Only You

Do you know how many species of butterflies that there are?  Over 17,000!  Now as I see it, if God was only interested in utility, He would have created 1 species of butterfly.  One species that could spread it’s wings and pollinate one type of flower.

Instead, God shows us that He delights in variety–color, pattern, form, beauty. He is the Creator God who is endlessly creative and brings delight and awe to His creation by creating unique beings in butterflies, snowflakes and…humans.

Then why do I so often berate myself for not being like her, or her, or her?  I read Ann Voskamp’s impossibly beautiful words that float around my head like music and wonder, “Why can’t I write like her?”  I listen to Lysa TerKeurst relate to thousands of women with the voice of their closest friend and agonize, “How can I communicate more like her?”

Of late, I’ve come to peace with the fact that Lysa’s shoes in the world are filled by Lysa.  Ann’s voice rings clear as a bell as Ann.  The one that won’t be heard if I try to imitate them is my own.

You were created as one-of-a-kind by God to contribute your unique voice to the world.  Speak.


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  1. Guilty! I’m always comparing myself to “her.” Whether it’s speaking, writing and let be honest, even looks!
    I love how you made this statement…”God shows us that He delights in variety–color, pattern, form, beauty.”

    Thanks, I need this!

  2. Thanks. Just what I needed to read today as I was growing very frustrated with an article not coming together. God, please develop the voice you placed in me.

  3. Love this post! So excited that I found this blog in prep for next month’s conference! It’s my first time at the conference so it’s great to have all these fun tips and perspectives here. Your post reminds me of the title of one of my favorite books: “Be Yourself. Everyone Else is Already Taken.” 🙂 As a strengths coach, I help people find out which of the millions of kinds of butterfly they are and it is the absolute COOLEST thing in the world to watch them unfurl. SO incredibly excited to meet so many butterflies at the conference next month! (And did I mention I’m excited??)


  4. “I ‘yam what I ‘yam and that’s all that I ‘yam and that’s all that I ever wills be.” At least that’s how I THINK the quote from Popeye goes. (Couldn’t figure out how to type that laugh of his.)
    I find that when I start looking sideways I forget who God created ME to be. I’m learning, slowly at times, to be thankful that God has put me alongside others who are different than me – better at things than me – so I can learn from them and grow. And I’m learning that God made me who I am for a purpose…one that only I can fulfill – I want to walk in that so that one day I can hear, “Well done.”

  5. Amy, Amy, Amy……did you write this for me? Clearly not just for me, but as I sat here reading, it was as if I could hear your sweet voice on the other end of the phone! THANK YOU Friend for sharing! You have NO idea how much YOUR words (well…the words God gave you) spoke to me! Thank you!!

  6. Oh Amy, as someone who finds it easier to believe the lie, “Who in the world wants to hear what I have to say?” thank you for this reminder! Your words SPOKE to me!!

  7. Kelli Wommack says:

    Amy, such true and necessary words! just returned from Venezuela where I spoke about purpose…and God reminded me that I have a special role in the body of Christ. Would love to catch up with you sometime!

  8. I have always wondered why I couldn’t be like her, or her or ,her. Usually it was my sister I was supposed to be like, I have now realized. Now I am fifty eight years old and finally I have found peace with myself, being myself. I have found the peace of the Lord.