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Love Idol & An Invite

I’m so excited to share this week’s podcast with you!!! Cheri and I interviewed Jennifer Dukes Lee about her book Love Idol, and she instantly became one of my new favorite people. You’re going to love her too!

She shared a word that’s been changing my life ever since we talked to her. Don’t miss it! (Also, the free dowloads are to die for, and I’m printing out Every. Single. One.) Please read the rest of the post and then go to the podcast by clicking on the image.


I had a little melt-down this week when I realized that my special invitation to my subscribers was cut off from what you got in your email box this week, so here’s a copy. I wouldn’t leave you out for anything!

Breaking UpwithPerfect


On August 1st, I’m going to start a study of Breaking Up with Perfect right here on the blog and also on a private Facebook page. If you struggle with hiding behind a facade of perfection… If you wonder why your relationships aren’t what you want them to be… If you are exhausted from trying (and failing!) to live the perfect life… then this study is for you!

Click here to find out all the details and to sign up today!

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