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Resources that Solve Your Big Problems (Most Are Free!)

I hope you enjoyed the series on overcoming fear. Next week, Melanie is going to start a series to help us improve our writing. It’s going to be great, so make sure to open and read each post!

As a little breather in between series, I wanted to give you a tour of some resources that we don’t want you to miss–resources to help solve your big problems. Many of these resources are free because we love free and bet you do too!

Pause a minute. Think about your speaking and writing questions now… And then look for a resource to help you in the list. Some are posts, some are links to other services and some are books, but my goal is to give you places to find answers for the questions we’re asked most.

When you’re unsure about getting the word out:

When you’re sick of trying to negotiate your own fees:

When you want to write a devotion that changes people’s lives:

When you’re struggling to communicate with event planners:

When you don’t have the budget for a professional editor:

When you’re still struggling with your nerves:

When you need to create a transforming message:

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Congratulations, Janet (2.13.18 6:03 pm)! You’re the winner of the NIV Real Life Devotional Bible. Mel and I hope you enjoy it and that it feeds your soul!

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