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Planes, Gains, and Automobiles

I’m HOME– happy to be back in my beloved US and with my people but missing the part of my heart that I left in INDIA. Yes, many, many of you guessed correctly!

The winners of a gorgeous silk scarf from India are Kathy Scott, who guessed on Facebook, and Aimee Kidd, who guessed on Instagram. Y’all send me your address and I’ll pop those lovelies in the mail. 🙂

Because my brain is fairly fried from all the travel and because there’s more to come on this in August when Proverbs 31 will unveil how you can be involved, I just want to give you a little glimpse today.

Of the Mission India literacy projects we visited…

2016-04-25 16.08.52

Of the poverty we grieved over…

2016-04-25 17.23.54

Of the changed community we witnessed…

2016-04-27 11.07.34

Of the generations creating change…

2016-04-26 17.46.01

Please hang tight until August. I’ll have exciting ways that YOU can make a difference in India right from your home town!

Note: Karen E (4.26.16 5:16am) is the winner of You’re Loved No Matter What and Breaking Up with Perfect. Congratulations, Karen!

Please note my new policy: I announce winners here and send personal emails, but I will choose a new winner if I haven’t received your address within a week. Just trying to make sure that someone receives the giveaway, and strangely, I haven’t been hearing back from some folks. 🙂

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  1. I’m passing on what I’ve been given.

  2. Sharon+C. says:

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  3. I’m SO excited for August!! India has a special place in my heart.