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Partnerships for Speaking Up

God made us for community, and He will give us partnerships for speaking up if we’ll ask and watch.

I’m incredibly thankful for the partnerships that He’s brought to me over the years for writing, coaching, and ministry. In this new season, He’s surrounding me with the comfort of community in the hard place of speaking up.

If you missed the first two videos in this series on speaking up, you can access them here: Preparation for Speaking Up and Boundaries for Speaking Up.

Listen in to this last video in this “Speak Up” series and learn two keys to finding great partners”

  1. Know your strengths.
  2. Identify your gaps.

Resources that I mentioned in the video:

And make sure to click on the graphic below to listen to our Grit ‘n’ Grace interview with the fabulous Barb Roose about her new Surrendered devotional. (There’s a life-changing tip in there about dealing with disappointment that you’ll never forget!)

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  1. So well said! I need to find my partners within the community I serve of incarcerated & previously incarcerated women!

    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Your friends sound incredible. I can’t wait to get vaccinated so that I can make a trip to Charlotte. I need to meet some of these extraordinary women!

  2. Amy,

    I have been stocking you as you journey deeper and deeper in the call that God has placed on your heart. You are helping me tip toe, with a tender heart and strong voice, to move forward in my own Holy Spirit convictions. I am in the listening and learning stage, as I take classes, read books, listen to Podcast and so forth.

    Do you mind if I share the resource list that you posted? Each month, on my blog, I list resources that are helping me listen, learn, and grow. The section is called “Journey On”. Because it is a forever learning and journey to support our friends of color. I want to get your permission to attach your resource.

    Cheering you on. I am grateful for folks who are steps ahead of me to help me learn, then I pass it on.


    1. Amy Carroll says:

      Oh, Michele… you just made my whole day. My whole week! It’s encouragement like yours from sisters like you that make the hard parts so worth it. I’m grateful that we’re journeying together!