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Marketing Your Message Part 5

Last week I talked about step one, which was focusing on building your personal, professional image and coming up with some branding ideas that depict you and your ministry.

Today, we will focus on the next two steps, which focus on deciding what messages you will share, how to package those messages, and creating bullet point statements that clearly state the benefits of your message for the listeners.

Step 2: Create Your Messages & Message Titles

  • Determine the messages God has specifically called you to share.  Remember that just because you like a certain topic or Bible passage, does not mean that you necessarily are called to speak about that.  Pray about the topics that God would have you speak about, or the messages that He has specifically equipped you through personal experience to share.
  • If you are unsure what messages you should share, but you are confident God has called you into speaking, then there are a couple things you can do.
    • One – PRAY! Ask for God’s leading and guidance about your messages.
    • Two – BRAINSTORM!   Start making some lists about things you could create messages about, and get your creative mind working. Consider how your own personal stories can grow into an inspiring and life changing message for your audience.

A few questions to kick off your brainstorming session could be:

  • What areas of life are most important to you?
  • What are your favorite Bible verses and why do they mean something to you?
  • What personal experiences have you had that can relate to certain Bible stories?
  • In what ways have you seen God intervening in your life?
  • What difficult experiences or situations have you encountered where you saw God working supernaturally?
  • How has God performed miracles in your life?
  • What prayers has God answered in your life?
  • What new twists do you have on commonly known passages or verses?
  • What cultural issues do you feel strongly about that relate to faith?
  • What mistakes have you made in your life, but known you forgiven for?
  • How did God work in your life through that forgiveness?
  • What are your favorite movies? What lessons/morals come out of them?
  • How can you share your testimony in twenty minutes or less?
  • How has God transformed your life?

Once you have narrowed down your main message(s), based on how God has equipped you and prepared you in life to deliver them, begin to develop organized outlines for your messages.

Step 3:  Formulate Your Topic’s Value Statements

  • After your topics are decided upon and your titles have been created, consider writing three to four ‘value statements’ for each topic.

A value statement is essentially the intangible things that the event attendee will walk away with after hearing your message. When people know how they will benefit from your message, they are more likely to be interested in booking you to speak. Remember to focus your value statements on what the attendees will derive spiritually from your message, and how your message will change their life, as opposed to the points that you will be sharing in your message.  

Suggestion: Visit some P31 speaker blogs to review their topics pages for examples of inspiring topic descriptions and value statements. Reading through the speaker’s topics pages will give you a much better idea about what value statements are, and to begin developing your own value statements.

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  1. I am really enjoying this series. Thank you Tracie for sharing your knowledge with us. The suggestions are helping me narrow down a focus for my writing as well. Thanks Amy for the contest!

  2. Thank you so much for this information!

    Amy, my friend, Dana Sapic sent me the link to this page. This information is so helpful as I get started in fulfilling God’s plan for my life. Overwhelming, but exciting at the same time!

    Thank you!
    Karen Dawkins

  3. I hope to tackle step three in the next month or so. I need to change my speaking session descriptions from two paragraphs into value statements. I LOVE it when I see a session outlined this way. Thanks Tracie! And thanks Amy for the contest – great idea!!!