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It’s My Turn and Now I Feel Sick…

I think one thing that every speaker has had to deal with is our nerves.  Lysa TerKeurst says that they never completely disappear, but they get more managable over time.  I have much less experience than she does, but I’m finding that to be true.

Nervousness seems to manifest in different ways.  One well-known and beloved speaker that I know of said that she always got physically sick right before she spoke.  Some people get shaky hands and others have a racing heart.  For me, I struggle with breath control.

I’d love to spend the next few weeks talking about the struggle to get our nerves under control.  It’s ok to feel a little nervous–I think it keeps us very dependent on God.  We don’t want to appear even more pitiful than we are, though, as Beth Moore so aptly said at She Speaks!  So let’s work through this together.  I’ve got somes stories of my own to tell and ideas for tips, but I also want to address your struggles.  How do your nerves manifest themselves?


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