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Message Platforms for an Empty Calendar– Part 2

I hope that my last vlog gave you come ideas for expanding your speaking platform when you’re not out speaking. We should keep speaking, even in slow season, for two important reasons:

  1. God’s given us a message to steward. There are still ways to share, and people still need to hear!
  2. We want to be “top of mind” for event planners when events begin again.

This week I have two more ways for you to share your message even when your calendar is empty. Subscribers, make sure to watch on the website, and share with others who have a message burning on your heart. We have opportunities even when the invites cease!

Facebook gives us two great venues for sharing our messages:

  • Facebook Live
  • Private Facebook pages

Make sure to listen to the video for details about how God used a private FB page powerfully in this season of my ministry!

Many of my coaching clients work on messages and marketing, but we can work on any speaker-y project you have in mind. If you’d like to schedule a specialized coaching call to brainstorm ideas for your private Facebook page or to talk through doing your first Facebook Live, that would be a blast! We’ll start with a free consultation call to talk about coaching and costs. If you’re curious about coaching, schedule one today. I look forward to talking to you!


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  1. Becky Friberg says:

    I LOVE Facebook Live! I have done both “on the spot”,spontaneous and planned and scripted. My favorites and the ones that got the most traction were my “Reflections on the hill…”, where I would hop on FB after running a few miles and share what God was showing me that morning through His word and time with Him. Girls…I did this on a run!! Face dripping with sweat, not the most flattering…but real and in the moment. I always make a point to interact with viewers as they join in…treating it more like a conversation. So fun! I haven’t done one of those in awhile…now I am inspired to get back on that hill!!

    1. I’ve found the same is true. The more authentic, the better!