1. Thank you Amy for your encouraging words. I needed this reminder. I am unable to attend She Speaks an I pray that you and everyone involved in that ministry will have an amazing time and that God will bless you all mightily. ~Lisa~

  2. Wow, how nice to get up this morning and hear such a great word of encouragement before I start the day. Now that I am a “senior” I enjoy the reminder that it is never too late! Thank you❤️🙏

  3. Yes, God is my redeemer. We had have the
    most incredulous journey with our only
    Child. It was heartbreaking as we feared for
    Her life. But God is still good. And I would add
    I am not condemned. I think,
    And I hope we are finally coming out on the
    Other side. GOd is still and and always

  4. “Chew on that” Amy -drop mic….

    Excellent Slice of truth for today. My prayers for you, BC, and your beautiful family. I SO enjoy connecting with OUR God through your teaching.
    On time message for today.

  5. This was so encouraging today. I do have regrets from my past that bother me and I’m facing some financial truths that are a result of unwise decisions in the past. Your words and scripture references spoke to my heart. Thank you and praying for you!

    • Martha, I’m so glad you were encouraged! My favorite name of God is Redeemer. Praying you are experiencing His redemptive power today.

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