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How to Relax When the Pressure’s On

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  1. Great timing! Of course most of us know these things but to be reminded at just the right time is God’s doing. Thank you for following His leading. I needed this today as this coming weekend is the first time I’ve key-noted. It’s also the first time I’ve looked forward to speaking – not dreaded it – yet I want to be prepared for those nerves as they can sneak up on me. Think anyone will notice if I do a square breath just before I start – maybe they’ll just think I’m praying! 🙂

  2. I stopped by to be encouraged by your smile!. 🙂 Even though I feel a long way from getting back in the saddle & speaking, these are great tips that I can use every day. Thanx … love you, friend!

  3. Hi Amy – thanks so much for this vlog! My question is technical: how did you make the video? Was it professionally done somewhere or did you use a web-cam? The quality and sound are so good. I am trying to set up some vlogs for a Bible study I am teaching, but I am wondering if I need to buy any special cameras or microphones? Did you use anything special or just your computer? Help…

    Thanks again and my God pour His presence out to you in a visible way today!

    1. I’m so thrilled you thought the end result was good! It would make you laugh to see me making it, though. I actually just used my iPhone sitting on a music stand. It’s much higher quality than my flip camera, and I’m happy with it too.

  4. LOVED this video. You’re adorable and the tips were just perfect. Thank you and GOD BLESS you and all you do.

  5. At a spiritual retreat 7 years ago, I was taught to do square breathing as a “breath prayer” like this:

    “Your Word to me”
    “Your work in me”
    “Your work through me”
    “My need of you.”

    Same physical benefits, while re-minding me that God’s given me His word, He’s working in my heart, He’s working in the hearts of the women present, and the best thing I can do before going on stage is rest in my neediness for Him.

  6. Great tips! I’ve done variations on all three and they really do help. Keeping your mind off of your own performance and on the power of the Holy Spirit to effect change and transformation helps, too. I always remember that it’s my job to pray and prepare and then leave the rest to the Lord.

  7. Great tips.

    I think the breathing one alone will help me. When I’m up there I’m okay, it’s before I get up there that I have time to get nervous.