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In Our Weakness

I was looking for something to encourage you today, and this is what I found.

Funny enough, it’s exactly what I needed, so I hope it lifts you up today.

Yesterday I spent all day editing my first book. It’s a glorious opportunity, and I’m thankful. I’ve got to tell you, though, that it’s stinkin’ hard.

It’s making me be vulnerable, and it’s leaving me raw. I’m realizing how much I DON’T know about writing. I’m working alone a lot when I love being with people.

But this quote reminded me that the work being done on us is usually in our weakness, and it has a purpose.

God’s glory.

It doesn’t take long to see the good when I take that perspective. I believe He’ll get glory for forcing me to lean on Him. I believe He’ll get glory for open doors. I believe He’ll get glory for every highly edited word in my book. 🙂 I believe He’ll get glory for the change the message makes in women’s hearts.

Is God doing anything in your life that’s leaving you feeling week? Please tell me I’m not alone! (I CRAVE community right now!) How do you see Him getting glory in your weakness?

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  1. Oh Amy, I know just what you mean! Editing and re-editing my book was the hardest thing I remember doing…even harder than grant writing! But the perseverance it took and the obedience to keep with the task molded me in quiet ways. I know our LORD is pleased with you and the final outcome WILL bless many!
    Thanks for encouraging us today and always!
    Love in the Lamb,

    Jessica Errico
    The Mother Gap

  2. This is the exact verse I was repeating to myself earlier today. I’m a Mom to 5, who also homeschools the oldest 3. Today my baby is sick and everyone else is grumpy, whiney or disobedient or a combination of all! Honestly I was feeling like I was the wrong one for the job, but then God humbled me and had me step back. My attitude is contagious and it pains me to say it, but I wasn’t at my best either. Anyway, most days I know I learn more from God as He teaches me than my kids do from me as their teacher…I’m feeling a bit weak, but relying on His strength and the afternoon is going better!! Thank you for sharing!! And prayers as you journey on!!

  3. Oh my goodness Amy, I spent yesterday doing the same thing and felt the exact same way! Thanks so much for sharing. And regarding your book…you go, girl! 🙂

  4. Amy I thank the Lord for utilizing you as a vessel of spiritual food, especially today when I need this to nourish my spirit and soul. I have been tried and challenged in so many areas the past several weeks, at time which I felt broken and battered. I saw the visions of what Jesus Christ had to go through, and began to reclaim comfort and peace, in the KNOWING that I am the mirror image of him. He died so that we can live and fulfill. Yes, where I was weakened, He lifted me up with his hands, moving me through the valleys to the mountaintop. All praises to HIM!!!!

    1. I’m inspired by your praise, Zella!

  5. Since I’ve decided to write this Christian book two years ago almost every day since, I’ve experienced an uprooting of my old self. God has excavated and resurfaced and redesigned my insides so I can pay homage to his work in my life. Each day there is a new problem to tackle. Several times I have attempted to seriously write, but I have to admit I am still a WIP. The fact that he working with me if evidently clear to me because I have made inroads to an extremely painful and difficult past that would otherwise not be so insightful and I also feel his guidance in my desire. He is a merciful God.

  6. Right now I’m in school part-time and working full time all while partnering with my husband in raising our children and doing life and I feel overwhelmed, unmotivated sometimes, unworthy, and often like I’m failing but I’m making it through.

  7. Every day, every day Amy I feel weak! You’re definitely not alone. The good side is every day I feel weak God has me right where I need to be in order for Him to do something through me.
    Embrace your weakness, so you can enjoy His greatness.

    1. Thanks, Christy! Great advice.

  8. Oh yes, thank you for this post! I, too, need people and God has me working most days alone, writing content for speaking workshops I’m developing. These will encourage others, particularly in service roles, so it turns out I have a business of encouragement! How great is that!

    But I spent weeks striving for the detail, and finally heard Him say, “Nothing you’ve done so far will be wasted, but used. Go back to that, and don’t worry about the cost of paper or ink. I can supply all the needs! Just edit, print, highlight, and you’ll see it all come into order! Your message is the same, just better and more simple. We will give them phrases they can take home with them. And this will be fulfilling in a way you’ve not expected.”

    As soon as I rested in that word, things started pouring out and coming together…praise God and give Him glory! He makes it more simple, doesn’t He? So now, I wake up ready to see what pieces He joins together.

    Blessings to you!

  9. He sure is! Your quote and verse are perfect! I’ve had a knot in my stomach all day. And even though I did what Jesus had been pushing me to do, I still have to trust Him for the outcome, which can take a lot longer than I would like. 😉 When this is over, He will no doubt get all the glory because I am VERY weak in this area of testing.

    Thank you for sharing your struggles. I definitely needed your camaraderie today too! Praying for you as you work on your book!

    1. So encouraging to hear from you, Rose! I’m praying for you this morning as you wait for the outcome.