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Oh, Happy Day!

Happy Easter, friends! Please use today to soak in God’s deep, abiding and unconditional love for you.

I love you too, and I’m so happy that we get to be a community of Jesus girls here.


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  1. I am forever learning that life is not perfect and that I need to savor the moments along the way whether they are what I had planned for my day or not. This last Saturday I got 2 things done on my to do list because I chose to spend a little longer visit with my folks instead. Not what I planned, but a beautiful day spent with my mom and dad which they needed and so did I 🙂 There truly is joy in the journey when we take the time to notice it!

  2. Melinda Polston says:

    “Joy in the journey.”

  3. Joy in the journey!


    There is truly “Joy in the journey.” <3 Even when we don't feel His presence, He is there with us as we travel through this world on our earthly journey.

  5. Heather Smith says:

    Joy in the journey!

  6. Joy in the journey!!❤️❤️ Thank you!

  7. Joy in the journey. Thanks for sharing your adventure.

  8. I love that verse! Happy Easter to you too!

  9. Easter blessings to you and yours Amy.