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How to Get Unstuck and Grow Your Bookings

What if you’re stuck? You have a beautiful website, a professional biosheet and past events to build your “street cred,” but you don’t have future bookings or as many bookings as you’d like. How does a speaker get unstuck and grow her bookings?

Here are a few more suggestions:

Make sure you have a current and compelling speaking sample. In today’s world, a speaker needs a great video sample. Click here to read more about creating a sample video.

Bring high value to every event and build relationships with your event planners. The single best way to grow your bookings is to be invited back. I see it both as a great opportunity and the highest compliment! Click here for ideas about bringing added value.

Ask your peeps. I don’t ask very often, but about twice a year, I put a warm promotion at the end of one of my personal blog posts, asking my readers to recommend me to their leaders. Usually, I suggest a topic with intense felt need so that they have something concrete to give to an event planner. Click here and scroll down in the post to see how I did a warm “ask” last summer.

Hone your craft. No matter how glowing our feedback, we should all approach speaking and writing as life-long learners. You can stretch and grow through many wonderful books and conferences. See my note below for some you’re sure to enjoy. I’d sure love to see you in person!

If none of these action items bring results, you may find hidden blessing that you’re missing in your quiet season. Click here to read “How to Face an Empty Speaking Calendar” over at Communicator Academy.

I hope this marketing series has helped answer some questions. If you have any remaining questions, please leave them in the comments because I’d love to tackle your challenge in a future blog post.



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  1. Thank you for this very helpful article packed full of resources. I am taking notes.

    Excited to see you at She Speaks!

  2. Thanks so much, Amy! I especially like your suggestion of the “warm ask”. Never thought of that!
    I’m registered for “She Speaks” for the first time this year and look forward to meeting you!

    1. I’ll be so glad to meet you in person, Laura!