Delight in Us & Taking Delight in God from Cheri Gregory on Vimeo.

If you would like to watch the full 40 minute interview, you can click here. (My man makes a cameo, and you’ll get to see all the bloopers intact!)

I’m so blessed by the comments I got about the Wrapped in Grace series and also from some of you who signed up for 5 Days to Himperfection (see the sidebar). I’m not about numbers, but I am about spreading a message that has changed my life! If you enjoyed these could I shyly and humbly recommend Breaking Up with Perfect?

Whether you are a “good girl,” who always tries to be what you think everyone else wants you to be, or a “never good enough” girl, who’s desperately hiding your past and shame behind attempts to measure up—this book will help you find the beautiful, loving, fulfilled woman God created you to be. Imperfections and all.

Breaking Up with Perfect will help you:

  • Experience authenticity as the antidote for isolation
  • Trade the Lies of Perfection for the Truths of God’s Love
  • End the pursuit of perfection, so God can begin His powerful perfecting work in you

If you have read the book…

Would you let people know how you felt about it by writing a review? Truthfully, as a first-time author, I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for how hard it is to get reviews. Even if I loved a book in the past, I rarely wrote a review. I’m changing that now, because I know how much your reviews mean to me. You can leave a review at Amazon and Christian Books. (Or write one and copy-and-paste it in both. :))

I love that we’re on this journey to break up with perfect together, and I am praying for great delight in each of your lives today!

Note: JR’s comment (10.26.15 at 12:56) from God-Centered Mom made her the winner of the Mom Giveaway from last week. Congrats, JR!

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  1. I am working on breaking up with perfect. I think I am in both camps the good girl and the not good enough.