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How to Fight Feeling Unlovable

There are all kinds of things that make us feel unlovable. They can be a small as a pimple mixed with our wrinkles, a spat with your spouse, or a tech glitch that makes you feel like the dummy they write those books about.

Or we can feel unlovable for truly traumatic reasons like a besmiched past, being shamed by those who should have loved us, or sin that we just can’t seem to release.

Our culture throws all kinds of “solutions” at us to overcome feeling unlovable, but every single one falls short. Affirmations said in the mirror, written goals with checks beside them, or lots of admirers don’t fill our need for love.

None of these work because they’re centered on self. As I wrote in my devotion, “When You Feel Unlovable,” today, knowing we’re loved comes from worship focused on our Creator. We aren’t excluded from the solution that floods us with the deep knowledge that we’re loved. We’re just not the center of it. God is.

If you haven’t read the devotion yet, I urge you to go read it. If you have, I’m praying for each person who came here to feel the love of God wash over you. The truth is… YOU ARE LOVED. I’m praying that as you worship your creator, you’ll love the woman He create you to be!

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  1. Thank you for the print! It is a constant reminder to me and to my family that each of us is loved, and fearfully and wonderfully made by God! Thank you

  2. Thank you, Amy! just signed up for your community. I “discovered” you through Cheri’s email today, and then realized you have already become my friend, as I have been listing to Exhale on Audible! Thank you for the truths and perspectives you are sharing! If I would be so blessed as to be a winner of your giveaway, I would be excited about creating a group to share with my friends, as God leads.

    Thank you for your strong voice from a tender heart!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Thanks for joining me on the journey, Suzanne!

  3. I am a hair stylist by trade and I love it! I got my beauty license in 1982. Married in 1989 & Worked 82-92 quit and raised my 3 children. Went back to start all over again with new clientele in 2009. Working until COVID-19 (MARCH 19) to be exact was my last client. I don’t know what to do. Clients aren’t calling me and I have called /texted. I really miss it. Im praying about my next move ?

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Praying with you, Valetta, that God gives you discernment about where to invest your one beautiful life in this season!

  4. Sue Brooke says:

    I’m so disappointed in myself. I’ve lost all incentive to do what’s good for me….eating well, exercising. I’ve lost interest in my work for my church as Finance Chair. I’ve lost interest in my Bible study. I feel old, fat, ugly and lazy. I’m sad.

    1. Praying for you.
      Please seek help, as you may be facing “the darkness of the soul” – a difficult place to be, but a worthy journey through the tunnel into the beautiful light with new visuon of what is surrounding you.
      Lord, draw near and show Your faithfulness and provision. Amen.

    2. Amy Carroll says:

      Sue, your comment joined my heart with yours, and I’ve spent some time praying for you. The feelings you describe sound like symptoms of depression, so I’m concerned about you. Sometimes you can’t just “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” or “pray through it.” We all need outside help at some point. My family has had some wonderful experiences with Christian counselors, so I want to share an awesome resource with you. Focus on the Family has a counseling consultation and referral service that I highly recommend from personal use. Here’s the link:

      I urge you to reach out to someone today, either through the link I included, your pastor, or a close friend. God loves you so dearly, and I know He wants to renew the joy in your life. My heart and support are with you!

  5. Lady D Richardson says:

    This was an AMAZING devotional. We must stop seeing ourselves the way the world sees us or projects us and start seeing ourselves the way God sees us.

    We are children of the Most High God, we are equipped, we are precious, we are SMART, we are gifted, we are ALL the things that the Word of God says about us.

    Speak over yourself like God sees you and walk into the manifestation.

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Thank you, Marion! I’m so happy that God used it to reinforce a message that is clearly woven into your heart. I hear your passion, and I know you’re a blessing to those around you!