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How to Hone the Skill of Asking the Right Questions

Last week in my post “What to Do If Your Ministry Isn’t Growing,” I touted the power of listening. One of the main keys to listening is asking the right questions, a skill that’s learned. I know that I’ve asked questions, especially on social media, and gotten crickets, but my friend Cheri Gregory has earned the title of, The Queen of Questions. (I bestowed that title.;))

*Cheri gives a great Google tip at the end that you won’t want to miss!

Questions are one way to strengthen your messages, but there are many others. I’ve included my Message Development coaching in three formats so that you can choose the one that fits your budget and learning style the best:

  • Individualized Coaching I’ll work with you one-on-one. Individualized coaching including video teaching, handouts, and personalized feedback during our weekly calls.
  • Workbook-– If you like to read and do projects bit by bit, my book, How to Write a Meaningful Message, is right for you.


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