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How to Lose Inappropriate Expectations and Gain Joy

Inappropriate expectations–both others’ and our own– are a drain on our joy that we have to lose.

It’s too easy to get in a cycle of saying “yes” and thinking that we have to fill every need. If we stay on that hamster-wheel, though, we’ll ultimately end up running-on-empty. But there’s hope and another way! We can experience “The Big Win of Losing Who We’re Not.”

Sorting out expectations is one of the biggest steps toward losing who we’re not. We need to be able to evaluate and separate which are appropriate from which are inappropriate. Those that are ours from those that belong to someone else. The ones that are holy duty from the ones that are messy baggage.

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  1. Karen Safranek says:

    I was wanting the tool of “The Expectation Evaluation”. Not getting it.