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Message Platforms for an Empty Calendar– Part 1

Because of COVID, my speaking calendar is empty. How about yours?

Thankfully, an empty calendar is no reason to despair! There are still ways to get our messages out, and I’m sharing two this week in a vlog I made for you. Next time, I’ll share two more. If you’re a subscriber, go to the website to watch, and please make sure to share with other friends who are communicators. We want to be an encouragement to all the communicators out there during this wonky season!

Watch this video to hear more about sharing your message via:

  • Podcasting
  • YouTube

Christian Patterson’s eCourse, “The YouTube Advantage,” is a detailed resource for all who would like to expand their platform via video.

I’ve been podcasting for over four years, and I’ve taught a class on podcasting. If you’d like to do a brain-storming call with me about your podcast idea, I’d love to schedule a coaching call with you. We can work together to make yours happen! Schedule a free consultation call with me to talk through your coaching needs and the costs.


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  1. Love the encouragement, Amy! Which mic do you use? You sounded great!

    1. Thanks, Crystal! I use an inexpensive Audio-Technica lapel mic (ATR3350) with an adapter that plugs into my iPhone. It’s been easy to use and improves the sound!