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Lessons from My Second Book– Manuscript Development Team

For the next two weeks, I’m sharing some interviews I did with friends who were a huge part of my second book, Exhale: Lose Who You’re Not. Love Who You Are. Live Your One Life Well., that will release in June 2019.

I’m convinced that the most powerful tool that a author can use is a Manuscript Development Team. Hands down. Tune into the interview today for some invaluable advice about enlisting and running one.

Today: Kendra Burrows, our Manuscript Development Team coordinator, talking about the most powerful tool an author can use. Sorry about the glitchy video! BeLive is awesome sometimes but occasionally, not so much. Hold on a second when the video cuts out, and it will come back.  (If you’re a subscriber, click here to go to the website to watch.)

Nov. 20th: Blythe Daniel, founder of The Blythe Daniel Agency and my agent, talking about the differences between first and second book experiences and what we can learn from both

Last week’s: Cheri Gregory, my co-author and podcast partner in crime (Grit ‘n’ Grace), talking about the advantages of writing alone or with a co-author. Click here to watch the interview.

I can’t wait to introduce you to these extraordinary women so that you can learn from their genius!

ps. So sorry I forgot to add the resource about collaborating last week. Click here to download a questionnaire Cheri created called “20 Questions You Need to Ask a Potential Collaborator.”


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  1. Congratulations on Book #2!!! So exciting! Can’t wait to read it. AND to watch these videos! 🙂