Q & A Week 1

In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten a couple great questions from other speakers, so I thought I’d answer them here for everyone.  Although time constraints make it impossible for me to individually answer each email with questions , you can always feel free to send me your question, and I’ll answer it here.  I think it’s a great way to grow our speaker community!

So here we go with question #1…

When we were at dinner the Friday before the retreat, you mentioned Spring and Fall were the speaking seasons.

1. What months within each of those seasons are the prime?
2. When is the optimal time to market prior to these seasons?
3. Who besides churches/women’s ministry should be marketed?

Inquiring minds want to know,

Although speaking opportunities can come up year round, there are definite patterns if you are primarily speaking for women’s ministries. There are lots of fall events, mostly between the months of Septembers and November. There is a sprinkling of holiday events in November and early December. Usually there’s a little winter lull, and then spring events usually are scheduled March through May.  Summer is vacation time for most women’s ministry speakers! I’d say in general most women’s ministry directors keep an eye on the school calendar for scheduling women’s events.

If you are trying to plan for emails or a mailing to be sent, I would plan to send it 3+ months before the season. For fall events, you’ll probably want to send marketing pieces in May or June since many women’s ministry leaders are volunteers who take summers off.

There are always groups looking for speakers. Within the church, you can market to senior groups as well as women’s ministry. I spoke to several of these groups early in my speaking ministry, and I absolutely loved it! Within ministry circles, I’d do some research about local events such as Christian Women’s Club. My area has two local ministries who host monthly luncheons with a speaker. Many non-profits do fund-raisers and look for speakers for their events. Look for ministries or charities that tie into your story. Just as an example, Yvette and her husband have both been treated for cancer. Their local Cancer Association would probably welcome her to share their powerful story. Also, MOPS groups are always looking for speakers.  They usually don’t have much of a budget, so they are happy to host you even if you don’t have much experience under your belt. (Just don’t forget that every event is an opportunity for word of mouth.  Put your whole heart into it as much as if you were getting a fee.) Finally, consider marketing to civic organizations who use speakers such as Rotary Clubs or Lions Clubs.

Thanks for the great question, Yvette!  I hope everyone will come back next week for another Q & A.  Maybe this generated a question in your mind.  If so, send it along to [email protected].



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