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Praying Without Reservation

I’m learning, friends. Oh yes, I’m learning.

Last week I learned from you. I read your outpouring of prayers, and I prayed for you. It was your openness and outpouring that moved my heart beyond words.

There have been many areas of my life that felt “zipped up”, unexpressed and reserved, over the years, but my prayer life might be the worst.

Somewhere along the lines I started to feel I could only pray positive prayers. Prayers for others only with a pink bow tied on top as if God can’t see past my flimsy optimism… or outdo it.

But part of the freeing process for me has been learning to pour out my heart to God. I’m following David’s encouragement:

Psalm 62:8, “Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.”

Thank you for pouring your hearts out here without reservation.

As an encouragement this week to continue to pour out your heart, I want to share a song I’ve come to dearly love. It’s one of those songs that spurs me to give it all to God. I hope you love it too!

“Alabaster Box” by Julie Meyer

If you’re a subscriber, click here to listen.

Note: Kristin M who left a comment at 11:46 am on 4/29/2015 is the winner of the prayer journal, Growing Stronger Roots, by Tara Furman. Congratulations, Kristin!

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