Lord, Help My Unbelief!

Thank you for visiting from today’s devotion, Dealing with My Doubt. I’m so glad you’re here!

One of the ways I remind myself to walk in God’s truth is to post His Word all over my house. I’ve made this free download of a verse that hangs on my office wall for you to print and post as you walk with me, wrestling our doubts to the ground. Click on the image below to access it and ENJOY!


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  1. Thank you! Today’s devotional definitely hit home! Thank you for the idea to look all scriptures that go along with belief and for the free download!

  2. Hello Amy – I really needed your devotion ……. I struggle with not feeling loved by my spouse and have prayed for many years for God to work in his heart…then it dawned on me…perhaps it is my heart that needs to be worked on…..I am praying that God will do whatever he needs to do, whether it be in my husband’s heart or mine and to give me the faith to believe that He can help me overcome this feeling of rejection and not being loved or wanted. I need to trust and believe that God does care and He will, in His time, answer my prayers.
    Thanks again for your helpful words. Have a wonderful August.

  3. Amy,
    What a treasure to read your devotional in my email today! I won a copy of your book when it came out and then got hired as a teacher at my girls’ school!! (Two years later) I just got to read it on a flight to the FMF retreat and it was so timely. We are very similar. I was baptized at ten and have very similar do it myself problems.
    God is taking me this school year to the word “Rest” and part of it is not trying to be his sidekick in the superhero role. I am not the one who saves.
    He is. I long so much for His approval that i forget He loves me unconditionally.
    Thank you for the beautiful print! I teach in a Christian school, so this will be happily displayed on my classroom wall.
    Tammy Belau

  4. One of my favorite words ” If I only Believe”. My phrase when I have not good thought, I always remind myself to ” Keep the Faith, and Believe”. That is my motto. Thanks for this message.

  5. Thank you for this devotional! I have no doubt that He is capable of doing anything and everything! He is Creator God and all things are under His control. My struggle is whether He will do it for me. I believe it for everyone else but struggle with Him doing for me. I have to remind myself constantly that He saved me not because of who I am but because of who He is so He is and will be good to me not because of who I am but because of who He is. This area is a constant struggle for me.

    • Charmaine, I have had exactly the same struggle. Believing for others is easy, but having the same faith in my own circumstances is much harder. So glad that we’re both on the same path, growing in truth!

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